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  1. If they had switched places, Lego probably would have gone bankrupt.
  2. Honestly I wasn't big on the art style of the comics, but that does sound like a cool tattoo! Make sure to post pics if you get it. ^^
  3. Cinnamon coffee cake gives me life. ;-; <3

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Bambi


      I'd have to think about that, but I'm leaning toward mint chip ice cream (specifically the green kind). ^^

      What about you?

    3. Mushy the Mushroom

      Mushy the Mushroom

      OMGosh I forgot that existed. Probably that in a waffle cone or lemon cheesecake. 

    4. Bambi


      I prefer to put it in a bowl and baptize it in magic shell. :D

      And eew, cheesecake is nasty. :P

  4. I know we're halfway through 2021, but I realized this is the fifteenth anniversary of Ignition, aka when Bionicle tried to be darker and edgier lol. We found out Mata Nui is dying, were introduced to the Piraka, the Toa Nuva were defeated, some of our favorite Matoran became Toa, and Lego introduced the infamous Inika build, among many other things. We also got our first Bionicle console game since the original Bionicle game in '03. What did you think of this year, story or set-wise?
  5. "Slippin' Away" by Hypocrisy.
  6. Then why post? Anyway, currently listening to "Brickwalker" by Soilwork.
  7. I prefer Matoran, but for some reason I almost prefer Tohunga for the MNOG era? I guess because I had always heard that is what it was supposed to be at the time.
  8. Impressive collection! Great job on this. Love the artwork on the old comics.
  9. The animation on the new Demon Slayer movie is nothing short of incredible.

  10. Bambi

    I Took Some Pictures of My Cats

    Thanks, they sure are.
  11. I had no idea Lego was celebrating 20 years of Lego Harry Potter. After all these somewhat recent controversies surrounding JK Rowling, you'd figure Lego would want to celebrate a theme that hasn't really had its reputation tarnished. :\
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