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  1. Getting into the line in 2003, I thought the Mata were a set of bad guys for the Nuva. And the Tohunga were also bad.
  2. I think it's only hidden in the PS2 version. There were originally going to be six Mata and six Nuva levels... I think it was going to be canon too. Luckily, I also own the PS2 version and have a pretty good idea how to rip apart/edit PS2 ISOs, so I'll probably get on that!
  3. Does it? I only searched the GCN version of that (and not incredibly well), so it's possible. I should try to get in contact with him!
  4. Just looking around the ISO. I extracted some logs the devs left in, and used a solid amount of the classic "Guess, check, and revise!" method to get stuff working in-game. Eh, I'm lazy. Someone else could do it. While you add it, create a page on Scooby Doo: Night of 100 Frights, since I've been tearing apart that game, too I've looked through BIONICLE: The Game. Not a whole lot. I got Lewa Nuva to load in Tahu Mata's level (works well enough, but the framerate for that game on Dolphin is abysmal), and he flies and all, I got Tahu to spawn right at the end with the Bohrok in his level (complete with the cave behind him ending in a void), and I got Tahu Nuva to load in an endless void with the Le-Wahi backdrop (he has weapons that he only uses for a split second in the opening of his level. I'd love to get him to load in another level if I had more free time, to see if he can Nuva Blast or anything. Same with Kopaka, who uses an idle animation for standing before one of his cutscenes because that game is horrible, so I suspect he can probably walk and such too.) I also found it funny that Tahu Nuva's level is internally referred to as "takoro adrenaline" or something similar. Haven't even looked, sorry! I'd love to look whenever I have more free time. I'm done with finals after Wednesday, and I'm fresh out of a job, so I'll probably have some free time within the next five weeks or so.
  5. I do wonder if it was originally going to be a semi-canon game or something of the sort. Ah, I am familiar with Vahkiti and have briefly conversed with the man before. If I were to make a guess as to why the game locked up, it could be due to him using original hardware instead of Dolphin - some things have different breaking points on the Wii/GCN hardware than they do in emulators, as I've discovered with Brawl modding.
  6. Purely speculation, but they could have been Zamor'd slaves or something
  7. I'm someone who likes to tinker with games/computers whenever possible, and I recently got down to further exploring the BIONICLE Heroes files. There are a great amount of logs/developer comments and the like, but yesterday I loaded up something really cool - An entire unused level! So, I've a few things to say about this quickly. First off, I'm sorry for the lack of editing/commentary/text in the video. I'm a busy college student with not enough time for that at the moment. Secondly, ignore objects popping in and out of existence on the sides of the screen, that's the result of me using the widescreen hack instead of the game's native widescreen functions. And now for the level itself! First off, sound effects don't load here for some odd reason. The music is the main theme for the game. I feel like the level textures here look better than the ones used in the actual game (at least in the PS2 version, I'm mostly unfamiliar with the GCN version, like I'm using here). The lighting on the Toa looks a bit off at times. The destructible objects only appear here, and are kind of glitchy. There is a really buggy spotlight that can be destroyed. Anything behind the light fades out of existence! As far as I can recall, none of these objects appear in the final version of the game. There are a lot of areas I cannot reach, where I believe enemies would spawn in the main room. There are also overhead paths later in the level, which I believe you should have been able to reach eventually. The sky lighting makes the Toa fade out of existence. Later in the level are strange textureless boxes that resemble boxes in the final game. They are not solid, and can be walked through. You often have to fall down into areas that prohibit you from backtracking. I don't recall how frequent that was in the actual game. Near the end of the level, there is a passage too narrow for you to enter. Enemies appear on the radar beyond that, but I cannot reach them. I also assume that this passage leads to the overhead bridges from before. If there is enough interest, I will continue to look into this game. There are about 12 test levels, most of which crash when you try to load them. One I should be able to get working is an earlier version of Thok's Mountain. Additionally, there are a few unused enemies. One is just for testing, and at least three seem to be Matoran (Green, Blue, and Red) (they appear as files separate from the shop keeper/Balta, and have death animations, either implying they were enemies to me). Also, I may be reading this wrong, but maybe at one point in time the Piraka were to have upgradable weapons? The game calls this a test level, but as far as I can tell, it's not testing any of the ingame functions (like every other test level I've seen in games). I have been looking at the GCN version. I also have the PS2 version laying around, and will look at that sometime (as well as the demo disc for PS2, which actually had an intelligent way of handling the game's infamous "Hero Mode"). But for now, enjoy this discovery. I wrote this post hastily, so if anything is unclear, feel free to ask me questions!
  8. I finished SSB4, no hammers. Game sux.
  9. Sales-wise, the game was a flop.
  10. I don't care if VNOG wasn't canon, I take it as 99% canon in terms of geography. I still say "Borok".
  11. I find it very interesting that a flash game that was only semi-canon developed outside of LEGO had Terry written better than, well, pretty much anything else.
  12. With the announcement of The Last Guardian, I bought myself a PS4 on last Saturday. Along with it, I got PS+, and received MGSV: Ground Zeroes (which, if I understand, is a prologue to the real MGSV). Thus far, I have used PS+ primarily to transfer saves between both of my PS3s. Also, Code Name STEAM is amazing. Why did that game not sell, and yet, Splatoon managed to fly off the shelves? (To each their own, but I couldn't find enjoyment in Splatoon. I really tried with it.)
  13. Makes me wish the sets actually had articulation like this. I loved the old Tohungas!
  14. I did get the XL, because I honestly wouldn't have been shocked if the regular size never came to America. Disappointed now, since I MUCH prefer the smaller models.
  15. I've decided I'm going to buy a PS4 after my next paycheck.
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