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  1. kongutohunga


    Youre breakong the rules
  2. Hi, I'm the great bionicle user kongutohunga. Haven't posted here in a few years, but I thought I might make a little thread to discuss Exom7. He used to use this website. True legend! Post anythin you can think of about exom7 in this thread if you want!!
  3. hey , What Up?

  4. hey , What Up?

  5. homo????????????????sapien aaaaaaaasfdghfdfs

  6. kongutohunga


    My favorite part was "whatup yallz" that was funny
  7. kongutohunga


    This is still happening we think, fans. Don't give up hope!
  8. kongutohunga


    B6 comesBut yeah I'm excited to see the plot start in this on the next rotation. Wonderful work on the filler SchelleZon, the panels jiggled my humor bits.
  9. kongutohunga


    Sadly, Nid passed away recently. Kabs went over it in one of his fillers, it was quite gruesome. Out hearts go out to his friends and family.On the bright side, he no longer has to pay taxes.I'm glad some of us can joke about his death. Some of us aren't ready to move on yet. This topic is dedicated to his memory.I agree, I'm still bawling tearful monumental remorse over poor Nid. We don't have to call him by his username anymore...we can use his real name. We'll miss you, Stanley DeMonté Jones.
  10. who could win a rabbit???

  11. kongutohunga


    Not sure if serious
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