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  1. IC: Caught. "No doubt regarding your faith, your Highness. Or your perceptiveness. Only in the likelihood of 'Zuto Nui's existence. Or benevolence." IC: "I don't know." The Onu-Matoran answered, attention taken away from his apologetic pat on Cancer's shell. Whether the crab could take it or not, it certainly couldn't be any fun to carry the three of them and Leli's bounty. But her question was a greater concern and one he'd spent a lot of time thinking about. They might retake their homeland one day. Mata Nui had, after all... At least temporarily. That last thought dragged his grim mood down further still. Everyone had believed Makuta to be slain. Permanently defeated without fear of return, and his own former commander had delivered that news to Onu-Koro. If he was still the same man. That doubt had been in his mind before, but always something brushed away. Of course he was. Just because he had moved beyond their former squad didn't mean he had become someone else. But deceit had never been in his personality and Makuta's return could only mean that he had lied. Not just Sulov, but the Maru. All of them. The implications were... Unsettling. Leli's question was about the Dasaka, though, and if he had no more idea of what the future would hold there he could at least muster a better guess. "They'll be here a long time. They'll have to adapt to us just like we'll have to adapt to them. The Akiri will need to be informed when we get back about... Makuta."
  2. IC: "Yeah, it is." The ex-officer met Dehkaz's look with one of total non-expression, casually patting Dorian's shoulder before he let go. "Come on, 'Kale', we should get going. Dehkaz, you know where to find the guy that made those diskette rifles?"
  3. IC: "Yeah, sure. Anyone asks we'll just say you're Kale."
  4. IC: People talk to me all the time, and they're real. Messages from a god are usually called delusions. I guess you don't get to say that when the person chatting with god is the Rora. The dragon was cool though. I should learn to be a Soulsword. Though, even if it couldn't burn me could I see well enough to keep from bumping someone with it? What would the shape of a blind person's Soulsword be? Hm.
  5. IC: "You want to tag along, Dor?" Krayn asked, sounding remarkably like he might have been holding back a laugh. "Gonna see about gainful employment maybe. Pick up some gear for sure. There's a train that'll get us there in a few hours." Remarkably he managed to sound like an expert.
  6. IC: Oh, we're actually doing something serious. Better reveal myself again at last. Uhhh, where's an actual coat rack... My best guess at what was a coat rack, or a coat hook, received the hat that had previously been on my head with good grace. Whether it was meant for that purpose or not I couldn't be sure but the hat stayed off of the floor. "There was a dragon." I answered after a brief moment, trying to decide how best to explain. "Well, rather. There was the somehow infected Kanohi Dragon. And then there was the energy dragon that you conjured of the same size." IC: "Definitely right, White." The Menti gave the Maru an oblique look, turning to better face the other two Dasaka and coincidentally moving just a little closer to her fellow liaison. "We'd be happy to show you around, if you needed it. Toa Leah, of course, could give you her perspective as well."
  7. IC: Two months ago Nihonei's worst day was when she tagged along with Kulrik and had to fight Zataka cultists. Before that her worst day was when Datsue Anori, sitting beside the fire, told the current class of Eiyu Twins the story of the Eiyu who conjured a shinushya and how her screams still sometimes echoed on a still night... And Saritsu screamed in her ear. Nihonei's was a good life. She was proud of her clan, she took care of her people, and in turn they took care of her. Seldom did she have to concern herself with anything worse than misplaced tomes. She might have liked to see her sister more, of course, but there would be time for that. Life was good. And then monsters worse than any campfire story began slaughtering her clan. No, that wasn't fair. They had fought too well to call it a slaughter, defended themselves too valiantly. Their losses had been catastrophic all the same. The attack had come almost without warning; only frantic images, a mental commotion, had given them any forewarning of the attack. It was probably the Ageru. The monsters had come from that direction. But there was no way to be sure. She had done the very best that she could, organized an evacuation of her people and stayed long enough to secure the most important of their teachings. And Zuto Nui's cherubic smile was that a bad idea. Their escape was cut off, she had been forced to go to ground, and the— relative— safety of Sado (she hoped) seemed painfully far away. "Okay," She said softly, almost silently. "You were right, Saritsu. You can say it."
  8. IC: "Hello, Dee." The alchemist was alive. This time. All things considered she admired the sheer obliviousness with which the other Lesterin regarded her own mortality; granted she would have regarded Vana's own mortality with the same, if she truly understood that nothing in this lab could poison her. Every now and again there was an interesting euphoria, or a mild hallucination, but most often she simply looked at the lights. It had taken a long, long time to realize that everyone else saw the same lights from the alchemist's form. She assumed it was something only her own eyes perceived, something that she enjoyed nevertheless. Her words had the same shimmering prismatism, a ripple like uneven glass, whenever she spoke. Especially when the pitch varied so erratically. Clearly she'd been trying something new. "How's the heart?"
  9. IC: Yes. Yes, good. It's working. I can even still see my way to the door. Just inch that way. Slowly Masa, slowly. IC: "You hop up, Kel. I kinda want to stretch my legs. Cancer doesn't need to carry all three of us and the chest."
  10. IC: whoof Tor's blow definitely connected a little better than hers did. She needed to create a little room; this close together she couldn't use the kicks she was fond of. She hooked her foot around Tor's and shoved, hoping to topple her or at least knock her off balance and create the space she needed to better control the flow.
  11. IC: I'm just going to stay very quiet, and very still. If I do that successfully they may believe I have become deaf as well as blind, or they may mistake me for a furnishing entirely. Either way I can pretend that I was not here or deny seeing anything so awkward as the Rora having a small breakdown less than eight feet from where I'm standing. Nope. No Masa here. Just a coat rack. Thaaaaaat's it.
  12. IC: "Aw, if it was gonna be easy why'd the chief want to send me?" The merc grinned, seizing upon her chance without warning or hesitation to snag Plagia about the waist with one arm and drag her into a bear hug. The spin afterwards was just to burn off the extra momentum of dragging her in so fast. "What, are they letting just anyone help out now? The bar get that low already?" "Heya, babe."
  13. IC: "Probably gathered waiting for us." Skrihen commented, approaching the other irregular and the Highlander she had encountered a few times before. Not often, but enough to have the rudiments of a working relationship. It hadn't been long since Ihu-Koro withdrew most of their forces back to their own village. The Vortixx was a new wrinkle, obviously; that's why Korzaa asked her to tag along and take a look. "Hear you're in charge of this death ride, LT."
  14. IC: "Leli needs to bring her plunder back home. My crab's still in the Koro, and I don't really want to carry the chest the whole way. Feel like coming?" The Ussalryman liked Kellin. He was an average sort, but solid for it. Normal. He'd made for a very stabilizing influence on the trip back. "You can crash at my place when we get there if you want."
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