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  1. Is this place even real? It doesn't feel real anymore.

  2. IC: 337 - Officer's Entrance: 337 remained frozen at the edge of the bridge, staring down into the depths that 655 had fallen into, along with that beast. While everyone was saying farewell to the Toa, 337 was only thinking of how he could have survived. Perhaps the beast broke his fall? What if he was still alive down there? There was no way to get down, besides jumping, of course. An unnecessary loss; Rocky (as they called him) was the closest thing they had to a leader figure. With him gone, the road ahead looked dim, and futile. He could only hope that he was alright, or at least still alive. "I don't want to believe that he is dead. So I will not say goodbye, not until I see proof that he has passed on," he said, glancing down the chasm once more before turning, and heading back to the group. -Skar
  3. IC: 337 - Training Deck Hallways: Regardless of the points he had made, however few there were, it seemed that everyone else was set on going to Officer's. 337 wasn't too keen on walking blindly into traps, which is exactly what this felt like to him. Of course, he could simply walk away from it all, he could go wherever he wanted, whenever he pleased; he stayed with the group purely for the sake of the increased survival chance, as well as any chance at finding out what happened. Once again, he wasn't paying any attention to what the others may or may not have been doing, only glancing up to make sure he was still following them, and that he didn't accidentally walk right into a wall. The walk so far seemed oddly lax, as if there was little threat to their lives, even though that wasn't the case. On that note, he drew his sword, and readied his laser; this prompted a few glances from the others, but he paid them no mind. Instead, he focused on their surroundings, keeping his eyes and ears open, and occasionally looking back, just to be safe. Even if he couldn't be a leading factor in this group, he had decided that he would protect it as long as he was a part of it. -Skar
  4. IC: 337 - Training Deck, Combat Simulation Room: "I believe we have the will, but the firepower I'm no so sure of. We know absolutely nothing about these people, other than their location, and their threats." Perhaps it was a group of people, scared, but ready to fight like rahi. Or maybe it was one person, skilled enough to kill these people; one who only wanted them to believe it was a group. Another alternative could be that the being had outright lied to them, and it was the one that killed the people in the simulation room. Perhaps he- or rather, it, was only attempting to lure them into a fatal trap. Too many possibilities... too many unknowns, that's why 337 was worried about going to Officer's. -Skar
  5. IC: 337 - Training Deck, Combat Simulation Room: 337 glanced toward 655. "That's quite a risk to take. They explicitly said not to follow them; we're not even sure who they are.. what if they're working with the same one who is hunting us?" he said. Their first plan had been to go to Officers, but with that note uncovered, they would have to be far more careful. -Skar
  6. IC: 337 - Training Deck, Combat Simulation Room: Everything had suddenly picked up the pace, as the group went from entering the room, to being confronted by some sort of holographic face. The face spoke to them with an awfully distorted voice, and mentioned that they had met before.. 337 couldn't discern who this was, or where they had met before. He decided to refrain from searching through his memories to find out who this could possibly be, and instead spoke to it. "I can't say I remember you. I have an awful memory," he said to it, quite nonchalantly. "You say introduction, but something tells me you have no intention of showing yourself to us outside of that hologram." He thought about drawing his blade, but kept it sheathed for the time being. He could feel that a fight was on its way.. he would have to keep an eye on 72. Perhaps he could get her out of the room before things went south? He doubted that, and leaving the others to such a fate would be quite cruel of him. -Skar
  7. IC: 337 - Training Deck, Combat Simulation Room: Combat simulation? It was the first room 337 had seen that was even related to training so far; whether or not it actually had weapons in it or not was yet to be known. Everyone was making their way into the room, and 337 wasn't keeping his hopes up about what they might find, if anything. Their whole point of coming to the Training Deck first was to find new weaponry, but so far they hadn't found much. 337 was still behind everyone who was entering the simulation room, so he didn't have a good view of it yet. Whatever was inside, they were about to find out. -Skar
  8. IC: 337 - Training Deck: 337 followed the others down the hallway, not really paying attention to what anyone had to say. He didn't know why he was following these people; was it answers? If he wanted to know something, he could find it out himself. Survival, maybe? That was part of the reason, no doubt. Maybe he was following them because they were the only others who were around. Maybe it was because he didn't want to choose, or think. So far, he wasn't much but a silent specter, only speaking once in a while. The group moved with or without him, which made moving that much harder for 337. He figured that sitting down and waiting for the inevitability of death would be a somewhat easier path than moving forward, into the darkness of this 'ship'. Alas, he walked. His eyes trained on the ground as he kept pace with the others; there was still one back by the lift- or two, he didn't pay enough attention to know who was still back there. He glanced up toward the others sporadically, probably just to make sure they were still there. He felt quite useless, to be frank; while the others made decisions, he simply agreed or disagreed with certain ones. Suggestions and ideas floated around, but none of them were of his creation. Sigh With his mind in a fog, and his body moving seemingly on its own, 337 continued to contemplate what it is he was doing here among the others he had met back on the Personnel Deck. OOC: I'm still here, I just don't know what to do with the poor fellow right now. -Skar
