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  1. If you need adjusting to BZPower's society, PM me or EmperorWhenua. We would both be willing to answer any questions you might have, although him more than me. Welcome to BZP.

    Your Honor,

    Emperor Kraggh

  2. Welcome to here!

  3. *rates five*

  4. Hey need anything animated or for your sig/avatar, PM me! =3

  5. Welcome to Bzpower, Sallyjo. I hope you have enough your stay, so far. If you need any help here, feel free to ask for it from me. I'll be sure to help you to best of my abilities. Once again, welcome.

  6. Welcome to BZPower!Check out my comics if you want!

  7. Hi! welcome to bzpower! Hope you like it on here! I added you to my friends list!

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