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  1. Judge Judy. Ahem. Well, if we're taking this from pop culture/the media, I can't really think of anything. But if it's just anything, I'd like to see another Orient Expedition, and perhaps Blacktron 3.
  2. I might have to get this just to put a Bohrok on it!
  3. If I were to choose 1, perhaps Furno? I never really liked the hotheaded characters, and even before they cancelled individuality, he was kind of frustrating. Alot of people complain about the villains being shallow, but honestly it's not the characters themselves, it's that they last for half of a year rather than allowing for enough time to show different aspects of their personalities and abilities. Of course the Invasion from Below show left me with a dislike for all the heroes aside from Breez, Stringer, and Nex.(The latter two of which weren't even on the show!) Genocide is not to be celebrated in my book, so the heroes in general are on my least favorite list.
  4. I wouldn't use Laval's Journey, or any game as a good place to interpret the characters/story. I'm sure the gameplay isn't bad, but from what I've seen, it strays from the story quite a bit.
  5. It's pretty ironic that I posted that two nights ago. xD
  6. I always thought it would be fun to hike from Po Wahi, through Onu Koro to Le Koro. Just follow the path taken in MNOG. Other than that, I'd like to zip around Metru Nui through the shoots and visit each of the sectors.
  7. Simply put, because they didn't need to have powers. The creatures of the Matoran universe were not initially designed to be fully sentient, so making them able to fight would have been a waste of time if there was nothing they needed to fight against. There wasn't supposed to be any conflicts among the inhabitants of the MU, it just happened.
  8. If it were to be a sequel to Bionicle, it would be set around 20 years after the end of the original line. I think I'd have a mixed bag of bad guys, including the Barraki, TSO, Makuta from an alternate dimension, Marendar, and some new characters of known species. The heroes would be The heroes from old Bionicle, but perhaps kind of reintroduced. They would be the same characters, but 20 years later, so there would be some changes. It would be set on Spherus Magna, of course, but I think I'd specifically set it on the Aqua Magna side. It would be centered around exploring and settling unknown continents and following in the footsteps of the Great Beings. I'd want to give it that early Bionicle feel of mystery, but with more contemporary characters and technology. Set wise, I'd try the mask pack thing along with the basic lineup of sets. The mainstream lineup of sets would be released similarly to how the 2008 sets were released, with 3 good guys and 3 bad guys per line of medium sets. The story would progress as it did in old Bionicle, with an overall story progression year by year, but a different subplot of sorts each year. If I reached the climax of the overall story and there was still a large following, I'd just create a new goal or bring back an old villain. I'd call it something like Bionicle, Chronicles of Tomorrow or Spherus Magna.
  9. As for weapon, I'll go with Lewa Phantoka's air saber. Mask would be the Faxon.
  10. Not hero factory. *kidding* A tale of biomechanical heroes struggling to stop a powerful evil that threatens their world and the universe as a whole.
  11. Well, we'll never know for sure, but I do like how you organized this. What about the mutants and all that from the second year?
  12. Yeah, Breez or Stringer would be who I would make XL. A big sonic cannon for stringer, and perhaps katanas for breez?
  13. Power wise, I'm going to have to say Kadin. As far as looks go, probably the Faxon.
  14. I don't even hate HF anymore. It's just a feeling of extreme apathy.

  15. I don't even hate HF any more. It's just a feel of extreme apathy.

  16. I really enjoyed breakout. The story had some drive to it, and unlike the previous episodes, the villains won. I like hero factory for the villains, to be honest, so that's part of it too.
  17. Want a glimpse at the new chima character, Sir Fangar? Well here you go:

  18. It recently occurred to me that I don't really know how Teridax's Antidermis controlled the matoran... Was it Teridax himself possessing them, or was it a side effect of exposure to Antidermis? Or was it just something I missed entirely?
  19. I'm pretty frustrated with this, but hopefully this will end up the same way it did when you guys said they were cancelled completely. Otherwise, I'm going to be praying for reasonable prices.
  20. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    1. Ldd2000


      WOW! nice asci face!

  21. I just had an interesting idea concerning the rhinos. The show always portrays them as having "pet rocks", so perhaps instead of eliminating that entirely, they could be animists? (Wikipedia page for those unfamiliar with Animism is found here.) It would be a bit more of a "serious" take on an otherwise goofy plot device!
  22. I think Shadowind would make the best constraction figure. His armored appearance would make the HF parts seem more natural.
  23. So a chima version of this? Anyways, I don't think new tribes are the way to go. Too much time and effort for an RPG that I estimate will have 20 people MAX. And hey, there's no rules against being of a normal tribe and wearing dragon-like armor(or masks), and having robotic wings/tail. In many cases, strange and vibrant characters are what give RPGs (and stories, for that matter) life! Also, I don't think that fleshing out the governments will do any harm to individuality. If you want to be a certain animal, but don't agree with the tribe's government, you can just be an outcast, an exile, or perhaps just on the rebellious side of things.
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