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  1. To everyone who cares enough to actually read my comments, fankyu. ;o; I'm still alive. v.v Don't worry. xD I just had to sort out some things and whatnot.

  2. Omg... I forgot what you said... BRB DDDX

  3. Daaaang. Dx That sounded painful. Are you still healing though, or what? D: I guess you could give me a link. lol I've been off for a long time now. O-o I should start working on chapter six again...

  4. The Beginning of Chapter Six is UP! ^^

  5. That's good to hear. ^^ I haven't been on a run in agggges. @-@ But meh. And anyways, how was your day? ^^ And also, I was talking about the chat part. o-o Like... I think where the shoutbox used to be. I dun remember. Dx!

  6. The only reason I don't go there is because it's usually empty... or under construction... and I'm like.. "Murr?" ;___; So yeah. How was your day?

  7. Dang. Where did Brass go by the way? And YIM..? o.o I wish we could go back to when everything was normal and such. I missed those days. But still, it'd be nice if we could get the old gang back together.

  8. Yesh. I know, right? xD They're so annoying. e.e But anyways... I just remembered, what did I miss? O.o Like, we used to hang out at that one place that Lev had... whatever happened to our group? @_@

  9. Oh... it does. e.e BUT! The medicine is working. :D So I'm getting better. It doesn't hurt to breathe in anymore... well mostly. And ew. Dx I hate that. Like.. it's just gross. D

  10. Uhhh... no. o.o'' xD I just got the pains and was also coughing up mucus. e.e So it was not a pretty sight... but anyways, I think my Doctor caught a case of Bronchitis before I could actually get really sick. So I should be better real soon. o3o

  11. Aw. That bites. But at least you're getting better. I've just gotten sick, and it's... just plain horrible. Dx My throat and my bronchial tubes hurt. I went to the doctor already though, so I'm gonna get better.

  12. Oh wow. xDDD Well, that's amazing!!! ^^ I'm glad you did so well. You must be good at running. o3o Lol So how was your day?

  13. That's great to hear. ^_^ Oh? How was the play for you? o3o And just like edit some things. I took care of it though. :D

  14. That's sweet. o.o What's Track like for ya?

  15. Is it just me... or am I the only one who wishes you could do a barrel roll in real life? @.@

  16. Yessssssssssssssss. It has. e.e :DDD How're you??? o3o

  17. Mhmm. So yeah. xD Been pretty good.

  18. It is. Except when I'm about to make the most epic kill of all time... and then someone knifed me in the face. ._. I was like DDDD


  20. xD Yeah... I got Bad Company 2 in the most recent news btw. I finished the game and now I finally figured out how to get online with it, so yeah. I've been playing online with it ALOT. xD

  21. I'm good. Finally updated my sig. So yeah. lol

  22. I knooooow. e-e I'm so so so so so so soooo sorry. Dx But I'll be trying to get on every now and then. ^_^ I promise. :D So how've things been going for ya?

  23. Duuuuuude. Wazzaaaap. Lol Hey Allen. Long time no talk, how're things going? I remember like... way back a year or so you said you were gonna restart that Bleach RPG. Did that like ever work out? xDD

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