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    My interests, hmmmm, let's see...<br />— Bionicle. Duh.<br />— Horseback riding (my horse's name is Bina).<br />— Reading<br />— Knitting<br />— Cricket<br />— Hockey<br />— Writing poetry<br />— Riding my bike<br />— Hobbits<br />— Math and Science<br />— Hamtaro<br />— Robotics, programming, and all sorts of computerish stuff<br />— I play the viola, piano, and guitar<br />— Languages: <br /> - I'm in 8th grade Honors French<br /> - I'm learning Welsh from my cousin<br /> - I can read and write fluently in Matoran script and Tolkien's runes<br />— Playing with my dog and two cats<br />— Swimming<br />— Sewing<br /><br />About Me:<br />Hair: Long, blond, and straight<br />Eyes: Grey, but sometimes they look blue or green<br />Height: 5'1"<br />Age: 13<br />Grade: Eighth<br /><br />Purri's Faves:<br />— Food: Pizza, cheese puffs, pumpkin bread/muffins, and anything with chocolate in it<br />— Movie: Aside from the classics like LOTR, Indy, and Star Wars, it would probably be either "Elf", "Miracle", or "School of Rock".<br />— TV Show: "Jeeves and Wooster," "Fawlty Towers," and "Star Trek" (Squee! Scotty fangirl 4ever!!!) <br />— Computer Game: Star Wars Battlefront and Zoo Tycoon<br />— Color: Black <br />— Subject: Math (8th grade Honors Geometry! Yay!)<br />— Bionicle Set: Roodaka <br />— Book: "What Happened to Lani Garver"<br />— Teacher: Either Mr. Kitz (7th/8th Math), Mme Travis (7th French) or Mr. Parks (4th grade) <br /><br />Purri's Pet Peeves:<br />— ABBA<br />— The Beatles<br />— "Popular" Cliques<br />— Cleaning the Litterbox<br />— Homework<br />— Mosquitoes<br />— Pre-Ripped Jeans<br />— Not Having a Color Printer<br />— Cleaning my Room<br />— My Reading Glasses<br />— Social Studies Class <br />— Mme C. (my wacko French teacher who makes us sing in class all the time)<br />— Unfairness<br />— Saving Seats<br />— Lying<br />— My Computer (a 2001 PowerBook G4 that's held together with duct tape)<br /><br />Also Known As:<br />— seapet37 on www.neopets.com<br />— ~KapuraGirl~ on www.lego.com<br /><br />What's on my Ipod:<br />— Avril Lavigne<br />— Bruce Springsteen<br />— The Chieftains<br />— Coldplay<br />— Dave Matthews Band<br />— Elvis<br />— Gilbert and Sullivan<br />— James Taylor<br />— Jimmy Cliff<br />— Jordin Sparks (she's my friend's cousin)<br />— Kate Rusby<br />— The Kinks<br />— Ladysmith Black Mambazo<br />— Linkin Park<br />— Mykel Angel<br />— Nickelback<br />— The Police<br />— Queen<br />— R.E.M.<br />— Rush<br />— Tom Petty<br />— U2<br />— The Wiggles<br />— Various Soundtracks and Audiobooks<br /><br />How I got into Bionicle:<br />I first heard about Bionicle in 2005 when I was ten and my brother was six. His friend and his friend's older brother had both been collecting since 2001. One day, I went over to their house to pick my brother up, and their living room table was covered in Bioincle sets, and I'm just like, "Whoa, cool, look at all the little Lego dudes!" and I picked up an Onua Mata and a Sukkorak (sp?) and made Onua poke the Visorak over and over and then Sukkorak jumped on him and bit his head off. I was hooked. My brother had borrowed his friend's Bionicle movies, so that night we watched LoMN and WoS. Much to my parents' annoyance, my brother and I have been obsessed with Bionicle ever since.<br /><br />My Collection:<br />— Keelerak <br />— Boggarak<br />— Oohnorak<br />— Roodaka<br />— Thok<br />— Vezok<br />— Reidak<br />— Garan<br />— Dalu<br />— Piruk<br />— Toa Inika Jaller<br />— Toa Inika Matoro<br />— Toa Inika Hahli<br />— Dekar<br />— Thulox<br />— Takadox<br />— Mantax<br />— Ehlek<br />— Toa Mahri Hahli<br />— Toa Mahri Jaller<br />— Toa Nuva Lewa<br />— Toa Nuva Kopaka<br />— Antroz<br />— Mutran & Vican <br />— Tanma<br />— Solek<br />— Radiak<br />— Toa Nuva Onua<br />— Gorast<br />— Krika<br />— Rockoh T3<br /><br />Hurrah! You made it all the way to the bottom! Now you can send a PM to Purri for your prize! <(^_^<) (>^_^)>

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