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  1. IC: Long Dihunai [Ga-Koro, Docks, Yukanna] The Tajaar warrior was standing alert in the corner opposite the bench Yumi had been stationed, motionlessly keeping the entire corridor within her sight as Zafin roused the Rora from her shock. "Intrusion aboard the Ryuu. Your navy will handle it, that is their job," Dihunai stated, terse as ever. It was all true, even if she knew that wasn't the news nor the level of detail that the empress wanted to hear. Dihunai could tell that Yumiwa's fight or flight instinct had assumed control, and she saw the painful urge to process everything that was overloading the Rora's senses. Yumiwa wanted to be in control, to know everything that was going on, but that was at the cost of her own awareness and usefulness. Perhaps distracting or unsettling the Rora was the goal of this unknown group, after all. Dihunai's detached perspective let her see the Empire's systems working independently, and how they could at times interfere with one another. Such as when the Rora wanted tactical awareness that only the Commodore needed in these opening moments of uncertainty. "Right now, your job is to keep breathing, and be steady so you can be strong when it is needed."
  2. IC: Kreigero [Ko-Wahi, Echelon's Lair] "He's rrright," Kreigero blurted. She looked over her shoulder, taking Savrehn's hand into her own and lifting it off of her shoulder. Her deadlocked optics blazed with an azure flame as she squeezed tightly as if her very ability to stand depended on his balance. "I-I-I-I... need rrrrest. Can't. Ccclimb." Kreigero's other hand shakily reached underneath her cloak to unsheathe a Matoran sized dagger. She swiped at the rope around her waist with vigor, slicing the protective measure away. The strand of rope connecting her to Atamai unceremoniously dropped to the ground. "He needs to get back in time for the ccccontract. I'll only slow you down. I'll catch uppp with you once I've h-h-healed." Reyal continued to stand firm and still in front of his owner as he had from the start.
  3. IC: Nichou [Ihu-Koro, Snowcap Inn] "Indeed," Nichou agreed with Sigrus. "Destiny is the final virtue, but its importance is often overstated." The Onu-Matoran turned back to Ranok, following up on his earlier statement so as to not sadden the storyteller expectantly. "Being remembered at all is more than anyone could ask for." He paused for a drink. "May his life be a lesson in all of the three virtues to us all, but trust me, it's not worth dwelling on. What happened happened. We can only change the future."
  4. IC: Nichou [Ihu-Koro, Snowcap Inn] "The costs, indeed..." Nichou said, staring into his own glass for a few moments. "I'm... surprised that you wove Aurax into that... he isn't in the other songs I've heard..." "He was a good Matoran. He would have liked to be remembered in that way. He and Lepidran didn't become Toa, but Makuta's defeat is their victory as much as it is the Maru's; everyone played their part." The weary traveler took a contemplative sip of his beverage. "Maybe there's your answer, what Destiny means," Nichou mused. Yeah. The meaning of life. That will raise the mood from talking about dead friends.
  5. IC: Nichou [Ihu-Koro, Snowcap Inn] "Nichou," the impressed carpenter answered as he shook the musician's hand. "A pleasure meeting you as well, Ranok." "You really did your research, didn't you?"
  6. IC: Nichou [Ihu-Koro, Snowcap Inn] The Onu-Matoran looked up from his stew, thought for a moment, then answered. "Know any songs about Makuta's fall?" It was only after he ended his sentence that Nichou realized that it felt like a strange request to hear out loud, because had heard such a tale in rhyme once before... but it was not sung, nor was it history yet, at the time. IC: Vrill [Ko-Koro, Wise Man's Archive] Vrill didn't need Muirtagh's help to know that Priicu wasn't lying. He didn't even need his own skills at reading people, or his Kanohi's enhancement of those tells. The Cy-Toa could have been blind and known that the librarian was telling him the truth, because no one could make up something that absurd. A coincidence like that did not just happen. Something was wrong, and while Vrill didn't show it, the agent was immediately on high alert. The black operative turned his head towards his partner for a momentary glance. In a rare reprieve from his secretive nature, the Cy-Toa's golden optics spoke volumes. He turned back to Priicu, body language showing confusion, but a different kind to the alert, on-edge confusion that Fenn knew he was actually experiencing internally. "What?"
