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  1. IC: Kreigero [Ko-Wahi, Wilderness] Kreigero gave Atamai a nod. He wasn't a complete fool after all. The water in Kreigero's thermos lid soon began to simmer and boil. She picked up the lid after wrapping her hand in her cloak for insulation, then poured the water through a filtered funnel into her flask, leaving the other two matoran to continue their line of conversation.
  2. IC: Kreigero [Ko-Wahi, Wilderness] The Ko-Matoran nodded as she scooped more snow into the water of the lid. "You might even say we train each other. What we have learned, and what you -" Kreigero turned her head towards Atamai, using this as an opportunity to teach a lesson to the firespitter. "-have yet to learn, he knows from instinct. A Toa would need several Kanohi and years of training to reach a similar proficiency." "Even if they did, I'd be shocked to see a Toa as loyal as Reyal." Reyal was attentively sitting upright atop the rocky outcropping that the group had taken shelter beside, scanning the tundra ahead. The Hapaka's ears perked up as its name was mentioned - from the tone of Kreigero's voice he knew he wasn't needed, but he turned his head back towards the group regardless. The glint in its optics was unmistakable - he already knew he was the topic of conversation. The hound recognized this as that thing Kreigero did every once in a while when conversing with strangers. He gave a bored yawn, licking his lips and sighing with a visible puff of air before he turned back towards the howling winds. Kreigero reached into one of her many pouches and withdrew a strip of dried jerky. She made a click with her mouth and unceremoniously tossed over her shoulder, which Reyal caught mid air with glee. He turned around and feasted on his prize, tusks kicking up some snow in the process. "It's a mutually beneficial partnership, yes."
  3. IC: Kreigero [Ko-Wahi, Wilderness] "Yes," Kreigero agreed. "We'll need all the energy we have once we enter the Drifts." Even for a seasoned hunter who knew to mark her own path, the characteristic lack of landmarks and shifting snow dunes of the Drifts were a challenge. Their path was taking them through the drifts and towards a large ice shelf that Kreigero hadn't been to before. Based on the general vague geography she recalled from visiting nearby regions, there would probably be good places to make camp on the other side, but the Ko-Matoran didn't trust Atamai to not bungle the Drifts shortcut without a pit stop beforehand. The huntress marched over towards a snow-capped rocky outcropping and staked her spear forcefully into the ground. She wedged her shield into the ice near the rock wall, creating a minor yet perceptible buffer against the biting winds. She sat down and leaned against the wall with a crunch. "Rest. The Hapaka will watch." Kreigero unscrewed the lid of her heatstone thermos and scooped nearby snow into the canister's cap. She rested the tin near the exposed heatstone, and soon it began to melt into fresh water that would top off the flask she took sips from.
  4. Why not post it as a flashback in one of the BZPRPG topics?
  5. IC: Kreigero [Ko-Wahi, Outlands] "Perhaps your small talk will draw one near," Kreigero half-joked. It was the first time she had spoken up in some time. The huntress was off to the side, almost as if she wasn't walking with the other two matoran, but merely on the same road and in the same direction and at the same relative pace. If either of her fellow travelers had asked earlier why she was further out, she had muttered about it having to do with something called spacing, whatever that meant. Reyal trotted casually alongside her as the three matoran trudged through the snow. He was alert, yet looked almost aloof, as if the matoran were slowing the hapaka down and he was the real king of the drifts. Occasionally he wandered to sniff something in the snow, but he always fell back in line as the group progressed.
  6. well, this makes my job as the person with characters that will be making seprilli's biggest tabloid publisher easier (oof) (I need to make my zakaz profiles still)
  7. Hadn't had much reason to check this topic in a while, didn't see the edit of your post that had some more survey data and thoughts. Dope to see some of my characters up there, I'm glad people enjoyed them. Even more awesome to see some characters that didn't make it to SKA still getting big mentions, like Zaliyah.
  8. IC: Kreigero [Ko-Koro, Gates] Kreigero began walking in the correct direction.
  9. IC: Kreigero [Ko-Koro, Gates] Another nearby mound shifted as a mysterious figure ascended from within. There was a crunch as the cavity within the mound slowly collapsed, the snow sliding down the white cloak of the Matoran and onto the ground below. A hapaka burst forth from the pile, excited by the activity. Reyal landed nearby and shook off a thick layer of snow with gusto. When his grey fur was cleared of large clumps of snow, he looked towards the two strangers while sitting on his hind legs like an attentive yet stationary guard. Kreigero capped her heatstone thermos and stowed it away in a snug holster, then leaned downwards to pick up her spear and shield from the ground - the latter of which stood out from the ruins of her miniature makeshift igloo, the closest thing the slow pile had to a load bearing wall. She strapped her shield to her back while wordlessly looking onwards at the two. Her spear she kept in hand, planting the blunt end into the ground like a walking stick. The huntress stood still, her facial expressions a mystery underneath the shemagh wrapped around the lower half of her kanohi and the dark tint of her kaukau's visor obscuring any meaning from the upper half. Facial expressions or words were unnecessary; the trapper's form was unmistakable as the stranger from last night, and her posture declared she was ready.
