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  1. Lol, oh my gosh, these comics are actually really great. I love the real backgrounds, and the questions/statements at the bottom definitely add to it. I have to admit on breaking out in laughter at a couple of these, especially the wedding video one. Good stuff. Keep up the good work!-CL38

  2. Hey, Crazy-Lihkan. I've been wondering if I'd ever hear from you again. (btw, this is Vahi... you may or may not have been able to tell)Well this is a good start. It reminds me a lot of Dark709's Version 4.0. Specifically the backgrounds... Not that it's a bad thing, seeing as I modeled basically my first three seasons off of Dark709's. :PThe part in the intro where he blows up the calendar was really funny.

    Vahi! Long time no see. I purposely try to make them with a Dark709 or Toatapio feel, the comics I was inspired by. Thanks for stopping by!By the way, Comic 6 released!-CL38

  3. Welcome, one and all, to my comics!

    I had been running these for awhile on other sites, but to celebrate my return to BZP I have re-started them and decided to post them here!

    And now, the comics themselves:

    Now, concerning Guest Stars. I won't be accepting any new PGSes anytime soon, but I do accept normal Guest Stars! I will accept up to 4 Guest Stars at a time, so check the list below to see if there is an opening!

    Guest Star Waiting List

    1. Open

    2. Open

    3. Open

    4. Open

    If you or a character of yours wants to Guest Star, please just PM me. Just explain what your character looks like (you don't even need to give me a spritesheet!) and a small personality explanation or something.


    -Dark709 for the Chimoru Omega sprite kit

    -Various spriters for random masks and accessories

    -Dark709 for the eyeballs and expressions (yes I got permission)

    -All my Wikimetru friends for support

    -Toatapio Nuva for inspiration


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