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  1. I love all the references to Bionicle, and especially BZP, history. It was a tough choice.
  2. Thank you to all the admins for all the memories made on this site over the years. I don't think "changing your life" is an extreme statement at all for you, considering how much many people BZP has touched in some way, even if just for a little bit.
  3. Interesting that they were just dropped on shop@home without any real announcement prior. These don't look bad, but $5 is just beyond what I'm willing to pay for a collectible minifig. Haven't gotten any since the price increased.
  4. I'm excited to be able to go back after taking last year off! I'm gonna be in that combo build too, thank you for hosting.
  5. Not really something I'm interested in, but I have to admit it's super cool that BZP has something like this and is raffling it off.
  6. I got a bit excited at the title, only to find out it was just a Brickhead. Oh well, still one of the better looking BrickHeadz. I like the color.
  7. They look like all of the sets and none of them. They are, after all, simply toys that offer a representation. The important thing is that are little dudes relative to say, a toa.
  8. I picked up Slay the Spire, so I've been playing that a little. Also been playing a lot of League of Legends with my friends.
  9. It's great that both of them still love Bionicle enough to do something like this. I know the community has its disagreements with both of them at times, but they made something we all enjoy, and this shows they still have their hearts in it as much as we do.
  10. For the first time in over a decade, I no longer see BZP first thing every time I boot up my internet browser. Kind of a big change.

  11. Valendale

    Playing With an Idea

    I believe ToaD's is still up, or at least only down temporarily. Might be better to just join that one.
  12. I think one of the biggest changes that we might see is having less characters, or at least less "main" characters, with each individual character getting more spotlight time. So we might have Toa teams of 4 instead of 6, as was originally planned.
  13. Made a small little alt-build of 60427: Forest Fire. I call it "Forest Firepoint" envision it as a shrine to some sort of deity or spirit that might be found while wandering through the woods.
  14. It's cool that there's a set with nearly 12,000 parts and that it's only $250, but I just don't find the actual set itself all that appealing.
  15. Seems like you've never posted anything else and you haven't visited in years, but I just wanted to say I liked your story.


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