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  1. Well, as most people on this thread have said, I'm apathetic about it. It's not a hate scenario (unlike what it was when it first came out), it's just not very exciting. In fact, if it was system, I probably wouldn't care about it at all.
  2. In many cases, people don't like the name Teridax simply because it isn't Makuta. In my opinion, the name reflects the feel of Bionicle at the given time. "Makuta" was the dark and mysterious spirit that plagued the tropical island of Mata Nui with destruction and disease. The Makuta of Metru Nui was the "guardian" of the City of Legends who had turned on the city, putting all the inhabitants into comas then invading it with hordes of soldiers. Teridax was the makuta who sent his brethren to die in the core of the universe while he made his way to the "control room" to... manipulate it as he sees fit and travel from planet to planet expressing his ultimate power. People don't like it because it doesn't hold nostalgia and feels different, which reflects the time period that it was introduced in.
  3. Awesome! Good to know when to expect them. Also, the summaries are intriguing. I have a pretty clear guess on who the "stranger" is, but I'm curious who these "old enemies underground" are. Most likely, it's the skellies, but it would be more than cool to see the Serpentine in action again. There are some places you can find the episodes online. If you haven't seen the first two episodes of this year, I can PM you the links.
  4. Very interesting. I've never seen a take on hero factory quite like this. This version provides much more character in my opinion, and that's something dearly lacking in the official HF. Very well done! Can't wait until we meet some insane, chemical spraying baddies. I'd be surprised if it wasn't Ralph "Nebula".
  5. WHAT?!! What? I was looking forward to those! This had better not be some early freakin' April Fools day prank!
  6. Galidor was the first thing that came to my mind when I read the title.
  7. As stated off the bat, there is a difference between stereotyping and negatively mocking a culture and taking inspiration from it. Taking interesting ideas from real life cultures can bring some familiarity to the "atmosphere" of a completely imagined and unfamiliar world without, by any means, insulting the culture! When you think of a desert, you think of those Greco-Roman, Middle Eastern and North African cultures, and that's because those are the kinds of cultures that inhabit deserts on earth. Those cultures "come up" when you think of a desert, and the more the elements of those cultures are used, the more the desert setting seems "real". That's why lego used elements of those cultures, and honestly, never did I think that Lego really insulted them in any way, shape or form.
  8. I was going to use that kind of mask down the line, but it'll be called the mask of perception. This will be an immoral mask used to make opponents sluggish in a fight. Perception was the word I was looking for, not perspective
  9. *Smirks* And people wonder why my main villian in the BZPRPG is a toa of plantlife. So much potential. However I agree. The vines would be a quicker method with similar effect. However while I do think a toa of plantlife could create a resin I don't think they would since I imagine it would take more energy than the vine method. Bones, amber is made of plant matter (resin), that's why I bring it into question. I must admit, I never thought of vines to wood, but it is a clever idea. The thing is, would can be chopped and burnt with ease, while amber, is more crystaline and stronger. Seems like a slightly different effect to me, but it would indeed be overpowered. It could also be a morality thing, seeing as it would be like a weaker strong proto seal (is it really moral to trap someone in crystal?).
  10. Hmmm... I had an interesting one, how about the mask of Perspective? It would change the relative interpretation of time for the user or target by speeding up or slowing down thought processes. Uses would include giving you more reaction time, and reducing it for your opponent. I'm sure someone could think up more uses for such a mask, but that's what I have off the top of my head.
  11. I was wondering, could a toa of plantlife cover their enemy in resin, then turn the resin into amber, or would that require use of the time element?
  12. Oh, I do want this set. If only it wasn't so expensive.
  13. Lovely! As long as these new bricks are just as good as the old ones, this is a turn in the right direction!
  14. It always has been, Gata! Anyways, I'm not sure how many of these I will get. They look great, but they are pretty high, price-point wise. Also, was I the only one that noticed that the ice tribes are zombies? Look at the printing on them, you can see muscle tissue showing through on most of them, and bones on some of them. Those are some pretty gritty details, IMO.
