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  1. Is this place even real? It doesn't feel real anymore.

  2. Well, being literal, nothing in ON my mind. However, going by the usual meaning.. eh, troubling thoughts.

  3. WHAT IS ON MY MIND... I dunno lol.

    1. Makuta of Xhini Nui

      Makuta of Xhini Nui

      is... is it cheese?

    2. Hexann


      Nope probably bacon

  4. Please refer to my avatar for more information. (trolololo)

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    2. Dragonfly the Luminescent
    3. Zarohum


      And yet it's unmanly to like puppies.

    4. Skarloth


      LAWL. It's all about the paradigms, man. Some people just can't see past the colorful ponies and overall girly nature of the show; on the other hand, some people can, and those people are Bronies.



  5. "I reject your reality, and subtitute my own!" -Adam Savage

  6. The Tunnel.

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    2. Skarloth


      The Tunnel :P It's an Epic that I'm working on.

    3. Zarohum



    4. Skarloth


      WAIT, WAHT. Karl? Or, who are you again? I'm hating these names changes. :<

  7. Bwah. Hello there.

  8. *Grabs spider off Kal's back*

    there, you're free again. :P

  9. :P

    I'm working on a few things, just gimme a few days, and I'll have something up soon.

  10. !yadhtrib yppaH

    !eno doog a gnivah er'uoy epoh I

    ps read backsdraw

  11. If I understood you correctly, then you wish for me to write a few stories for it, perhaps only half of an actual chapter in the canon. I shall, I will prepare two writings, and we shall finally get started with this tale.

  12. Yup, and only because I wanted to. :P

  13. ... you logical person you.


  14. Same here, um, send your char our way, I suppose.

  15. Yes, profiles are so much more reliable than the Private Messages. :P

    Sure, send her/him(see what I did there?) our way and have her/him fight Frag(and win/tie)and then you'll be in.

    Hang on, you want to help US?

    ... I'm confused. :P

  16. Whell Ih dhun knoweth, I thoughta you whould knowa thata.


  17. An online group, based on BZPower.

    It was formed by Toa Zehvor MT, who writes The Bionicles Try To Run A House series, and when fans amassed, a group formed. :)

  18. Well, down here Winter is bad, but definitely not as bad there. I can only speak English as well.

    I don't think I hate Canadians. :P

    And I don't say eh at all. Do you guys have an accent?

  19. ... I thought I was your friend. :'(

    JK... but most people got the name change. :P

  20. Years?

    Wow, you've been here as long, longer, than I have! :P

    ... why don't you post more?

  21. You live in Canada?

    Is it cold?

    Do you speak French?

    Do you Speak Russian?

    Do you constantly say EH?

    ... do you hate Americans?

    JK on the last one. XP

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