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    I'm in your profile, reading ur sig.
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    video Games
    I don't play many video games anymore. Mostly just ones I liked back in the day or their sequals.

    -Ender's Game
    -Farenheight 451
    -Brave New World
    -Lord of the Rings

    I listen to Industrial mostly these days, though a little Pirate/Folk Metal, Steampunk, and 19402/50s music gets thrown in.

    I spend a lot of time in my garden these days, growing vegetables.

    I like welding as well, though I don't practice as often as I should.

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  1. Wow, was it really that long ago? Man I feel old.
  2. I''e pretty much always me. I came back for the occasional chat and to sell off a lot of old collectables to people that would appreciate them more (Most non-collectables I gave to my cousin when he got into Hero Factory). I'll be posting them when I dig them out of my childhood bedroom. I got back into lego and I hope to post more MOCs here when I get a chance to sit down and reorganize my collection so I can start really building what's in my head again. For those who dont know me I am ex-staff. I see a lot f new faces and I look forward to getting to know you.[/color=purple]
  3. Not sure, but I think itd be ok as long as it's not for profit and you give credit to Lego. I'd contact TLG and see how they feel but you're probably going to be fine since they dont even host it anymore and you arnt asking for money. I wish they'd make the origional purchasable. I'd love to play it again.
  4. Yes, but I hate them. I always leave town from my birthday until my girlfriend (Hers is 3 days after mine) or I work through it. Ever adopted an animal off the street?
  5. Looks cool, tho I had to explain the leaves to my girl.
  6. Yeah it sucks. For the game tho. Legally blind. Bonush, enrelated: short life lol.
  7. Replayed Fallout 3. Girlfriend wasnt familiar with the series to hear Ron Pearlman, Liam Neason, and Malcome McDowel in it.
  8. Pretty sure thisnt so much glitches as much is an interaction between IB software and Android, but for some reason its causing problem. Uploads appear is subsequent posts that I cant remove I cant send PMs. Cant access PMs. Worst of all I cant use my old bold purple text color. Any know way to access the desktop version on android?
  9. Looks pretty cool. Could probably use some stairs, buts always a pain to work into MOCs for me.
  10. Probably live normally. My girl says I'm 11 cats, a lobster and raccoon in human suit. What would you do if you could cut or comb any of your hair?
  11. Good choice. Not my favorite by him, but I listen to it often.
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