  15. IC: Laer'dus The steltian watches with an air of peculiarity as the Toa he encountered at the market stall bounds by him. Strange fellow, but not a very good puppet. Once again, Laer'dus is dumbfounded by another bizarre sight. A fellow Steltian lumber by him, shouting "Where are the arenas!?" Laer'dus stops and turns to him. "I may know of a place. There are many enemies, wolves to be exact, but they are very large wolves; Strong and tough. The audiences are are fleeting, and you may see them flee occasionally. Also, I'm afraid nobody is keeping track of whether you win or lose, but the fighting is intense..."
  16. IC: Teclorus The gunmetal grey matoran scanned the area, and it seemed like everyone was in an appropriate shelter. Teclorus met the fuse to the match and tossed the bomb. He then tears the nearest door off of it's hinges and shields himself with it. The morning star shaped explosive flies up until it reaches about 5 feet above most rooftops, plummets three or so feet, and pops. The initial blast is strong enough to throw many Kavinika off their feet, but that's not the end of it. Small black particles fly everywhere, tearing through thin armor, exposed organic muscle, and hitting the surrounding walls and roofs with a sound similar to machine gun fire(except everywhere at once). Kavinika in the area that are directly in the blast radius are either dead from the blast or cuts in unlucky places or in extreme pain. OOC: You guys may have gotten tiny black splinters even if you are in shelter, so factor that in. Probably, Zox.
  17. IC: Teclorus The Fe-Matoran took a moment to acknowledge the scratching sound coming from the dip in the roof, then nodded to Tekro and Zinyn. "I really suggest you get under something then!" He dashes out of the shelter and lights a match.
  18. IC: Teclorus "Does everyone have something to hide behind? I may be able to 'clear out' a few of these wolves!" Teclorus screamed from his makeshift shelter, pulling out a metal ball. he pressed a latch on it and multiple spikes along with a fuse sprung out of tiny holes in it.
  19. IC: Teclorus Hearing the Su-Matoran's shout, Teclorus bats away the charging Kavinika with the (now terribly deformed and stretched out) tooth and jumps through the nearest window. (the beast is hardly fazed, but it is knocked back a few feet, giving me a "window of time" to run for cover.) OOC: Otter, that was initially the idea, but things sped up before I could reply.
  20. IC: Teclorus After finishing his original target, he removed the tooth from the dead Kavinika's forehead and dove towards his next foe, stabbing it under the scruff of the neck. "I don't know, but they certainly aren't letting us get to the civilians!"
  21. I assume Novvah and Odrek aren't too far from us, seeing as they just left the inn. They are probably in the same neighborhood. Sorry for the entirely OOC post, just thought I needed to address some things. Otter, please don't kill me...
  22. IC: Teclorus Strange, I don't remember seeing Kavinika this big before! All the wolves that we've run into on our hunting mission have been smaller, and never gave us trouble. What's disturbing is that this is like a designated attack force! And then Teclorus realizes that he's zoning out. "Most of us need to stay together unless you see anyone about to be slain. Toa of ice, I suggest you get your favored distance." Just then, Teclorus is tackled by one of the wolves. With little time to react, He grabs the Kavinika's metallic tooth with his claw and starts forcing his little elemental energy into it... The tooth twists violently, then comes off into Teclorus' hand! His assailant yelps and staggers back in pain, and Teclorus jumps up and forces the tooth straight through the wolf's proto-metal plated skull. The Fe-Matoran staggered back, wanting to collapse, but the worst was still to come. OOC: Just thought I'd let anyone who hasn't caught on that when my text is italicized, it means I'm thinking. You guys wouldn't actually hear that.
  23. IC: Teclorus Teclorus looks back to make sure Tekros wasn't lost in the crowd. To his surprise, he finds a toa of ice trailing him! "Oh! Tagging along? From the sounds of it, we're going to need all the help we can find!"
  24. IC: Teclorus The Metallic grey matoran grinned and squinted slightly. "Remember, don't put yourself in a situation you can't get out of. Only protect people, you don't need to go charging into a hoard of Kavinika unless it's absolutely necessary. Also, be wary of Frostelus and don't attack one unless you have backup. I've learned the hard way about digging your own grave(figuratively speaking)." *He taps the scar over his eye* "Now let's get going. Hopefully we can group up with a team of Toa or Skakdi."
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