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    IMO, the first 5 years of Bionicle were the best. 2006 was also pretty good. After that, the line just went downhill. Ah, nostalgia, nostalgia, and more nostalgia. I'm very nostalgic. :P

    I play a lot of games. Favorites have to be the Sonic games and a few modern ones, and a lot more.

    School's fine, but sometimes I don't like it. Sole reason: I get in trouble when others also do the same thing in class.

    Homework. It causes global warming and I can prove it.

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  1. Tahu x Onua for life. Onua's delivery and Gali's "I'LL FLUSH IT AWAY" were kinda awkward, but aside from that it was an amusing episode. Really quick, could've and probably should've been drawn out over 2 episodes. The Toa didn't even use their elemental powers, especially since 2-3 episodes ago they were shown being augmented by the Golden Masks, which would probably have made for a more epic fight. I think the LoSS is gonna strike again later on regardless. ur 2 slo kekpaka And what will become of Tahu's Flame Swords? Over the edge into nothingness? D:
  2. YUSSSSSS I wonder if we'll be getting movies too at some date in the future.
  3. And Lego did smile upon its fanbase, and they did see their Lord's satisfaction. And Lego summoned the power of the Great Beings, and Bionicle was brought back to life. Let's see what direction this goes.
  4. This is life. We lose stuff. While I do agree the staff needs to be more punctual in backing the data up at regular intervals, it's not going to kill you. Unless it is. In which case you should probably prepare your funeral. And honestly, just get over it. RPG lost the most out of all of us and to my knowledge they're taking this in stride better than any of the other forums are. To all you who put sensitive documents such as epics or stories on BZP alone, my condolences. Let this be a lesson to back your stuff up elsewhere. This is what can wreck even companies: a lack of care and backups. You'd think after a history of data losses, people would be more careful about making BZP the only place they store their documents. As many backups as you can, people. And don't even bring up trying to shut down the hacker. Even if you get him (EXTREMELY unlikely, in fact I'd say nigh impossible), there's a million more who can target this and shut BZP down harder than he/she ever could. Those are just my 2 cents. Don't let the hacker smack you around like this. Man up and take life as it goes. Losing 2 month's worth of stuff isn't the end of the world. Unless if it is. In which case you should probably prepare your funeral.
  5. So I escaped being hanged? I guess that's good. I'm honestly confused. So the Barraki are defeated because Pridak was killed, which leaves the Dark Hunters and the Pyro?
  6. Welp, ToaKapura can't make the match. Cancel it. And better really early than a few minutes before Surge and Skrall up for matches.
  7. ToaKapura1234 and I have agreed to a match: Surge vs Matoro, Storm Sector, 1500W each. Also, I'd like to enter Surge into the tourney. Good luck!
  8. Happy birthday 55555/John/whateverothernameyougoby! Have a good one!
  9. Name: SonicBOOM XS Theme: Art to Fiction Word Count: 601 Story: Hunt I'm running. Harder than I ever have, and hopefully harder than I ever will. The human body really is amazing, isn't it? When it comes to impressing girls, it'll lock up and prevent you from moving even a few steps. But when it's a matter of life and death, suddenly you become your own little Superman. You run faster, jump higher. Sadly, though, there usually aren't any girls to impress in these moments. Like right now. I'm running, but I'm all alone. Or rather, without companions. Because try as I might, I won't be alone, not until I leave this jungle. My hunter's still stalking me, playing this real life version of The Most Dangerous Game. He's Zaroff, I'm Rainsford. He's got the advantage, I have nothing but my own wits. And a human body. “Oh, Mr. Lancaster? Dear Mr. Lancaster, where are you?” At least he doesn't have his hounds. I've never been very athletic, so really, the above comparison wasn't too accurate. I've never hunted, let alone been hunted. I have no clue about how to make traps, how to obtain food, and so on. I don't stand a chance. This won't end with me sleeping in the best bed I've ever slept in, unless one counts a crude grave as “the best bed one can ever sleep in.” I run deeper into the jungle. It's dark, all of the Sun's light being blocked off by the canopy above. I can barely see. All I can make out are the tree trunks ahead. My body's losing power. Even Superman goes down after a while. Getting tired. Can't run. Need...to..slow down. I collapse. It's over, I can't go on. My captor has me. Except he doesn't. I hear no sound. But I do notice something. A glint of light up ahead. Could it be him with a flashlight? I wait, lowering the sound of my breathing as I do so. My chest hurts, my lungs feel punctured. But this is life or death, and I can't lose. The light doesn't move. It's a set source. Could it be salvation? It's either try or die in this situation. I vote try. After five minutes, I pick myself up and walk towards the light into a lush, green meadow. The trees decided to let light shine through in this area, and for the better. The circular area is skirted by beautiful trees, their leaves turning the light into a dazzling lightning green. There's the outlying darkness, but it contrasts so well with the green that it adds to the picture. And in the middle of it all is something beautiful: a large plant, red and laced with white flowers. It beckons to me. It calls to me. Come, rest, take a break. He'll never find you here. You deserve this. My body's too tired to let my resolve control it. Without any hint of doubt, I walk over and plop down into the plant's cushiony, sofa-y middle. Then it begins. The petals rise up and trap me inside. I struggle to get out, but to no avail; I'm trapped. Stuck. Liquid starts rising, smelling terrible. Some form of digestive juice. Years of science have taught me that. But they didn't teach me to watch out for suspiciously placed plants. “Oh, Mr. Lancaster. I expected better of a highly regarded scientist. You almost gave me a good hunt. Almost. Alas, it's sad it ended this way. Good bye.” I'll never sleep in the best of beds. Unless if a plant's belly is the best of beds. Granted, it is pretty soft.
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