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  1. •Finally getting around to reading the Harry Potter books...I'm such a laggard. Really enjoying them. Just finished Order of the Phoenix. Trying to finish reading/watching before Death Hallows this December.


    I read the books before I saw the movie versions, and to be honest, I was let down. I haven't even seen the Half-blood prince film yet, because I was skeptical =/

    But the books are definitely, worth the read. Especially, the 6th and 7th.




  2. It's going to suck. BAD.

    Thanks for the encouragement :P lol


    I would hate to know what's going on when I'm asleep...but it's probably safer that way. People tell me it's okay afterwards just to relax and eat lots of ice cream.

    Kind of like that horror movie where they sedate the patient and half way through the surgery, he awakes but is immobile; forced to experience eve-- GAH, not thinking about that anymore.


    It hurt pretty bad for me, but I think because of all the stuff I've done like breaking my toe, I delt with it pretty good. :P

    Mouth pain is usually bad for me, but in my opinion it's not a super big deal, but don't get food down the sockets....it hurts D:

    Although according to my mom, I was pretty humorous after coming out of surgery, I was so out of it I was just smiling with my eyes closed and I had to be wheeled out to the car 'cause I couldn't do anything...but I remember being awake afterwards having them put my sweatshirt on me (it was cold weather) and yea...that was a funny and weird experience :P

    It sucks not eating solids for a while though.... :( It...it's like not eating REAL food!!!!! D:

    I think you'll do fine though, also....considering the things you've done to yourself..... :P


    Good lucketh, man, and I'll be prayin' for ya :D

    Also even though I knew it'd probably be no big deal, I was nervous too lol


    -Jordboy1 :miru:

    Thanks Jordbro :) I might be able to take off the day and we'll play Uncharted "Idiac style" ;)


    Let me give you the positive first: You'll get lots of pity and I could spend about 3 days on the couh doing nothing but watch movies, so that's not a bad part :D


    Now, I had that procedure done January 09,so here's a few tips:


    The anesthesia would probably be only one needle.


    PS: And get a picture taken, you'll never get Gerbil-cheeks like that again ^^ It looks pretty hilarious!

    One major problem though. I might be allergic to general anesthesia, because it runs in my family. So, that plays a big part into my worries.


    And absolutely not!!! That was what my mom used to call me when I was super small. Cheeks :P




  3. BLUE B)

    Close, but no cigar.



    I would cry if there were even a hint of pink... :mellow:


    I know what it is!

    It's colored- *gets mutilated by 46 (and a half) man eating coat zombies*

    AAARRRGGGGHH!!!!!!!!! I'm sorry I was gonna give it away, Res!!! I'm sorry!!!!! AAAHHHH!!!!!

    *dies an excrutiatingly painful death and falls to the ground*


    -Jordboy1 :miru:

    O.o.... *pours MD on your remains, hoping to revive you*

    That's better than brinks home security =D




  4. Because you've got a fin. But half of its discoloured. So you're a shark that's had a terrible accident that's stained/tanned half its fin. Ta-da! That wasn't such a leap of logic now, was it?

    No, but it did sound fishy. :P (Bad pun)




  5. Oh wait....your hair was colored different in the pic?

    I was too busy focusing on the apple logo and the many ways to destroy that little piece of.....*shudders* I won't even say it. :P


    -Jordboy1 :miru:

    And to think, I'm texting you with it :P


    You look like a shark thats had a terrible accident

    Um... How so? O.o


    You're going to need more bleach in order to look like Ichigo.

    But this is only part 1 of my new look. The other half has yet to come.




  6. Did you stay to watch the scene after the credits?


    And who honestly could say they wouldn't like an Iron Man suit? Imagine the time you'd save flying to work instead of walking/driving/taking public transport

    No, unfortunately... Ranna dragged me away :(


    Well, I was talking about actually making some of the suit with my tools :P

  7. Reminds me of when I had the worst sunburn I ever had two years ago.

    I sunburn suuuuuuper easy and forgot to put anything on when I went to the pool, and I went from open-closing time. :P

    I itched so bad but couldn't scratch because of how bad I burned, my back breaks out and burns even easier ever since...it's pretty awesome lol

    Nothing helped either...it felt like I was dying that night or something... lol (don't ask why I lol at that :P)


    Anyway, hopeth you feel (felt) betters. :D


    -Jordboy1 :miru:

    I remember that lol.


    You should get poisoned more often :P

    Or pretend :P




  8. I know you probably didn't know this...but I do!




    ......though not at the moment since I owna 360 I've sorta been playing the amazing Halo: Reach Beta. :D

    Oh did I mention that it's super AWESOME, just thought I'd let you know so you could...oh...sorry...you're a Playstation guy, I forgot.... :P


    Anyway, just nuke my house anytime you wanna play Uncharted 2 online, my internet's a little better these days. :P


    -Jordboy1 :miru:

    Them thar, iz fightin' words :P I never know when you're online lol



    Have been meaning to get it.


    PS3, so if I do acquire a copy, we gotta play sometime.


    Don't suppose you have Bioshock 2? XP

    Bioshock2? No, but I heard it was good. Is it worth it IYO?




  9. Hope that med works. Itching rashes aint fun....

    Especially when it peels the skin off >_>


    Aww sorry to hear that bro *hugs you with Ivy protection suit*

    Sry <:3 I don't wanna catch it. Hope you feel better soon. :)

    *hugs* NP Sis. :)


    On the plus side you got a free arm rub from Ranna ^_^

    And a back and neck rub, And... :rolleyes:




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