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  1. Thank you! C:

    I can't remember if I answered already, but meh w/e. :D

  2. But there's only so much you can do with a fighter jet game, so I think they've run their course. They made some great stuff though.

  3. Yeah. With current controls, next gen graphics, and a score like any of the Legacy Games', It would be beautiful.

    It's a shame they're abandoning Strangereal, though.

  4. 3 was very good, but the controls sucked, the music sucked even more, and the graphics sucked worst of all. But considering the system, the graphics are excusable. A remake for the PS3 or computer would be absolutely fantastic.

  5. I was too young to figure out Air Combat before we sold it, so 04 was my first real Ac experience, so I kind of agree with you. But i do think a remake of 3, true to the original japanese version would be insanely awesome.

  6. 04 seems to be the favorite, and I think it's because it brought on the HUD format and a combat-focused storyline, and sweet music. Anything before it sucked, really (no offense =P).

  7. Honestly, gotta go with 04, then Zero and Five tie.

    The legacy trio just rocks.

  8. Yeah, I know ri-



  9. "Gelb 2, stop that awful bell from ringing!"

    One (of many) of the best lines of that game. Seriously, my 2nd favorite game ever, behind Ace Combat 5.

  10. "This is Gault 1.

    Begin the operation.

    Let the victor be justice."

  11. Welcome to BZPower!

  12. The last two comments are absolutely awesome. And I agree with both.

  13. "Time to hunt some wild dogs!"

    Haha Rot squadron.

  14. Fifteen Years ago...

    There was a war.

    J/k lolololol.

    Happeh b-day, man.

  15. All units, release your missiles!

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