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  1. Alright. I'll stop torturing you guys with that sig.

  2. You should probably click my sig. Or is genocide acceptable to you? I see how it is.

  3. I don't even hate HF anymore. It's just a feeling of extreme apathy.

  4. I don't even hate HF any more. It's just a feel of extreme apathy.

  5. Want a glimpse at the new chima character, Sir Fangar? Well here you go:

  6. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    1. Ldd2000


      WOW! nice asci face!

  7. You simply cannot handle McKrika!

  8. Dat moment when you realize you are first on the list at the bottom of the main directory page. Kind of makes me feel like one of those awkward people that camp out at the mall the night before black friday! :P

  9. Do you potato, or does potato you?

    1. Art Vandelay
    2. Aurua2020


      Depends, are we in soviate Russia?

    3. Aurora the cat

      Aurora the cat

      Yup, so potato you.

  10. The Bionicle websites are coming down. I'm gonna go cry now.

  11. I want to thank whatever staff decided to revert my display name. In previous years I know some people have been stuck on their "prank names"! XD

  12. Everything is under control. My vahki have secured the peace. Bow to your great spirit.

    1. Clue: The Traitor

      Clue: The Traitor

      We will stop you Hapori Dume! We are Toa!! You are nothing but an April Fools Joke!!!

  13. Anyone else find these word filter glitches hilarious?

  14. I have changed my sig and my avatar! whoopie!

  15. Believe it or not, I have actually conquered makuta! The hack just messed my title up...

  16. Wow. These squiggly lines around my display name make me feel awesome!

  17. Not sure if I should like Brain Attack for the nice pieces and bionicle references, or hate it becuase of the butt-ugly villains and corny story.

  18. I find it funny that the amazon search box on the homepage searches hero factory for me, and then when I type in and search bionicle, all that comes up is hero factory.

  19. The more I read about Krika, the more awesome he becomes.

    1. Highly Suspicious Person

      Highly Suspicious Person

      That darn traitorous Makuta. Yes, he is very awesome.

    2. FrozenFlash


      Indeed. Unfortunately, he was killed off even though he's such an awesome character.

    3. Unauthorized Autobiography

      Unauthorized Autobiography

      I have him. Awesome Kanohi too.

  20. Hold your rahi! I'll be right there!

  21. "if pinocchio said 'my nose is about to grow', what would happen?"

    1. Ramona Flowers

      Ramona Flowers

      I would eat him. =3

    2. Sybre



    3. Chro


      Since he's "a real boy" he'd be growing infinitesimally all the time, whether or not he was truthful.

      Now the real question is, what if he said "this is a lie"...?

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