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  1. I have to say, your my idol and my inspiration for many things including, Comic-making, aniamtion, movie-making, and game making. You are a truly awesome dude.

  2. Welcome to BZP man, I love your name. If you need anything animation or sprite wise, feel free to PM me

  3. You closed your kit topic? Why?

  4. lol just kidding, you don't have answer my noob-ish question below XD

  5. ....So your 99 years old?

  6. Wait, the Beatles are one of your pet peeves??? :(

  7. Sorry guys, can't play FoC right now, my Dad is busy "blowing up" my computer, so it will be faster. If you REALLY want to know, PM me.

  8. Lol love the name, and happy birthday BTW

  9. You said if we want to, we can leave a comment saying can we PLEASE have the '09 kit? I won't use it till u say we can.

  10. I love your comics

  11. Welcome to BZP! If you need anything, feel free to PM me.

  12. Omg! One of the gods of kit-making, has actaully posted in my Razor topic! *faints*

  13. I'm bored so,

    ROCK ON!!!!!


  14. Welcome to BZP,if you need anything, leave a comment in my profile or PM me once you get 10 posts.

  15. Welcome to BZP, its wierd how your interests match most of mine (well, they're not on my page). Cya 'round.

  16. Uhhhh, who cares?


  17. Oracle, you're a premier member and you have like 9 posts, super congrats!

    From your ol pal Lihkan38

  18. Hey, welcome to BZP! I just started too, but it was like a week ago.

  19. Your 5 years old? Wow, and I thought I was one of the younger members here.....

  20. Your game is awesome! wat program did you use?

  21. You don't have to respond, but I am a newbie to comic making. I was wondering, would you give me permission to use the backrounds for co-authors on your Nuparurock's Comics topic? I might use them for Season 2 of my comics once my movie is finished.

    I had to tell you this way because BZP won't let me send messages.

  22. Congrats on hundreth post! The moderators apparently take a while to look the posts over, So I only have like 1 or 2 posts right now :-(

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