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Taka Nuvia

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About Taka Nuvia

Year 13
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    Bohrok-Kal Vanquished
  • Birthday 04/20/1994

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    a dark box
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    .Card games
    .Fantasy - Elves, Fairies, other pointy-eared creatures
    .Music: (Heavy/Gothic) Metal, KPop, and whatever else I find interesting
    .Jester Hats
    .Technical stuffs, robots, etc.
    .Retexturing stuff for PC games

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About Me

Well hello there! I draw, I write, and I really need to re-do this 'About me' section. Stay tuned~
^ At this point the above has kind of become my tagline for the profile, so it stays. For now.

Idk how much there is to say 'about me', really. I've been on this site for ages, mostly doing the same stuff all the time - posting artworks, and interacting with people. And never really living up to my very edgy teenage days anymore :D (something something wears dark clothes and listens to metal something)
Kinda boring, really. ^^


If you're interested in what I'm up to, feel free to check my blog, or just throw me a pm. There's also my art collection topic where I post my art stuff nowadays, as sporadically as they come up.


Random Stuff:

> A slightly different Tale - updated bi-weekly, usually on sunday. :3 currently not being updated, again. Schedules are not my forte, I am sorry.


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