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  1. Your sig is too big. Go to the signature guidelines topic.

  2. why does your sig have a link to my page saying im the greatest member ever?

  3. wil

    It's a post rank. :) Premier members get the graphics that go along with them, the image corresponds to my post count. ;)

  4. daxis

    where did you get the krana thing under your avatar

  5. hey how did you get the emotion cons that are mistika?

  6. I gave you 5 stars!

  7. Hi! Welcome to Bzpower!

  8. An MOC is any creation you make from BIONICLE. It can literally be anything. MOC stands for 'My Own Creation', btw. A heads up, though, an MOC you make would belong in BBC.

  9. Welcome To BZPower!

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