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  1. Whats shakin', my BZP Bacon? Been a while since I've been around here. lol
  2. And I only have one thing to say, Go Patriots.
  3. But I am seriously considering super gluing these stupid brain pieces in place. Honestly, HOW did they think this "feature" was a good idea?
  4. Onua and all of the protectors are mine after a recent trip to WalMart. :3 EDIT: There is one thing I despise about the new sets thus far though. That brain piece not locking in place. This eject-a-mask "feature" is incredibly stupid.
  5. Being a fan of the New Orleans Saints, look at the games this past Sunday. That should even out the confusion here.
  6. It is red and gold and resides on the west coast. ಠ_ಠ
  7. My god, this thing was like a time Capsule. @_@ Side Note: I found my old story "Abyss" and it's planned sequel that never happened. I think I may repost "Abyss" since it's long gone thanks to forum wips. Also I would pick back up work on the sequel, given Bionicle is returning, I think it would be nice to wrap up that story. EDIT: Nevermind reposting it, turns out it is still available here. Oh god the formatting. *cringe*
  8. ~Mat~

    Oh well

    I believe I am of the minority. Those who didn't want a reboot. :/
  9. It's the only place I care to browse around here anymore ever since artwork 1 was diluted.
  10. And suddenly the controversocalypse happens. @_@ Maybe it's best if I continue to avoid this place. lol But then again, 2015... :v EDIT: I r gewd at tym theng-a-mah-babs.
  11. ~Mat~

    October 3rd

    Aanchir is spot on. I could care less about Smash or whatever that is coming out that day.
  12. Bionicle confirmed for happening

  13. ~Mat~


    KSP is <3. Necro, Have you by chanced happened to tune into KSPTV on Twitch at any point?
  14. ~Mat~

    Alas, 2 Weeks

    Two Weeks until the semester begins again, on the plus side I should have my degree in General Studies come December. Then I move on to who knows where to study architecture. So that's happy! :3 Also, a quick MatCraft Notice: A Map Reset will be happening in the next 2 months, if you have anything you wish to complete I urge you to get it down ASAP. A map download will be available after the reset.
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