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  1. MT would like me to post that his currently indisposed at the moment and cannot respond to messages, but will still be participating in the game and will be back soon. -Star
  2. I voted #10, though they all are quite great Mocs, may the best one win! -Star
  3. I think this would be the best route TBH. Starting from the past or future still has the convoluted story of old. While it was great, for newer kids to get into it, they'd have to read up on a ton of history. A re-telling or reboot would be the best bet for an enjoyable story. If its a retelling, it also lets them introduce some new mysteries which really made the early years of the story so special. -Star
  4. Hahaha. But honestly, I think there is serious credence to this possible return, but I still think its best for everyone to just stay skeptical until it is either confirmed/unconfirmed. It will be a pleasant surprise if it does come back though! -Star
  5. Gathered Friends. Listen again to the story, of the Bionicle. In the time before time, there was nothing. And then in a flash of light, there was one. He gave us the Four Virtues. Unity, Duty, Destiny, and above all, himself, Tuma. Listen now friends as we sing praise of the wonders and might of Tuma, in the first edition of the 4 Virtues Podcast. Tuma is Love, Tuma is Life, All Hail Tuma! http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=mUQfrMuoKdc -Star
  6. It's a great chat, with some senior BZP members, you will enjoy your time there -Star
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