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  1. Well I come back for like 2 seconds and I see new bionicle news, color me excited.
  2. Haven't been here in a while so I thought I would drop in to see whats new :)

  3. ye i play my username is giobob6

  4. ye lol

    i was off for a LONG time, I see u play runescape

  5. yo remember me rok, or shud i say onyx?

  6. i am up to eldest tho =(

  7. u like the inheritance cycle kool

  8. *eye twitches* omg they are *eye twitches again* AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. lol

    i see yours!


  10. hmm u say u like dinosaurs.

    i love dinosaurs! i am wondering.do you think that metors destroyed the dinos or sompting elese?

  11. ur still alive! i thought i eliminated u!

  12. hello bitil

    (target in range)

    how are you



    (target eliminated)

  13. u r a toa of pi!

    noooooooooooo not the pi!

  14. hi hukster and thanks

  15. yay a meta knight fan!

  16. you da bomb d709 u meh hero

  17. ok every1 i am lizenX

  18. yup shure thanok kal z just pm me whith the details and u will be in!!

  19. pink nuva your next name should be:blue nuva!

  20. hi everybody! anyone want to be in my epic?

  21. yes diamond blade you are.

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