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  1. He's a fictional character, it'd be pretty silly to be offended by that.
  2. ((Click Thumbnails for Imgur Galleries!)) Hero Factory has always prided itself on its ability to capture dangerous criminals without having to resort to killing them, a feat that is typically stressed to new recruits and trainees. However, a small group of Heroes have taken issue with this approach and have deemed the execution of dangerous criminals to be the most efficient and easy way to protect civilians from crime. As a result, these dangerous few broke away from Hero Factory with the best training in the galaxy and a grudge against every Hero that chooses to remain loyal to Makuhero City. Calling themselves Anti-Heroes, these Heroes have been attacking Villains and Heroes alike with deadly efficiency. Currently numbering somewhere around ten, the Anti-Heroes, despite being small in number, are bolstered by their dirty and vicious tactics and brutal, unforgiving equipment and weapons. Despite this, they have the same goal as heroes, preservation of the peace and protection of civilians, they just go about enforcing this peace in a slightly more violent way than the Heroes do. Blood Raven The cunning, dastardly leader of the Anti-heroes, one cannot deny that he does not have good intentions, despite his frowned upon method of attaining these goals of his. He begrudgingly respects the Heroes for their devotion to the, in his mind, flawed morals they cling to, and carries the weight of his choices with him literally and figuratively. Knees damaged in a fight with Archangel, he's forced to wear heavy, gunmetal leg-guards to shield and protect them from further damage. He, like the Hero Sophia, utilizes a claw, the main difference between his and hers is that his lacks the plasma channeling hers utilizes so frequently. His main weapon, however, is a very deadly, very illegal shredder Shotgun that can very easily dismantle a hero in little to no time. Black Thorne Blood Raven's loyal second-in-command has followed his leader without question since he broke away from Hero Factory. He was a close friend of Raven's and apparently shared his friend's doubts about their chosen method of dealing with Villains. Quickly trading his tasers for quite lethal golden wrist weapons, Black Thorne is the person Blood Raven deploys if he needs someone to disappear very quietly, never to be heard from again. He, like Blood Raven, also carries battle scars due to the Anti-Heroes' inferior funding and inability to easily replace parts; he lost his right hand in a scuffle with Hero Thomas Trace, but was able to escape before Trace was able to apprehend him. Especially lethal due to his training as a prototype 3.0, his armour is laced with a chemical that, when an electrical current is ran over it, can reduce his density allowing him to literally phase through floors and walls to reach his target. However, direct sunlight spoils the chemical reaction, thus only allowing him to activate the ability when in the shadows. Enigma Alpha Enigma Alpha is a rather strange case, and a very new development in the Anti-Hero situation. Alpha is the Anti-Heroes' first attempt at building their own hero, and, using parts and quaza they were able to steal from Makuhero City, they were able to successfully construct a powerful follower. In his large, powerful hands, is housed a technology based heavily around the magnetic field technology in Hero Sophia Errant's claw. However, instead of merely holding plasma in place, Alpha is able to manipulate anything made of metal and within his mental reach. He's able to lift entire Heroes off of their feet with this power, with the only catch being he can only concentrate on one item at a time. This makes him weak against crowds to a degree, but Heroes are often caught off of their guard by having to fight someone using one of their own as a club. ((Comments and Criticism welcomed!))
  3. ((!!!This double posted for some reason! Can someone please remove this topic? !!!))
  4. ((Click Thumbnails for Imgur Galleries!)) Hero Factory has always prided itself on its ability to capture dangerous criminals without having to resort to killing them, a feat that is typically stressed to new recruits and trainees. However, a small group of Heroes have taken issue with this approach and have deemed the execution of dangerous criminals to be the most efficient and easy way to protect civilians from crime. As a result, these dangerous few broke away from Hero Factory with the best training in the galaxy and a grudge against every Hero that chooses to remain loyal to Makuhero City. Calling themselves Anti-Heroes, these Heroes have been attacking Villains and Heroes alike with deadly efficiency. To combat these rogue Anti-Heroes, an elite team skilled in suppression and non- lethal combat was formed to capture and bring in these now-criminals. They are known to other cells as the Counter-Insurrection Team. Verke Garrison, AKA "Archangel": The renowned leader of the Counter-Insurrection Team, Verke is, for all intents and purposes, a walking tank. Thundering into battle with reinforced legs and armour plating, very little can take Verke down once he's deployed. His shoulder-mounted suppressor Rifle is adept at disabling enemies at long range with a powerful concussive shot designed to cripple rather than kill, while his immense strength and blade arm is more than fit at keeping enemies at bay at close range. Due to his large size and less-than-stellar mobility, Verke requires a thruster pack on his back to allow for rapid bursts of speed when in the face of danger. Thomas Trace, AKA "Trace" The stalwart second-in-command of the Counter-Insurrection team, Trace was a seasoned veteran before being taken out by enemy explosives whilst on a mission with Verke and the now AWOL Blood Raven. The explosion effectively destroyed his Hero Core and