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  1. I like Teridax as a way to differentiate it from the species name. I'll admit that my opinion may be influenced by the fact that I didn't get into Bionicle until 2006. I didn't really spend much time thinking about him as the only makuta or even THE makuta.
  2. For me, I think I would say MoCing brings me more joy. It's very fulfilling to actually create something. I enjoy instructed building a lot too, but that's more something to relax without having to sit in front of a screen.
  3. Valendale

    I Took Some Pictures of My Cats

    Love it! Cats are great!
  4. I like it, not just as a revamp, but as an imagining of what a G2 Hahli set might actually look like. I like the use of the new launcher to combine the harpoon with the play feature and make a harpoon that actaully shoots. I like the string on it too, that's something I might like to see used more one day, would save a lot of lost projectiles. And as was already mentioned, I think the organic masks fit right in with the ccbs shells.
  5. Cool design, it really emphasizes what made Hero Factory's world unique compared to Bionicle. I like the drone as an expansion of the single-piece ones that came in the sets.
  6. At Brickfair 2019, one of the biggest things that surprised me was the number of Bionicle fans who got into it after it ended, or got into the original because of the reboot. But it makes sense, Bionicle is overall aimed at younger people, and a lot of them weren't around/old enough during the first run. As for the question of the topic, I think right now the advent of things like Wall of History actually make it easier for people to get into the Bionicle story compared to say 2011 right after it ended, even if they don't become part of the "community" so to speak. It's not too rare for someone to mention Bionicle to me, not knowing that I'm a fan or what it's really all about, and I'll just drop them a link to that. The sets on the other...The recent growth of the community combined with how long they've been out of print for seems to have driven up the prices greatly, at least that's what I've heard. I remember around the initial cancellation, vendors at cons were still selling Bionicle sets and parts for dirt cheap compared to other LEGO. So there is that barrier to entry. I think we may end up seeing more story-only fans, or possibly people like your upcoming child who inherit their collection from a relative who was a fan. Overall though, I think there are still enough people getting out there won't be a real crisis or shortage of parts for many years to come. And that's only if it never gets brought back as you state.
  7. It's a nice door! Looks a lot like doors you might actually see.
  8. Great mech. I like how the size and bulk gives it a real intimidation factor.
  9. Yeah, I think the tracker was just dropped after the forum update. I guess we're back to using this forum (this topic in particular) for things that used to be covered there. (That's the way it was before the tracker.)
  10. Happy birthday! 

    1. Valendale


      Oh, thank you!

  11. I think this is the first time I've actually entered the raffle at the "last chance" announcement. Need to stay on top of things better I guess.
  12. It's because of that Tuesday society.
  13. Wow, that's really cool to be able to make something like that! Have you worn them at all?
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