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  1. I still say this man has the soulful eyes of an idol.
  2. That avmatoran is at a relatively level all things considered. Seems like it'd be prone to gitting gud. Maybe.
  3. Speaking of blanks, this image is refusing to load even harder than earlier.
  4. Undertale, definitely.
  5. It's Biscuit's amazing time traveling oven, being preyed upon by Sawbuck.
  6. Most awakenings are rude. Five more minutes. Yellow is hard to read. Wait no I have a better one. No salt here! The Amazon is a freshwater water source.
  7. It's Kyoryu...wanna say Navy. Navy. Totes defs. That wasn't really the case, Kamen Rider did precede Super Sentai (especially the iteration actually labeled as such) by a few years, but they were both the brain children of the same guy. And as a franchise it's almost completely different. It's more little brother than knock off.
  8. Sawbuck paying Biscuits a visit it seems. Man what thread am I even at It's some bat thing, maybe?
  9. Pfft I've been a Rider for like 9 months straight. It's a robot with a nose for some reason.

  11. Oh, whoops. It's actually obviously Midorenger. What a silly mistake to make.
  12. Ok, then I gotta say...that looks like...Akarenger. Yup. Pretty sure that's Akarenger.
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