Central Processing Unit, resulting in the complete loss of his personality and memories. However, the chassis was salvageable, and was promptly repaired and refurbished and loaded with a new Hero Core and personality. This new Trace, literally a ghost of his former "self", is a master at using his dual pistols to dispatch and disable enemy units without doing to them what they did to him, his wrist blade a good fall-back at close range. Sophia Errant, AKA "Knight" Sophie is the undisputed close-range expert on the team. Able to go toe-to-toe with the most dangerous, lethal Anti-Heroes and come back without a scratch on her, Knight is as driven a woman as her blades are sharp. Despite being the shortest on the team, nobody would dare question her ability on the field, and her armament somewhat helps with that issue. Her right hand is a claw that has reserves of plasma that can be channeled along the inside of the blades with the assistance of a magnetic field that makes dispatching of enemy weapons and armour child's play, while her right hand typically has the hilt of a quaza-draining blade clenched tight in it's grasp. Loaded with weapons and blade primarily designed to take down other heroes, Sophie was designed after the first group of Anti-Heroes rebelled, and designed with taking them down in mind; this leaves her rather outmatched when having to face Villains rather than Anti-heroes. Halley Malestrom, AKA "Cain" The newest recruit to the Counter-Insurrection Team, Halley is somewhat of a Renaissance Woman; intelligent, powerful, fast, and skilled with a wide variety of weapons, she's quite proficient at nearly anything she sets her mind to. Her skill at close-range with her saw-blade shield has earned her a rivalry with teammate Sophia Errant, however, Sophie's claw fries Halley's shield every time. Despite this, her shield is still a remarkable piece of engineering that, when struck with energy-based attacks, can actually charge Halley's Hero Core in the middle of battle. Her firearm, a rapid-firing suppressor Sub-Machine Gun, can unleash volley upon volley of stunning shots can can pierce light armour for copious damage to underlying joints and structures. Sammy Spark While not a member of the Counter-Insurrection Team per se, Sammy has been invaluable to the continued operation of the team. Having constructed all of the team's weapons himself, he's an invaluable engineer and, despite his short and stout stature, is valuable on the battlefield as well. His pistol is a prototype weapon that uses electromagnetic pulses to drain his enemies' energies, softening them up for his teammates to capture. His claw arm also possesses this ability, with the added function of charging his own hero core, much like Sophia's blade. Despite his ability to fight, he rarely ​does so and is typically sent on repair and maintenance missions, and only sees combat on missions that require his technical expertise. ((Sammy's design is based heavily off of a design I found on Tumblr courtesy of Tumblr User Cabooceratops, I simply modified it slightly to accommodate a Hero Core on the back. Comments and Criticism welcomed!))
  5. This looks really fantastic, I don't suppose there's any chance that we'll see any instructions or building process of this guy? I've been looking for ways to fill in the gaps of my own heroes, and this guy pulls it off in a way that is excellent!
  6. Dear God, I cannot imagine what would possess someone to do something this awful to another human being. I'm so terribly sorry to hear this.
  7. Thanks, the main reason Blood Raven's the way he is is that I have a lot of white HF pieces lying around, and that I didn't want to follow the "all people with dark armour are evil" sterotype. And yeah, Thorne does look a bit feminine, but he's got male programming. Thanks for the input, I wish Lego would hire me already xD
  8. Time for yet another Hero Factory topic! This time, we have "Blood Raven" and "Black Thorne", two Villains that come from a surprisingly odd place: Hero Factory. http://i357.photobucket.com/albums/oo12/Willkramer1996/BloodRaven1.jpg Blood Raven Originally a member of the same squad as Archangel, hence the Code-name, Blood Raven soon grew tired with the way Hero Factory dealt with it's Villains. While Archangel was content to simply lock Villains in cages until they eventually broke out, Blood Raven was more in favor of the "execution by blade" approach, something that was generally frowed upon by his superiors. One day he finally snapped, disabled the trackers Hero Factory had installed in his armour after a demotion for insuborination and left the Factory with a group of like-minded individuals, and so the Anti-Heroes were born. Versed in hand-to-hand combat, his fighting style led his superiors to say they "should have seen it coming" when they found out he was rogue. Still, he hadn't completely abandoned Hero Factory weapons, and has modified the blaster they had issued him to become a lethal side-arm. http://i357.photobucket.com/albums/oo12/Willkramer1996/BloodRaven2.jpg http://i357.photobucket.com/albums/oo12/Willkramer1996/BloodRaven3.jpg http://i357.photobucket.com/albums/oo12/Willkramer1996/BlackThorne1.jpg Black Thorne Formerly a member of the same unit Archangel and Blood Raven descended from, it was due in no small part to him that Blood Raven decided to go rogue in the first place, and relishes that fact every day. It was after a particularly nasty breakout that Thorne said it would be easier if they just killed any captured any dangerous criminals. After all, "Some people are too dangerous to keep alive," he had said, and that phrase soon became his mantra. Initially issued a pair of combat-tazers and taught to cripple rather than kill, he traded up to a lethal set of incredibly sharp stealth blades for assassination missions as soon as he was free of the Hero Factory's self-righteous attitudes. http://i357.photobucket.com/albums/oo12/Willkramer1996/BlackThorne2.jpg http://i357.photobucket.com/albums/oo12/Willkramer1996/BlackThorne3.jpg
