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  1. Futurama, Steven Universe, Archer, Gravity Falls, Adventure Time, The Powerpuff Girls, Over the Garden Wall, Ben 10...there are likely more. Dunno. That's just speaking western toons though. If we start getting into anime my list of favorites is ridiculous, as I have watched quite a ridiculous amount. Some I've watched recently that have become favorites include Princess Tutu, the Monogatari series, Hidamari Sketch, Shimoseka, WIXOSS, Gatchaman Crowds, Tesagure! Bukatsumono...bunch others really. I guess I'd count School-Live? I watched too many this past year...Oh yeah! Heartcatch Precure is perfection. Go! Princess is pretty great too. And...meh, yeah. Don't even really get me started.
  2. I'll be 20 in a few months. The big two-oh...
  3. One of the original Protectors from the time of the cataclysm. The Fire one, maybe? I don't know. BS01 isn't very clear on this, I guess the book doesn't actually say.
  4. Mega Klinklang looks weird.
  5. dotcom

    Underwater Thief

    No, it's stealing something from a cooler.
  6. Heck, if you're unhappy about having to pay for Netflix to watch the series, I am guessing you don't have Netflix, in which case: just use a free trial?
  7. Eh. "Hope Lego waits a while before turning this into a videogame" is I think pretty much literally one of the things I was thinking after I got out of the theater when I watched the movie.
  8. This set looks to be about the best one this theme has to offer, and I'd love to own it. i didn't expect it to have quite so much cool stuff. My only issue with it is I'm more interested in getting Lance or Macy. From the two episodes of the show I watched (likely the only ones I will watch for a while) Clay is just an unbelievable bore. So for that aspect alone I'm not that into it. Will probably try to pick it up at some point in the future though.
  9. dotcom

    this is the end

    Soon you will be ready for cool leg.
  10. Ah, people who clutter the trivia sections of random wiki pages with irrelevant "connections" and "similarities" to random things. Yeah, I know who it was. The scourge of the internet.
  11. Yeah, I'm surprised to see Warriors and the Skull Spiders here, but I don't mind it at all. It's looking more interesting than ever.
  12. I found a Skull Basher on clearance for half price at Target. Picked it up, he's better than I expected. Only really looks decent from the front, but he's very cool. Makes me want to buy some other skulls...
  13. So with the new Ekimu and his pretty trans blue mask, every single mask from 2015 is gonna be available in at least two colors. Which is pretty rad. Umarak does look pretty cool too.
  14. dotcom


    My concern is that it's not an anime original, it's adapting a manga that from my understanding is fairly long. They're aiming to adapt the whole thing (though the manga isn't even over) so whether they can pull it off without rushing it or leaving things out is gonna be interesting to see. I haven't read it so I wouldn't be able to tell, but if it starts getting messy it's gonna show. I'm optimistic about it, but the last series from this director I watched I liked for 3 episodes and hated for 21 more. That was probably more because of the source material, but it still makes me wary. Hope it stays strong though, it's just so great so far.
  15. dotcom


