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  1. Adorable, absolutely adorable. I also really enjoy how clean these are, and the colour schemes work really well.
  2. 5/5 at this point, I guess
  3. Clockwork - Taemin been listening to this song a lot lately.
  4. Drew a Protector! I have grown really fond of their overall design somehow. As always, I adapted a few things here and there and humanised the proportions somewhat. This was quite fun to complete actually!
  5. MNOLG II makes me particularly nostalgic because I used to play that a lot when I was younger. I would also say it was what really introduced me to the franchise.
  6. I'm really impressed by the level of detail here, especially if it is from memory. Out of curiousity, was this drawn with the mouse or with a pen/tablet?
  7. Since I finally managed to patch it properly, I'm doing another run of Divinity 2: The Dragon Knight Saga (which is essentially Ego Draconis plus the Addon). Also been playing some Divine Divinity here and there, which is also kinda fun but challenging in its own way. At least there I finally figured out how to activate the teleporters - but turns out I have a talent for accidentally running past the areas that are better-suited in terms of enemy levels and go straight to too-hard stuff. Still, old games are fun and this one's no difference.
  8. The current state of things makes it really hard to tell interesting stories because let's face it, most time is spent at home. :/ Honestly the only positive thing is that I 'won' the time usually spent commuting, which does add up to 10h during the week, but that's about it. Doing everything in one place is hard, however. In fact, it's so hard that I had to improve my planning strategies and install two boards in my room where I track my tasks, both for home things and for university. At least moving colourful sticky notes around when I'm done with a task is an adequate motivation, or so it seems. Speaking of studying, the longer this goes on, the more I realize that I really don't like distance learning, and it's so much harder to motivate myself to do just about anything. Computer Science is cool though, so I'm trying my best. Currently I am 'sort of' teaching myself Java to write some code to fill a database with random content. Coming up with my own random generator for names was more fun than it probably should have been (because this way I spent more time on it than I presumably should have) - but hey, I'd rather spend some more time and not just end up with random strings like "asfklaer" for names. To bring this entry to a conclusion, I'm kinda coping, but not really enjoying it. My hopes for 2021 are non-existent, but at least I can't be disappointed that way. Or maybe I can. We will see.
  9. Always love seeing the outcomes of your creative endeavours. Also the painting is great! I adore the really subtle variations in the snow, that turned out extremely great.
  10. I'm... here.

    1. TheZOMBIEJ


      welcome, friend! :) 

  11. Shenmue 3, which is finally out for PC, and it's amazing. Don't know when I was last hyped for a recent/contemporary game, but here we are.
  12. I was also surprised when I saw it was only 3 years ago! Due to things that happened both globally and just specifically in my personal timestream it feels like two life times ago somehow
  13. On my recent trip down memory lane I came across a myriad of long forgotten stuff - among other things, the two-page comic Doubt that I drew back in 2014, coincidentally also in November. It's weird that this was six years ago, it still feels extremely recent - especially because I can clearly remember sitting in a park outside drawing some of the panels with freezing fingers. Idk why my younger self thought that was a good idea. Doubt was an interesting experiment, though, because I decided to forego dialogue wherever possible, telling a snippet of a story with as few words as I could manage. It worked okay, for the most part. Setting-wise, it tied in with the Bionicle Mafia story world. While from today's perspective there are tons of technical mistakes, of course, there's also a lot of things I tried that I normally shy away from - backgrounds, or rather, the environment the characters live in, props, different lightings, the borderless panels. I think the layout was inspired by webcomics at the time. To this day it's my longest standalone work, if you don't count the Comic Series I started back in 2011... but that's a story for another day. (Brickshelf folder / Comic topic)
  14. Congratulations on completing Inktober! The artworks themselves are also really nice - I love how expressive the characters are, and that you have so much variation in terms of motives, perspective and concepts.
  15. Ok that comic is extremely cute. I also like the pacing, with something happening on the left side while you're building up for the (visual) punch line. Works really well imo.
  16. bzp shows me following my scheduled blog posts that aren't even live yet. that's... unexpected :D

  17. Started Trine 3 together with some friends, apart from that I've also been invited to games of Cuphead and Overcooked. As dark as these times may be, I learned that multiplayer games are actually great fun if you're playing with the right people.
  18. Taka Nuvia

    Stellar Phenomena

    Did not expect to be this touched when reading this blog entry. thank you.
  19. Time to Burn - Dio One of those songs that I've known my entire life and never grow tired of.
  20. Your username, written in red atop a black background, which creates a certain ominous atmosphere. -- I'm curious where you're getting the Vahi vibes from, design-wise
  21. Long story short, I was recently reminded of the Clockwork Night game over in G&T ages ago, and realized that the character I played there had the same name as my usual OC/BZP namesake, if you will. And was an Agori/Protector - and that I'd never drawn her, so hey, why not redesign my 13-year-old OC again. So that's what I did, gleefully ignoring that everyone was supposed to be from the Jungle region so I can stick to the old colour scheme, and here we are. Notable design changes: dropped the wings because that's just silly exchanged the very impractical staff/halberd/spear weapon thingie for a slightly less imprcatical one the mask, obviously (though some design elements are there to reflect the Avohkii, like the split design of the lower parts of the mask) I did keep the skull belt, patterns under the eyes, heterochromia and Mata feet because rule of cool. Honestly I might keep this iteration around for the next few years. It's something new, and I like it better than ye olde "Toa has been half corrupted by shadows but not really" concept.
  22. These mushrooms look like they're having a fall picnic. Very cute!
  23. Did a bunch of sketches of protector helmets because I cannot for the life of me figure out the perspective on these. -- I also want to thank you all for all the nice comments! I really appreciate them.
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