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  1. Lol, oh my gosh, these comics are actually really great. I love the real backgrounds, and the questions/statements at the bottom definitely add to it. I have to admit on breaking out in laughter at a couple of these, especially the wedding video one. Good stuff. Keep up the good work!-CL38
  2. New Comic is up! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!-CL38
  3. Vahi! Long time no see. I purposely try to make them with a Dark709 or Toatapio feel, the comics I was inspired by. Thanks for stopping by!By the way, Comic 6 released!-CL38
  4. Thanks for your responses guys! I actually have several comics done and ready to be released, but I'm waiting so I can release them at a steady rate. Feels good to be back -CL38
  5. I like 'em! It'd be interesting if you invaded another dimension, or if another invaded yours! Just a thought. Keep up the good work!-CL38
  6. Welcome, one and all, to my comics! I had been running these for awhile on other sites, but to celebrate my return to BZP I have re-started them and decided to post them here! Character Sheet! And now, the comics themselves: Comic 1: Introduction Christmas Special 2010! Comic 2: Here come the PGSes Comic 3: Call of Duty and Panel Madness! Comic 4: Comic Crossovers Comic 5: Skyrim Comic 6: Attack of the Guest Stars, Part 1 (featuring Mersery, Shardak, Blast and Heehvan) Christmas Special 2011! Now, concerning Guest Stars. I won't be accepting any new PGSes anytime soon, but I do accept normal Guest Stars! I will accept up to 4 Guest Stars at a time, so check the list below to see if there is an opening! Guest Star Waiting List 1. Open 2. Open 3. Open 4. Open If you or a character of yours wants to Guest Star, please just PM me. Just explain what your character looks like (you don't even need to give me a spritesheet!) and a small personality explanation or something. Credits -Dark709 for the Chimoru Omega sprite kit -Various spriters for random masks and accessories -Dark709 for the eyeballs and expressions (yes I got permission) -All my Wikimetru friends for support -Toatapio Nuva for inspiration -CL38
  7. I have to say, your my idol and my inspiration for many things including, Comic-making, aniamtion, movie-making, and game making. You are a truly awesome dude.

  8. Welcome to BZP man, I love your name. If you need anything animation or sprite wise, feel free to PM me

  9. You closed your kit topic? Why?

  10. lol just kidding, you don't have answer my noob-ish question below XD

  11. ....So your 99 years old?

  12. Wait, the Beatles are one of your pet peeves??? :(

  13. Sorry guys, can't play FoC right now, my Dad is busy "blowing up" my computer, so it will be faster. If you REALLY want to know, PM me.

  14. Lol love the name, and happy birthday BTW

  15. You said if we want to, we can leave a comment saying can we PLEASE have the '09 kit? I won't use it till u say we can.

  16. I love your comics

  17. Welcome to BZP! If you need anything, feel free to PM me.

  18. Omg! One of the gods of kit-making, has actaully posted in my Razor topic! *faints*

  19. I'm bored so,

    ROCK ON!!!!!


  20. Welcome to BZP,if you need anything, leave a comment in my profile or PM me once you get 10 posts.

  21. Welcome to BZP, its wierd how your interests match most of mine (well, they're not on my page). Cya 'round.

  22. The Passenger Pigeon used in WW2 is now extinct. Go look on Wikipedia.
  23. Uhhhh, who cares?


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