  7. IC: Vrill [Ko-Koro, Streets] "Glad we agree," Vrill stated after Fenn recited the laundry list of reasons to not get near the Sanctum. He was also considering the options, and there were few standouts. "There is one... 'informant' in this town who might have a more recent picture of what's been happening - and he's probably expecting me to drop by, so I should at least keep up appearances." The Wise Man's Archive was several blocks away, but Vrill knew the streets of his city by heart, and after many shortcuts and undoubtedly many more curses at the weather from under Fenn's breath, the duo had reached the library. It was much more hospitable than the slum-like ruins they had just toured near the Glacierpool. Vrill wasn't known for being sentimental, yet it greatly saddened him that a beacon of civilized society and knowledge was just a few minutes walk from what still looked like a warzone. "You're my boss this time, again," the black-armored Cy-Toa said as the building was in sight. "He knows me as Syzygos, and he just hired me as a part time contract gig. He'll want me to do some work, but you might be able to find something useful in the meantime." The two Toa strolled into the library, finally out of reach of the harsh Ko-Wahi winds. Underneath the layer of blackened crystal that formed the shape of an Arthron, Vrill's true Kanohi glowed for a brief moment as he took in the scene in slow motion. Vrill was surprised to see a caped Toa inside. The fact that Vrill didn't recognize this particular Ko-Toa was as much a good thing as it was bad. Nevertheless, it appeared that he and Priicu were mid conversation, so Vrill only gave the Ko-Matoran a silent nod. Very much a Ko-Koronan greeting. OOC: @ARROW404 look who's baaaaack.
  8. IC: Vrill [Ko-Koro, Streets] "Besides the ground zero of #####y liquor?" The Cy-Toa opined. He shrugged casually, seemingly oblivious to the quaking of his partner. "Sanctum might know if he's in town. If you want to start off there." IC: Kreigero [Ko-Wahi, Echelon's Lair] The huntress felt like she got the answer she expected - none whatsoever. Perhaps the Matoran had seen reason. Given the delightful smile smeared across his earlier behavior, she doubted it. The Vo-Matoran really wanted to know why they were out here, and while this bluff may have stopped him from having his lap dog kill them immediately, there was still a massive problem. Kreigero's plan hinged upon being unable to be killed before the creeps found out why they were here, but it only delayed the outcome of a decision the hermits had already made when they opened that door. If they had decided to kill her, they would now want to kidnap and interrogate her first. While the Toa had been silent for most of their meeting thus far, it felt otherworldly even to the Ko-Matoran. She wondered if this is how other Matoran mistakenly thought Ko-Matoran acted. The trapper was surprised when the Toa dangled an offer of supplies, but she knew that his footprints were the most valuable thing either of the two strangers would ever give her. Why didn't she run down the trail when they found this unreal place? Aside from her shiver, Kreigero stood still, suspicious of this turn of events. A drop of blood fell onto her shoulder. The red scarf wrapped around her head had a gradient of crimson. She just had to stay awake. Stay awake. A W A K E. Kreigero wanted to stay silent but she couldn't let Atamai bungle this one. Keep the focus on their offer, not their demands. Don't agree to unknown terms. Stay. Awake. "What sup-p-plies?"
  9. OOC: Time to get this show on the road. IC: Nichou [The Massif] (Many weeks prior) The only thing Nichou found more beautiful about the surface than sunset was sunrise. The carpenter had seen the same amber-pink glow rushing through the clouds to greet him for far too many mornings to count by now, but he always woke up early to greet it. His routine in the Massif had become just that - routine, and eventually that curious spark within his heartlight began to feel a longing for adventure again. Cultivating that inspiration was what Toa Brykon had helped him realize a few days prior, and Nichou showing it to Stannis the day after had brought his friend such visible joy. In breaking free from his routine, Nichou's future had become uncertain once again. In the past, this would have brought fear, and Nichou would have sought out others that he could follow, for surely he could not survive the harsh unknown. But in the present? Nichou was eerily calm. He saw the uncertainty not as an abyss of danger but an endless ocean of life. The unknown future wasn't a danger that heroes would push back for glory, but a fertile land waiting to be embraced by those willing to seek out and cultivate their future. So it was that Nichou watched the sun rise on the outskirts of the Massif for the last time that he knew with any certainty. He was not sad, but excited. Mata Nui's lands were so beautiful, and