    Actually Erased comes out on Thursdays but yeah. It's good anime. Definitely the best one out of the ones I'm watching right now, and I'm watching like 11. I just hope it stays that way, mystery series really depend on a satisfactory ending to either make or break the whole thing. Considering it's just a 12 episode series pacing could be an issue as well...So far very good though.
  16. What did you think of it? While I wasn't a big fan of the first season and the second was fine, I actually liked the Fire vs Ice stuff a lot. Especially the new characters but the whole thing was pretty decent. And yes, IT'S BLAZIN' TIME indeed,
  17. Possibly, it is something they've never encountered before... :0 Though honestly, we're talking about an anime I watched some 5 years ago now so I can't do much to either defend or criticize it, but I do remember it being a good watch. Definitely wouldn't put it on the same category as other things I've watched like the complete ####shows -snip- or Aldnoah.Zero were. It's an overhyped series for sure, though.
  18. Your puny shots are entirely inefficient against the might of spiral power. gg.
  19. Bokurano is good. Depressing, like, wildly so, but good. I don't know besides that, most other mecha anime I've seen are either Gurren Lagann or garbage. Eureka Seven maybe? It's good too, bit long, but good. Alternatively, follow Tekulo's advice. Princess Tutu is crazy and crazy good.
  20. I'd like to have a complete set of 2015 sets. Haven't bought any of the summer sets though... 2016 isn't doing anything for me. I just want Umarak and that's about it. We'll see if 2017 has more to offer. So I guess I'm not really gonna be doing much collecting. Which is ok.
  21. because you are objectively wrong and it looks like the second best superhero movie of the year after Deadpool Neither of them are superhero movies though...one is like...a superantihero movie, and the other, a straight up supervillain movie. it's the details that count
  22. I don't feel like crossposting all my thoughts on everything I'm watching, but I'm watching...a bunch. So far it's ok. Pleased to see that my short anime this season aren't stupid 90 second bits of nothing. 8 minutes is good. Erased is probably the best one so far of what I'm watching, had a very strong first episode. Ghost Urn is probably the worst, at the least worse than the manga which itself wasn't too remarkable. As far as other remarkable things go...Divine Gate is...fun ("the water will fill the holes in the floor....BUT IT WON'T FILL THE HOLE IN MY HEART"). It's really cheesy and really dumb. It's probably gonna be really bad. Hoping I can at least derive entertainment from laughing at lines like that though. Koyomimonogatari is reusing a remarkable number of assets from previous entries in the series which...I guess means they must have a pretty low budget...well, it's good enough for short side stories. Speaking of Monogatari, theaters for the American showings of part 1 of Kizu have been announced, and there's one fairly close to me. Really hoping I can go.
  23. You saw it on most of them? Hm. I thought it was some weird deal that varied from set to set. I have it on my PoF, Gali, Pohatu and Lewa, but I got all of them a while ago. Within the first three months of 2015. None of my others have it that I can tell.
  24. I found the fall season to be pretty meh. Owarimonogatari was great, and One Punch Man was alright, but other than that...Comet Lucifer was just terrible. The Perfect Insider had a really really stupid ending, so that whole series was a bust. Komori-san Can't Decline was for the most part completely unremarkable and bland. I'd say it was completely average, but it managed to fit just enough unnecessary fanservice to tip it into a negative. Meh. Also Attack on titan Junior High. It made so little impression on me I completely forgot it existed until I went and checked just now. So yeah. Meh. For winter I'm watching a few continuations, like the last bit of DRRR!!x2 Ketsu, Assassination Classroom 2, and I guess Koyomimonogatari? Also watching a bunch others (Erased, Dagashi Kashi, Dimnsion W, Divine Gate, Koukaku no Pandora, Sekkou Boys, and Galko). Watching a bunch form studios or creators I am either unfamiliar with or wary of, but eh. Gotta take risks sometimes (as I always say, before ending up saddled with garbage like Owari no Seraph or Comet Lucifer for three months...). We'll see. I've also been making some progress on Other Stuff. I watched Canaan, which was alright. I'm starting up Gravitation currently, watched the OVAs to start with. Pretty comical, though...old. And I'm now in the last season of Hidamari Sketch, it's definitely been getting better since Hoshimittsu started. I enjoy it a lot. Gonna be pretty sad to see it go once I'm finished with it. Also I finished Azumanga Daioh, it was pretty good. I'm watching Princess Tutu now, am almost halfway through. It's pretty much amazing. And I'm like...nearing the last stretch of Futari wa Precure? It was decent up until the end of the first arc, because Porun is just about the worst character ever. He's pretty much ruining the whole thing for me. I've also watched a few OVAs...the first DRRR!!x2 one, The Pinto one for Tokyo Ghoul. Inoffensive stuff. Oh, and the Love Live movie I guess, found it pretty boring. The One Punch Man special out so far is pretty good, at least. Ah, and I finally made time to finish volume 4 of Index. Angel Fall still doesn't really make much sense to me, but it was alright. What I've read of volume 5 thus far has been pretty great, though. After just Touma and more Touma seeing stuff from Accelerator's perspective is great, and Last Order is a really fun character. Hope I can read some more soon.
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