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  1. wide vakama walking but he's always in frame (full version)
  2. Thanks brevs. Here's some additional info to strike your fancy: 1-Widget Coin Material - Copper encased in steel Copper Mask of Victory depicted on the front, Matoran "1" on the reverse English Text: "Courage and Valor" Matoran Text: "Akirivahki Mai Ruaturaga" ("The Laws of the Akiri from the Wisdom of the Turaga") 5-Widget Coin Material - Nickel encased in steel Constellation, Red Star and Spirit Stars through the clouds depicted on the front, an Amaja Circle on the reverse English Text: "Peace and Prosperity" Matoran Text: "Matautoa Kahinga Kraahkan" (roughly "Our Heroes will Vanquish the Darkness") 30-Widget Coin Material - Protosteel encased in steel The Mangai volcano depicted on the front, the Hiripaki on the reverse English Text: "Truth and Wisdom" Matoran Text: "Calix Whakapai Mataumangai" ("Fate Favours Our Protectors") 60-Widget Coin Material - Electrum encased in steel The Three Virtues depicted on the front, visage of Mata Nui on the reverse English Text: "Unity - Duty - Destiny" Matoran Text: "Onowahi Katahi Pakari-Kal" (roughly "Six [Regions] are Stronger as One")
  3. boy you KNOW it have some widgets that grav and I have been working on for months but never bothered to finish until now 1-Widget Coin Front - Back 5-Widget Coin Front - Back 30-Widget Coin Front - Back 60-Widget Coin Front - Back yes I will be fielding questions
  4. hey @sunflower what's your favourite flavour
  5. too late Overview Left Side Right Side Three-Quarters Rear Front View Charging Handle Opened Action Mid-Charge Magazine Detached Candid Shot
  6. I'll do the Volo Lutu afterwards, perhaps Zamor and Disk launchers as well. Pateros could use a re-render too. Grav and I have got a lot of surprises coming next Arc
  7. i heard that tyler st francis has a big DII I sure can't wait to see what the new arc has in store for us fine folk
  8. I didn't get rid of the watermarks lad I had to remake everything from scratch
  9. did somebody ring the dinkster
  10. Not the BZPRPG: The BZPRPG: Actually the BZPRPG:
  11. the simple solution for the impatient is clearly to sequester yourself inside a diner and eat waffles for a year
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