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  1. Your Lhii the surfer story just blew my mind. Nice work!
  2. Had to go with #3, but #5 was great as well. That would've been an extremely powerful scene, if we had been given it!
  3. I would have most wanted to see a Mata Nui set in G2, and the #8 entry blew me away. That one got my vote!
  4. I picked number 5. I would absolutely love to own that as a set...
  5. The soundtrack is glorious. Unity, Duty, Destiny is easily my favorite track
  6. We should get a topic started dedicated to coming up with ideas that can revitalize BZP. Work to turn all this doom and gloom around!
  7. I'd say that's a good idea. Still have a bionicle forum on here, but re-brand the site to be more Lego-based. To be honest, a name and template change wouldn't be bad thing. The site is desperately in need of an overhaul.
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