  10. what if it's inside the ruins of a lesterin parthenon/colosseum
  11. IC: Quoribay [Forsi] So, there I was - a regular spy, with Po-Koro's goons none the wiser. Thinking up the biggest score of my life. Yeah, I always had the stash if i needed it, but I wanted more, y'know? Sometimes when you're this good you need a bit of danger to up the stakes again. Thanks to my new best friend, Mr. Wire, I knew the rotations for the guards at the docks, and there was some mighty interesting stuff moving through. Like, stuff you'd never heard of before. Top secret stuff. Being sent to Forsi for final testing, probably to get out of the public's eye. Yeah, I know, right? That was what I was looking for. This gig was bigger than anything the island had seen in a while, and better yet, it was mine. But even I needed help to pull of something of this scale. So that's why, after wiping my place down for prints and taking any notes I had with me, I took a ferry down to Ga-Koro. OOC: Quoribay to Ga-Wahi
  12. IC: Quoribay [Forsi] Alright, where was I? The talker, riiiight. So, as I was sayin', the latest gizmo spoke. Now, a savant like myself easily realized that this wasn't alive, nor was the result of magical trickery. This device was clearly electrical in nature, although I have no idea how such a machine could be made to speak - that was for someone with a far more boring life than I to discover. I had important work to do. Now, I'm not known for my note taking skills, but for once, I was actually attentive to the conversations that passed through the wires. After some experimentation and patience, I found which wire had the most interesting conversational topics: the one going from the Sentinel outpost to Forsi's port master. See, one of the first things you learn when you start stealing is to not steal when other people are paying attention. Well, duh, it really is that simple, when you get right down to it. That's why the real art of stealing comes in with how you ensure people aren't paying attention - that's why misdirection is key. If you can get control of someone's attention, you can get anything you want from them. I once knew a vortixx - a real sly karz####er - she could practically steal your Kanohi right off your face without you realizing it. How was that possible? Well, maybe you should be checking your pockets instead of focusing on me telling that story. But do focus on this story. Where was I before I lead you astray? Misdirection? No, before that: misdirection is a tool to get you in the position you want to be in: someone's attention being away from their valuables. The only tool better than getting someone to pay attention somewhere other than where you want to nab is them telling you all you need to know about their security for you. So for days, every time the port master and the guards chatted remotely with the cocky confidence of their new toys, I took notes. A little bit here, a little there, all those bits and pieces of intel as we call it in the 'biz, I could fit together like one of those puzzles Le-Koronans always try to sell Turaga. It wasn't quite full manifests, but Karz, it was close, as long as I took the time to gather the requisite context. Because they were coordinating patrols to best fit the shipments, that also meant - Oh, right, I need to- hold on, gimme a minute to talk to this guy privately, I'll be back before you know it. That is my style, after all.
  13. so you're saying that they should have read the profile? ironic.
  14. IC: Kreigero [Ko-Koro, Rhanus's Inn] The fact that Kreigero was looking back at Savrehn's optics trying to ask the same question was the only answer either needed. For a moment, the surprise was even visible, but all traces of it were gone before Atamai had a chance to look to his two guides for approval. That was... not a beginner slope by any means. In fact, Kreigero couldn't remember the last time she had been out that far into that region of the glaciers. On the one hand, this wouldn't be a cake walk for the newcomer, but on the bright side, going on that far a trek was actually something that appealed to Kreigero - this would be an actual test, not a tour. With backup instead of just her and her Hapaka, this shouldn't be a challenge by any means, and would build her confidence in the geography of that particular region. Unlike Savrehn, Kreigero wasn't one for keeping track of her pathways with maps. They were a suggest, not an answer - it was far more important to explore and keep track of the ever-shifting landmarks amongst the dunes of snow. Kreigero gave both Matoran a silent nod and strode confidently out into the chilly streets of Ko-Koro. Somehow they knew she would be there when the time came. It was unclear if she was walking home or somewhere else - the hunter and hapaka turned the next corner and were nowhere to be found. IC: Vrill [Ko-Koro, Sanctum, Korzaa's Office] Vrill nodded at the positive response, and shut the door casually at Korzaa's command. Korzaa's agreement with his assessment was expected - his next mission, however, was a surprise. He listened intently, his face kept stoic at the severity of these orders. Perhaps he should have expected it, and to be truthful, it was what a part of him had been hoping for something along these lines after the new Akiri's decisions regarding Ko-Koro's defense. Outsourcing to another Toa team when Reordin Maru was already their champion, pressing Ko-Matoran into service so they would have to die for the freedoms the formerly disciplined Sanctum Guard did - none of that sat right with the Cy-Toa. But he wasn't a patrolman anyhow - the plainclothes detective kept his mouth shut about such matters. "Yes ma'am," the officer responded. "Given the nature of the mission, I'll probably be going relatively dark again for a while, but I'll keep you informed about my progress when I'm able to." He gave a salute to his captain and saw himself out of her office. He carefully made his way to through the back halls of the sanctum, towards the less conspicuous secondary entrance that he'd slipped in from.
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