he had spent far too long watching the sun rise on just one of its many hills. He was ecstatic for the different places he would be seeing again, even if his next stop was not going to be pretty. Stannis had returned with a wounded Brykon the night prior. Whatever had happened, Nichou was glad both Toa were safe, and he trusted that all was well. The Onu-Matoran chuckled to himself. All that time trying to catch up to Stannis, he hadn't been quite sure what he was looking for. It lead Nichou to journeys of his own, journeys that lacked destinations and goals - goals with any definition beyond striving for a feeling he couldn't define. It took his time in the solitude of the Massif to see that what he had feared he would never find was his own worth. That was something that Nichou could never have been given, for only he could discover it for himself. Now that Nichou knew himself better than ever, he was ready to venture forth once more, and apply his skills for the betterment of Mata Nui. The zen carpenter took another deep gasp of the crisp alpine air and thought of what he would do that day. He would say farewell to both Toa, and then begin his march with Sigrus to Ko-Koro. The frozen city needed to be rebuilt. ~~~ Nichou sipped warm tea from a mug he had chiseled himself long ago. He was entirely bundled up as if he was walking the frozen streets, but he had yet to leave for work. He looked out the window at the rising sun, letting its radiance warm him up slightly. His apartment was chilly - almost a freezer in and of itself. It was strange given that the original owner wasn't even a Ko-Matoran. Nichou had taken the place for himself during his work on the ongoing repairs of the city - having heard this was the residence of one of the city's greatest architects, he sought out the High Vizier's home, but it was abandoned. Unfortunately, the statesman had been murdered by evildoers, a harsh reminder that those who worshiped Makuta reveled in the thought of destroying a harmless man who had created so much. The Matoran were builders, and by that metric, Ambages was quite the Matoran. However, the De-Matoran's spartan apartment was too large and empty for Nichou's taste. It had once housed large galleries of sculptures and artworks, but during the occupation any luxuries had been defiled or stolen. Somehow, most of the architectural manuals and blueprints survived - while the place had been thoroughly ransacked (probably due to this being a rather rich Matoran's home) the true wealth of the place, it's knowledge, had been hardly tampered with. Perhaps blueprints weren't the best kindling. Nichou took another sip, thinking of how best to tackle his next project. The city had grown so much in the past few weeks, and while districts still had battle scars, the scabs of crude, makeshift construction were beginning to diminish. While Nichou could have easily stayed in construction for a long time, he knew that soon, Ko-Koro would not need his help. He just hadn't expected that day to be this soon, or to unfold in the way that it did. Nichou could feel the buzz in the city that morning. Sigrus soon arrived with a copy of the Mata Nui Daily. The entire Dasakan fleet was approaching in dire need of aid. There was no question what the two would need to do next. ~~~ Nichou was not a fan of navigation. In Onu-Koro, routes were rather explicit: either there was a tunnel, or a wall. Routes were direct, for Onu-Koronans shaped the world instead of letting the land's will beat them. On the surface, however, there was not this patience. Direct routes were few and far between. Many of the most direct seemed to be the most dangerous and least travelled - although which caused the other was up to debate. Luckily, Sigrus never lost his way. In fact, the former navigator new a wonderful route to get to Ga-Koro quickly. There was only one obstacle between Ko-Koro and Ga-Koro: Mount Ihu. While travelling through Ihu-Koro required navigating further up the mountain's slopes, there was a gap that allowed passage to the Hura Mafa River, which flowed directly into Naho bay. The path up the mountain would be harsh, but in the end, it would be the quickest way for Nichou to reach Ga-Koro in time for Dasakan landfall. It was too difficult of a passage to effectively send materials and tooling in bulk through, but Nichou arranged for a trader to send some to Ga-Koro through other means. He didn't know Ramaka well, but he had little doubt in the Le-Matoran's willingness to help with the cause. Mata Nui willing, the Dasaka would not go without refuge. As Nichou and Sigrus walked into Ihu-Koro's tavern, the Onu-Matoran was glad that this was the sign of the halfway point in his trip to Ga-Koro. The travelers ate a warm meal, not knowing that one of the inn's frequent guests would follow them for the second leg of their journey... OOC: @Mel took long enough, but Nichou's finally in the present. Introduce Ranok however you like.
