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    one thing and one thing alone. The only thing he has ever aspired to do, his one dream, his one goal in life, is to be in the Member Spotlight. If you're reading this from the front page, Bitter Cold's life is complete. It's all he ever wanted. He can die happily.

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    Speedy thing goes in...
  1. who even are you

    1. Bitter Cold

      Bitter Cold

      oh yeah, you're k-t


      i remember you, kind of (it has been CENTURIES)

  2. There's no way you could drive with it, your stuff would fall off if you turned the wheel. I'd guess it's for working in your car while it's parked? Why would you even need to do that?
  3. That made me lol. Best April Fools joke of the year (that I've seen).
  4. It's on a ship that left another planet to orbit it, but somehow hit a portal and was sent to the middle of nowhere.
  5. Bitter Cold


    I love this song. Ironically.
  6. Bitter Cold


    hot pizza, bunda always hot pizza
  7. I'm gonna guess it's a generator. But I can't figure out what it'd be called.
  8. Philosoraptor is probably the most inherently funny macro. Because of his name, basically.
  9. >Carbon Leaf >free I'm with Lady Kopaka on this one.
  10. I absolutely do the same as you, CF.
  11. This comic was pretty awesome to look at. Not to read........but to look at.
  12. I'm downloading it right now. <3 Pokemon music.
  13. Thanks bro! FIST-BUNP

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