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  1. IC: The Hatmaster, Po-Koro It's awfully hot for Ga-Koro, the Fe-Matoran mused to himself. Could be the ocean humidity. The sweltering air of the desert twisted and rippled above the sand, entrapping said Fe-Matoran in a visage not unlike that of oneself looking at their own reflection in a funhouse mirror at a two-bit carnival. And here was the clown. Sitting outside the gates of Po-Koro was Gabe, straw hat atop his head, brim pulled way low, his feet dug beneath the sand. At his side, propped up against his chair were three or four identical straw hats. In his lap was another - or rather, half of one. Gabe's fingers moved lazily, weaving the straw in a crosshatch pattern that could only come so easy for one who had mastered his craft. He wondered why he could no longer hear the waves crashing against the shore.
  2. hey do you guys like tech trees
  3. wide vakama walking but he's always in frame (full version)
  4. Thanks brevs. Here's some additional info to strike your fancy: 1-Widget Coin Material - Copper encased in steel Copper Mask of Victory depicted on the front, Matoran "1" on the reverse English Text: "Courage and Valor" Matoran Text: "Akirivahki Mai Ruaturaga" ("The Laws of the Akiri from the Wisdom of the Turaga") 5-Widget Coin Material - Nickel encased in steel Constellation, Red Star and Spirit Stars through the clouds depicted on the front, an Amaja Circle on the reverse English Text: "Peace and Prosperity" Matoran Text: "Matautoa Kahinga Kraahkan" (roughly "Our Heroes will Vanquish the Darkness") 30-Widget Coin Material - Protosteel encased in steel The Mangai volcano depicted on the front, the Hiripaki on the reverse English Text: "Truth and Wisdom" Matoran Text: "Calix Whakapai Mataumangai" ("Fate Favours Our Protectors") 60-Widget Coin Material - Electrum encased in steel The Three Virtues depicted on the front, visage of Mata Nui on the reverse English Text: "Unity - Duty - Destiny" Matoran Text: "Onowahi Katahi Pakari-Kal" (roughly "Six [Regions] are Stronger as One")
  5. boy you KNOW it have some widgets that grav and I have been working on for months but never bothered to finish until now 1-Widget Coin Front - Back 5-Widget Coin Front - Back 30-Widget Coin Front - Back 60-Widget Coin Front - Back yes I will be fielding questions
  6. hey @sunflower what's your favourite flavour
  7. too late Overview Left Side Right Side Three-Quarters Rear Front View Charging Handle Opened Action Mid-Charge Magazine Detached Candid Shot
  8. I'll do the Volo Lutu afterwards, perhaps Zamor and Disk launchers as well. Pateros could use a re-render too. Grav and I have got a lot of surprises coming next Arc
  9. i heard that tyler st francis has a big DII I sure can't wait to see what the new arc has in store for us fine folk
  10. I didn't get rid of the watermarks lad I had to remake everything from scratch
  11. did somebody ring the dinkster
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