  10. OOC: Vrill & Muir from Po-Wahi IC: Vrill [Ko-Koro] The roads to Ko-Koro were second nature to Vrill. Their journey through the Onu-Koronan highways was as uneventful as it was lengthy. The pair were interrogators, not conversationalists, so not much was said aside from Vrill ensuring that Fenn knew the truth he had divulged earlier was of the utmost secrecy. None could know that the Akiri was the prime suspect. By the time they had entered Onu-Koro, Vrill's crystalline armor had darkened to a smoggy obsidian. When the duo emerged from the tunnels and into the bright fields of snow, the desaturated Cy-Toa reconjured his orange tinted lenses. Heatstones grown within his armor kept Vrill warm beneath his light grey cloak. It was thinner than Muirtagh's long black coat, but it served just as well in breaking the blistering winds. Both Toa were covered in a light layer of the Wahi's signature white powder by the time they reached the gates - luckily this was only the outer edge of a larger snowstorm. For all intents and purposes, completely unremarkable weather in the eyes of natives. The duo passed through the gates without incident, and once within the walls, Vrill strode along the streets with a relaxed confidence, leading Muirtagh off the beaten path and along the cramped alleyways of the Solstice District. In some places, it looked as if Echelon still had the city in his grip - each building had seen much better days. Why was Vrill headed here? He knew that if Reordin was in town, there was only one place he'd be: the ruins of the Glaci- Vrill looked into the condemned building through one of the many unintended windows that were the reason of it's abandonment after the battle of Ko-Koro. He turned back to Muirtagh, with a nonchalant annoyance across his face. "Reo's usually here..."
  11. IC: Vrill [Po-Koro, Fenn Legal Clinic] "We're nowhere close to being done," Vrill responded. "If there are any more evidence or leads it's going to be in my city, one place or another."
  12. IC: Vrill [Po-Koro, Fenn Legal Clinic] In the heart of the Sanctum's fortress, Korzaa gestured for Vrill to shut the door, waiting to continue until there was no chance of being overheard. After he complied, she revealed his next assignment: “You are going to continue your investigation. There is a new Akiri now, and like his predecessor, I don’t know him as well as I need to. I need you to pay special attention to his business dealings, aiming to uncover anything that might prove a potential threat to the security of the village. You have my official authorization to take your investigations to the other Koros, if that is where they bring you. I have no leads except my suspicions." "I am giving you complete discretion as to how you conduct this investigation and what you focus on, but remember that no one is to know about these orders besides the two of us.” Korzaa had good reason to fear this investigation leaking: it would look bad for her, discredit any true findings, and otherwise fracture and cause further instability in a city sorely lacking it. Press might claim that Vrill's investigation was a crime in and of itself, and working with another Koro to carry it out, especially with Renaka's seal of approval, would not help him shake that accusation if it came to pass. His captain's orders were extraordinarily clear, and the risks were self evident... but Vrill knew that orders were merely a suggestion, a way of communicating the thing that truly mattered: intent. Disobeying orders to carry out the intent of the commanding officer, while insubordination by most definitions and an extremely risky maneuver by any account, was sometimes necessary to complete the mission, for every mission differed from the plan once seen in the chaos of reality. Vrill needed Fenn's expertise to complete his mission. Fenn needed the truth to be an asset - not because he needed the truth, but because otherwise, Fenn would cut himself loose and be a thorn in Vrill's side, potentially causing a greater risk of mission compromise than if Vrill told the truth. After a silent moment of considering the aforementioned calculus, Vrill spoke softly. "Tarkhan. Hired the Kalta, so I started there."
  13. IC: Vrill [Po-Koro, Fenn Legal Clinic] "Nice lock," Vrill said with all honestly. Not that he hadn't already taken note of the security measures earlier, but still. The Cy-Toa stood still, his posture speaking to the fact that he knew the Fa-Toa had something in mind to elaborate on. After a brief silence, he took the bait. "Something bothering you?" Based on Fenn's tone, it was clear what he had in mind, but Vrill wasn't known for his directness. Not that he was known for anything, for that matter.
  14. IC: Vrill [Po-Koro, Streets] The veteran Sanctum guardsman didn't have to guess Reo's opinion, but then again, assumptions were dangerous. He didn't expect be looking to find two Maru so soon - the poster-boy heroes weren't normally within the agent's purview. "Couldn't hurt to ask," Vrill smoothly responded, letting Fenn take the lead back to his establishment. Shockingly, Vrill wasn't that talkative on the way there. For most of the journey, he simply observed the denizens of the desert city and mulled over his own plans in his mind. Approaching the Kalta directly was obviously a bad idea - the last thing Vrill needed was for them to know they were under investigation, or worse, that they weren't the main targets of it. However, while Muirtagh saw Ko-Koro's other defenders as his entryway into the Kalta psyche, Vrill's thoughts drew towards their environs for something a little more concrete; if the Kalta were hiding something, any physical evidence would probably be in their new base of operations... if Vrill could get inside without drawing attention. But only if there was a good opening - for now, Fenn's way was a safer bet until they had more information.
  15. I just created a new set of keys and updated the spreadsheet. Try them now.
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