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  1. Wow this thing is super cool! Reminds me of a deep sea angler, and I love the '01 technic-heavy Rahi vibe, well done my sir!
  2. So today I found out that there is a contest going on where we are supposed to make G1-esque characters. Luckily for me, that's pretty much my MOCing specialty, so I build the most G1 thing I could imagine, which is an overpowered, mean-looking, 4armed giant with a sleek color scheme of lime green, mata red, silver and gray. Thus I came up with the monstrosity that you see below, and decided that it represents Miserix during his time when he led the brotherhood. To me the overall humanoid, yet beastial appearance fits perfectly for this character, thus I present to you Miserix, the Dread Lord! Flickr gallery: https://flickr.com/photos/144356067@N06/sets/72157669856198645 Note: will try to show pics on page not just link gallery, however I am doing all of this from my phone. EDIT: If anyone has MOc photography tips I'd gladly hear them.
  3. Dude this is gold.
  4. In terms of internal fights, I say Nidhiki had a tough time, if not a tough life. Read through Birth of a Dark Hunter and you start to notice that his life was pretty much one regret after another.
  5. The cross breeder children are taken away and left in the mountains due to their nature for Unrak to devour them, and the parents are bannished as well. Defeinitely not, but maybe they just pick and chose which village they want to stay in. I like to think the armor they have gives them the elemental residtance rather than their bodies.
  6. Not aurprised they're doing poorly, build is pretty simple, nothing new and the story is pretty... Flat. Shut it down I say! Switch to graphic novels and wrap up G1 you clucks.
  7. Follow up wuesfion, when MU beings die of old age are they reincarnated by RS or just let be?
  8. Yeah they vanish, but like would you just leave them there to rust for a few days/weeks/months?
  9. I was reading the Red Star topic relating to Jaller's death and it got me thinking, what do MU inhabitants do with their deceased?
  10. Does anyone know where to find scans of one of these? Apparently a lot of stuff in them isn't quite canon, but from what I've heard of them, they sound really intriguing. I'm just picturing Pohatu being horrified to learn that the Matoran thought he was angry with them every time there was a rockslide or cave-in, and Gali having to tell her villagers that no, they don't need to praise her literally every time it rains, sometimes weather happens by itself. All I've been able to find is this site, which, despite some pretty sketchy translations, does have the full rules of the Quest for Makuta board game, complete with a lot of subsequently retconned information. ONUA : the earth Toa Onua guards the land and intervenes when the equilibrium gets disturbed. The Tohunga believe that Onua causes earthquakes as punishment for the villagers when those do not treat their land well. TAHU : the fire Toa Tahu, the fire ghost, is the eldest of the Toa. He arose when the planet was shaped. This hot-headed Toa lives inside the glowing Mangai volcano, where he surfs the lavastreams. LEWA : the air Toa Lewa, the air ghost, is the youngest Toa. He rules the skies and the clouds, but he detests water. According to Lewa, showers are the result of collisions between Lewa and Gali. Peals of thunder are the sound of their battle. GALI : the water Toa Gali is the only female Toa. Despite her young age, she is very wise. According to the Tohunga, she is the source of life. She is therefore the most worshipped Toa. KOPAKA : the ice Toa The ice ghost Kopaka lives on the windy sides of Mount Ihu. His personality suits his horrible appearance: grim, calculative and cool-blooded in his acting. Even though the Tohunga fear Kopaka, they are grateful for his protection against Tahu’s fire. POHATU : the stone Toa All other Toas have a confidence firm as a rock in the old Pohatu. The Tohunga see him as the ghost present in every rock and stone, who is always watching over them. They do their utmost not to anger him, because Pohatu can punish them with destructive landslides. Lol they toa were pretty metal originally.
  11. I want to say that they are able to create heat by molecule vibration and liquid to gas conversion, but aren't programmed for the other way around so that they are able to stop molecules to the point where itms ice?
  12. I used to think the Toa Nuva were just another set of bad guys for the Mata.
  13. Interesting idea, but considering what we already know about the MU, matoran and their programming this is a highly unlikely occurence in my book. I do think however that elemental traits can be learned through intense practice/ concentration, like the OoMN did with Detoran mental shield.
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