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    Favorit movies:<br /><br />1. Spirited Away<br />2. Cats & Dogs ( My 6th grade math teacher was in it!)<br />3. Pokemon: The Rise of Darkrai <br />4. Bionicle: The mask of light<br />5. Star Wars I<br />6. Star Wars II<br />7. Star Wars III<br />8. Star Wars IV<br />9. Star Wars V<br />10. Star Wars VI<br />11. Indiana Jones : Raders of the lost ark<br />12. Indiana Jones : The last Crusade<br />13. Indiana Jones : The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull<br />~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<br /><br />Songs:<br /><br />Coldplay: Speed of Sound<br />Coldplay: Strawberry Swing<br />Coldplay: Viva la Vida<br />Coldplay: Yes<br />Coldplay: In my Place<br />Coldplay: Clocks<br />Coldplay: Violet Hill<br />Coldplay: Cemeteries Of London<br />Coldplay: God Put a Smile Upon Your Face<br />Coldplay: Square one<br />Coldplay: Talk (Alternet Verison)<br />Coldplay: The Scientist<br />Coldplay: White Shadows<br />(Thats alot of Coldplay!)<br />Paul Van Dyk: Times of our Lives<br />Paul Van Dyk: Together We Will Conquer<br />Vibe Tribe: Stringadelic<br />Vibe Tribe: Melodrama<br />Breaking Benjamin: Dance with the Devil<br />Breaking Benjamin: Evil Angel<br />Breaking Benjamin: Diary of Jane<br />Dj Teisto: Walking on Clouds<br />Dj Tiesto: Enigma<br />Anberlin: Time and Confusion<br />Anberlin: Stationary <br />Anberlin: Paper Thin Hymn<br />Anberlin: Godspees<br />Anberlin: The Runaways<br />Chris Cornell: You Know my Name<br /><br />~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<br /><br />Shows:<br /><br />Code Geass<br />Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends<br />How Its Made<br />Phineas and Ferb<br />~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<br /><br />Video Games:<br /><br /><br />Super Smash Bros<br />Super Smash Bros Melee<br />Super Smash Bros Brawl<br />Bionicle Heroes<br />The Ledgend of Zelda: The Minish Cap<br />The Ledgend of Zelda: The Twilight Princess<br />Every. Single. Pokemon. Game.<br />Kingdom Hearts<br />Kingdom Hearts II<br />And many, many more.<br />~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<br /><br />If you have Pokemon Diamond or Pearl and need help getting some Pokemon to compleat your Pokedex, my Friend code is: 2535 4754 8601 (put whatever name you wanna put). Pm me with your friend code an we can get a trade started.<br /><br />~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<br /><br />Random Fact about my birthday: I was born on Walt Disney's Birthday! (Dec 5)<br /><br /><br />~ダイヤモンドの粉末~

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