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    Good to hear you have it fixed! B) A wipe and reinstall may be the quickest way of clearing bad infections, but it often means a lot of pain reinstalling and tweaking all your favorite programs. VOTE: FIREFOX FTW!
  2. Here are a few articles might be prove to be of some help. They also have forums there known for their helpful members. Your comment on web browsers left me worried about something though. You do realize that SOME version of Internet Explorer is installed with every installation of Windows? Whether it be IE 6 with XP (yech, how old is that version?!) or IE 8 with Windows 7 (I my new Win 7 laptop!), you will have a web browser. Two questions though. Do you use Internet Explorer as your web browser? And did you have ANY anti-virus installed in the first place beside Malwarebytes? First, DON'T USE INTERNET EXPLORER. Once you've done your fresh install, use it once and download a different, better, safer web browser. Try Mozilla's Firefox or Google's Chrome. Kudos on the Malwarebytes usage, but it's not the end all solution in prevention. AVOID NORTON AND MCAFEE! They're worthless pieces of junk, and there is no reason anyone should be paying for computer security. Free versions of good AV software exist. I'm an Avast guy myself, but AVG is another good one. Both you and Nikira might like this little browser extension. WOT (Web of Trust! Not Wheel of Time, you fantasy addicts! ) is a great site and has an extension for both Firefox and Chrome. It doesn't exactly prevent those quiet hit-and-run downloads like Nikira experienced, but it'll help immensely in staying away from sites that often have them. Go to their site, and they'll provide you the right download link for whatever web browser you are using. Reinstalling Windows? Most computers come with Windows reinstallation discs. So if you remember getting a small set of discs when you bought that computer, go fetch them. If you need any more help, shoot me a PM! I'm a computer geek with a soft spot for helping others out with their computers.
  3. First, you drew a superb and stunning picture. Secondly, the picture was of Zaktan, one of the best villains in Bionicle. And lastly, you tied in a reference to one of the best Skillet songs ever. The sheer awesomeness of it all blew my brain for the day.
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    Kopaka. That's the only one I care for. I need to see the Kopaka one, or no business for you. B) Laminate, perhaps, for protection?
  5. "The very definition of reality, and consequently life itself, is approximately equal to the value of the epitome of infinity. Now do the math."
  6. A quote from a song called "Hey Now" by tobyMac. I love this particular little part of the lyrics.
  7. Ach, no. It's called CLEP. Oh, yes, you did just start that sophomore year. Before you know it, you'll be a senior and in charge of the Freshmen Pranking Clu-err, Welcome Committee! And really......first you're sick, now you're in brace. Are you trying to get out of something?
  8. Nikira, you're still a freshman? Cause I'm 18....and I'm 6 credits away from Junior in college. And I started college in October.....last year. You are granted permission to be jealous.
  9. Well...at least there are some good Bionicle games outside the RTS genre...if you have heard of Tronec's project, then I guess you have heard of The Insurgent by Biotech....

  10. *sigh* guess we are stuck with AoE style RTS game.

    Tronec is making one of those.....it looks pretty cool

  11. Yeah, the models would be the really killer point....each Bionicle character in the game would require some really detailed, high-poly models to sufficiently present them. Having everything as a high poly model would kill the Moderator and the player's computer.

  12. I so agree with what Omi said. There is a distinct and important difference and reason between keeping true to the original source material and changing something due to the difference in media.
  13. the vets and older guys will denounce it as childish when they figure out that Bionicle is from Lego....that's what I figure

  14. I've thought of doing one myself...but honestly, I doubt there would be much support...you might get some support from a bunch of the younger crowd.....but when it comes to the veterans and anyone 16-20 years old, I doubt it.

  15. DUDE! You're on here too. That's too freaky awesome....lol.

    You're a Christian too and homeschooled. We have a lot in common...man, this is awesome! *adds as friend*

  16. *raises hand* May I join your fan club now, Niki?
  17. Jeth Calark

    Saya's Metru!

    *in shock from its awesomeness*
  18. good luck! there is a faster way through all this.....
  19. Jeth Calark

    Money Misery

    I have a concept that will save you tons of money and time. It's called credit-by-examination. PM me if you're interested, and I can give you the whole details. B) (there's a lot of info to cover, so I'll only go through it if you're interested.) And I know what I'm talking about. I'll be doing my entire bachelor's degree with credit-by-exam and will be done with it within two years. I will pay somewhere between 10k-15k for the entire degree. Not just one year, the entire degree. Furthermore, that money is spread out throughout the entire period of schooling. It's only a little bit as you go.
  20. Spring Break? nonexistant in my case.
  21. Nah, I think the real reason he doesn't like cosmetics is because he's a MALE. It offends him to be near that junk.
  22. Jeth Calark


    Harrison Ford is awesome. Period. B)
  23. I like how you made the shirt bunch up where you were holding him. All in all, that's hilarious!
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