  9. Well I'm glad you approve of Archangel's design, he used to be white and orange, but I thought that he looked too much like Nex. I'm also glad you think Trace is under armoured, because, as a stealth unit, armour would hinder more than help. After all, if he's been detected to the point where he needs heavy armour, he's most definitely already failed his mission xDThanks for the comment
  10. Here we are again, with yet another duo of mine, only this time instead of Toa, we have Hero Factory! The main problem I've been having with HF is that I've had some difficulty creating heroes with custom builds most likely due to a lack of creativity on my part, but still, I finally got over that and decided to make a few Heroes with parts left over from 2.0's and 3.0's that have already been upgraded to 3.0's and 4.0's, so without anymore stalling, I present "Archangel" and Thomas Trace. http://i357.photobuc.../Archangel1.jpg "Archangel" Originally a member of a special unit of Heroes, despite being issued a regular name, Archangel was also issued a Code-name he was to be addressed as to rookies and other Heroes until he felt he trusted them enough to be given his real name. Considering how, during his entire operational period he has never found one worthy of his real name, it's considered an honour to be able to address him as he truly is. Currently in a two-man squad with the rookie Thomas Trace, the special unit he descended from being long dissolved, he is a designated soldier with little regard for finesse or style when fighting villains. Versed in nearly every ranged weapon there is, Archangel prefers the brutal accuracy of the prototype Hero Factory Tri-Fire. A poweful assault-rifle with two modes, single fire and three-round burtst, it has many points for various upgrades to be placed, including an extended clip and bayonette. http://i357.photobuc.../Archangel2.jpg http://i357.photobuc.../Archangel3.jpg http://i357.photobuc.../Archangel4.jpg http://i357.photobuc...1996/Trace1.jpg Thomas Trace Once a high-ranking veteran Hero, Trace took a bad shot to the back of the head from pursuing Villains as he and his squad retreated after securing the cargo that they had been assigned to recover. The heavy damage from the Villain's weapon completely destroyed most of Trace's memory. Upon waking up, he had no idea who he was, but hard-wired into the remains of his memory was the skill-set he had before his unfortunate accident. Still, experience wise, he was still considered a rookie without his memories, and as a result, was heavily demoted, as well as assigned to a two-man squad with a Hero he probably wouldn't have even known about given his once high-status as Hero Factory's best Sniper. Unique in that he has an energied crossbow where a hand and a conventional sniper-rifle would be, Trace has proven that high-tech versions of low-tech weapons can surpass conventional weaponry in the hands of an amnesiac expert. Bladed for close-quarters combat, Trace is lethal at any range. http://i357.photobuc...1996/Trace2.jpg http://i357.photobuc...1996/Trace3.jpg ~...~ First attempt at unique heroes, lemme know how these turned out! Thanks in advance. Do not post images greater than 100 kB in BBC. -B6
  11. This is awful, I'm praying she is found soon. I can't imagine what she and her mother must be going through.
  12. I'm definitely interested in sending one or two MOCs in, but I'm not sure they're up for the test. Are you looking for really high-end, competion-grade mocing? Also, if I send them in early, how safe will they be?
  13. My friends, it is time again for another one of my MOCs, this one a bit larger in scale. Presenting, the Fire Bull. Whereas Kaantoe and Matiguyed were simple, Fire is somewhat of a complex build, especially for me, but I'm hoping that underneath the complex exterior you'll be able see the core of this piece. Whatever that means. I'll leave the final judgement to you, the viewers. http://i357.photobuc...r1996/Bull2.jpg Inspired by the previous quadrapeds of the Bionicle franchies, such as Spinax, Fire is a step above those frail builds with what can only be described as a "big boned" body-set. Upon closer inspection, any observant viewer will note that while there is some meat on the limbs, most of the weight and mass is centered in the upper torso, making some positions awkward, but generally contributing to an overall stable frame. http://i357.photobuc...r1996/Bull3.jpg Despite a quite antimidating frame, Fre Bulls are for the most bit docile, or at least apathetic to their surroundings. Possessing innate telepathic and telekinetic abilities, early inhabitants of Xia believed them to be demons due to their telekinetic powers. http://i357.photobuc...r1996/Bull4.jpg When substantially threatened, the Bull forgets its relaxed ways and rears up on legs. It's back legs not used to carrying the generous load of the Bull, the sight would be quick comical if you didn't have a huge bull running at you. http://i357.photobuc...r1996/Bull5.jpg The main sign of a Bull's health is it's mane-like sprout of hair from the back of it's head. Bulls will spend an average of two hours each day preening their mane in an attempt to get a mate. http://i357.photobuc...r1996/Bull6.jpg Despite usually being quite territorial, Bulls are sometimes docile enough for Matoran to approach and rest on one, during which the Bull will protect the Matoran as if they are one of it's young. Enjoy!
  14. I'm glad I managed to pull of the mutant look for Kaantoe, so at least I succeeded there xDAs for black pins, those are fairly old-school if I remember correctly, I'll see if I can find any of them. Thanks for the comment
  15. Wow, I love the torso and dress design! Nice work, excellent overall composition!
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