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  1. Resev
    Making Isaac's gun was harder than I thought (all the wiring) So I decided to postpone that and work on another project of mine. As you can see, it's coming along nicely, eh?
    For those of you who don't know where this is from, It's Kroenen's gas mask.

  2. Resev
    Texas finally got some!!! YAY!! Only problem is, I have to work today
    Oh well, it's still awesome, considering we rarely get snow like this. I'll take as much as I can get.
  3. Resev
    Man, Oh man I miss my LEGO Bricks back in Colorado. It's been a while since I've logged on here...Ever since I came back, it's made me realize that I miss MOCing a lot
  4. Resev
    Guess who just got the new album from Disturbed!!! ME!!!
    Before it hits the stores, even B)
    And on another note: I'M ANGRY!!!! ....... My laptop broke, so I'm going to have to get it fixed... VERY soon.
    My laptop makes my clients happy and without it, I can't really run my small business. So yeah, anyway...
    *slurps some chilled, Canada Dry before going to bed*
  5. Resev
    I'm absolutely dreading it. I'm getting my wisdom teeth (all 4) out on Sep. 3 : /
    I know a lot of people have already had theirs out and it's just minor surgery, but I've never been put to sleep and I have a phobia of doctors and needles
    I know it'll probably be no big deal, but it still manages to make me nervous. I'm going to try and keep my teeth as a souvenir

  6. Resev
    In more ways than one B)
    New job, New gun (Had to sell my old one) New armor and rank in airsoft, camping trip coming up, learning German and Spanish, pay raise, beach body (6 pack and pecs ftw), New shoes, New friends, new youth group and new cat *inhale*
    It's been busy and hard work, but it's paying off.
  7. Resev
    So, surprise- surprise, Ranna and I are back in Texas (remember that vacation I mentioned earlier?) And to celebrate our arrival, we went to Red Lobster!!!

    Our Dinner!! (Just kidding)
    Ok, so some of you may be wondering, 'What's so special about Red Lobster?' Well, in Canada, there are only a small handful of these restaurants (none located around us, mind you) and the nearest one we can go to, is in the states >_>
    Needless to say, it's a very rare and special treat to eat at this fine establishment. And it's always fun when you get into a mini-lobster fork duel, over the last cheddar biscuit. *sigh* We were probably the most goofy-cool-odd looking people in that building.
    P.S. Yes, Ranna's hair is purple!!! =D
  8. Resev
    Being allergic to Poison oak/ivy...
    I've never seen so much skin come off before O_O My left wrist is covered in the awful rash and it's scabbing up.
    Luckily, Ranna found me an extra strength rub that absorbs the oils and whatnot, so it should be feeling better.
    NOTE to self: Never play airsoft without long sleeved BDUs.
  9. Resev
    Mobius-Three Tangos inbound, permission to take them out. Over
    Com.- Granted, you're green to go, Proceed with caution. Over
    Mobius- Roger, Over & out....
    I'll have more pics later.
  10. Resev
    You have the cops called out on you, because you look like a group of terrorists, or armed and dressed to kill- militia.
    The cops were cool about it though, even joked around with us after a few questions (Although, in their cruisers, the had some pretty powerful rifles O.o)
    My airsoft team & I, and two other teams had to pull out Saturday and lose our location, because we were scaring residents in the nearby district.
    So now, we have to pick up and find a better location/play at the other team's fields
    On the brightside of things, I've been looking for some abandoned buildings to perhaps make HQ, And some of the most epic battles happen in the rain.
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