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  1. I ended up hating Wheatly.
  2. I have a couple of people with Portal 2 on my friends list, i can send you their gamertags if you want?
  3. delta48

    Facts About Bunda

    How can people love texas? it's so hot down there.
  4. "He's not just any moron, he was designed by the smartest people in the world to be THE DUMBEST THING ALIVE!!!"
  5. delta48


    Hee hee the game.
  6. I stopped caring about post when people whined about bionicle ending.

  7. I stopped looking at that thing years ago.

  8. Long time no see eh?

  9. I'm thinking valve has a sick sense of humour T_T.
  10. delta48

    Ok, I Lied

    A darkhorse comic
  11. Dark Souls | Skyrim | Gears of War 3.
  12. I somehow can't see you on a TV show.
  13. Great band and song as your banner man.

  14. The pony craze got to you too eh?
  15. delta48


    And then the circle is complete.
  16. delta48


    Politicians do this with video games.
  17. delta48

    No No No No No No No

    They've done stuff like this for years like when blizzard announces a game for consoles.
  18. delta48

    Augh Wut

    And hear i thought this was Smeag's idea.
  19. delta48

    G. I. Joe

    It was better than most actions i've seen recently.
  20. The ending fight to AC2 was so much more Thrilling with Ezio beating up the pope.
  21. So it's expected that we have these every week?
  22. Thats how the first game ended.
  23. NO, IT IS NOT Once I finish it, I don't ever plan on playing it again. I'm going to finish it for the story before I get the second and Brotherhood, but it gets really repetitive. AC2 is the best in the series broterhood's campaign was a let down story wise.
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