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  1. Up to you, honestly. Personally, I can't imagine the fanmade LU requiring the original disk (especially since I had downloaded LU rather than purchase the disk). It might be a cool memento to keep--might even be worth a pretty penny in the future.
  2. As far as I've heard, Bionicle is not coming back. As for the style itself, it seems as though it's only being continued with the Star Wars line.
  3. I'm just glad that Lego has decided to finally let it die; Bionicle ended in 2010.
  4. I pretty much loved all of the villain designs, from the minifigs all the way to the sets, but the only Knight sets that I cared for was the Fortrex and the castle; everything else was pretty mediocre. (I also really like the Knights minifigs, just for an FYI)
  5. Honestly, it would be really neat to see the Bionicle system sets come back, especially after seeing Ninjago introducing the new mask theme for Sons of Garmadon.
  6. This is news to me, and I was into everything Bionicle related back in the day. I imagine that this gameplay would have excited me back then, but it's pretty average to see right now. It really makes you wonder if another Bionicle game would be feasible.
  7. Vezon and Brutaka are probably the only anti-heroes mentioned in OP's post. Unfortunately, I can't recall if there were really any other anti-heroes in Bionicle. Maybe Vakama at one point?
  8. The Skull Mask or Ekimu's Mask of Creation.
  9. - Anything to do with Metru-Nui during Teridax's stint as Dume. - Anything Karzhani. - The Piraka's occupation of Voya-Nui. All of it. - The imprisoned Great Being. - Any and all things on Mata-Nui (Island).
  10. There is absolutely no correlation between either franchise. That's about as nice as I can put it.
  11. The Preeminent is some good ol' fashioned Lovecraftian horror. Gotta love it.
  12. Why bring it back? The story has been told, and the magic that made Bionicle special has long since vanished. Nothing that Lego can do will bring it back. Do not disturb the dead, nor tarnish its memory; dust to dust, amen.
  13. So, what are we at now? Five online Lego games that have been canceled much too early in their lifespan? I can't say I cared for the past four, but it seems to be some type of trend for Lego. Why can't they keep these things running? Are they really not making that much in sales?
  14. It's because he's a squirrel. Once you've seen it, you'll never unsee it...
  15. The Phantoka, Mistika, and Stars were all major letdowns for me.
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