  9. IC: 337 - Training Deck / Lift - Talking: "Walking is fine with me. The lift provides a sure route, most likely void of any foes that we could happen upon; but, the hallways- like 72 said- could have valuable weaponry, or other items of use. I vote on the Hallways, considering our current state of arms," he said. In all honesty, as long as the group stayed together, either way was perfectly fine to him; as long as they stayed on guard, the Hallways would be no issue for them. -Skar
  10. IC: 337 - Training Deck(?) - Following: With not much else to do or say, 337 followed the group closely, ready to spring into action should the need arise. He wasn't concerned on where they went, he figured it was best that he just follow them for now, and let everyone else decide where they should go. -Skar
  11. IC: 337 - Training Deck: "Everyone seems to be in agreement on this decision, so we best move quickly. Staying in one place for this long is going to get us in another fight," he said. He had his laser, and his sword; he wasn't sure if that made him well armed, but it was sure better than nothing. He kept a firm hand on the hilt of his blade, ready to unsheathe it if need be; and his lasers were always activated as of late, just in case. OOC: For 337... I'm not sure. I can't think of a good nickname for him. I guess one will come around sooner or later. -Skar
  12. Either the sprite is winking, or squinting one eye at me in confusion. (*Blaziken. And he's giving the thumbs up because he can) -Skar
  13. Nope. Probably won't until it comes to DVD. TPBM doesn't know which movie we're talking about. -Skar
  14. A Bionicle Sprite, and an X. /professionaldescriber -Skar
  15. IC: 337 - Training Deck: 337 turned toward 391; "655 was just making a suggestion, no need to overreact," he said to her. He turned back to the rest of the group, "Has anyone found any new weaponry so far? I know 819 found an axe of some sort. I'm not too sure how rich our findings will be.. Then again, we haven't even truly begun to search this area for anything," he said. Now that their group was back together, they could do what they originally intended to do; search for weapons to better arm themselves. After the battle that the others had been through, 337 wasn't so sure about splitting up again.. -Skar
  16. OOC: *337 IC: 337 - Training Deck, Hallway - Talking to 819: "The blast nearly killed us.. thankfully we moved out of the way in time," he told 819, who seemed to be standing on his own two feet just fine now. "We decided to check on the others, given the fact that the sounds of battle have stopped," he said, glancing down the hallway toward the elevators. -Skar
  17. IC: 337 - Training Deck - Talking: "I know. Let's get him on his feet," he said, grabbing 819 by one arm, and helping him up to his feet. It seemed that 819 had received the worst of the blast.. hence why 913 and himself could hear, while 819 was still practically deaf. "I can't exactly tell, but I think the others are done fighting... that, or my hearing isn't fully back yet. Either way, let's get back to the others," he said, making the assumption that they were all still alive. -Skar
  18. OOC: Ah, I see now. I didn't get a chance to look at the map before, my mistake. I didn't realize Training was so close to Personnel. -Skar
  19. OOC: @avmatoran, word of advice, none of the players start out on the Training Deck. Every player in the game starts out on the Personnel Deck, regardless of what else is happening in the game. IC: 337 - Training Deck - With 819 and 913: The blast had nearly killed 337, but he had moved behind it before it flashed down the hallway, demolishing everything in its path. All sound had vanished from his ears, and he found himself clutching his helmet, hitting it as if that would somehow restore his hearing. He looked over to where 819 was- he had been blasted back by the recoil of the weapon, and surprisingly 913 had already run over to check on the poor fellow. 337 made his way over to them, and saw where 819 had hit the wall, leaving it cracked; the Skakdi himself was laying on the ground, slumped up against the wall. He was covered in dust and pieces, all of it from the wall.. he hoped the guy was alright. He seemed to be conscious, but he was clearly dazed beyond belief, and in quite a bit of pain. Unfortunately, 337 had no medical experience that he knew of, and he didn't suspect 913 to be much of a doctor either. Hopefully 819 could just shake this off. -Skar
  20. Doesn't look like I missed too much. I had to read a page or two though. I'm glad this game isn't going at a million miles per hour, like other RPGs I've played. I decided against sending 337 to the Kohli room because its already got four people fighting that robot. Though, we might just end up taking a trip there, unless 819 is confident that they can beat whatever it is they're fighting. -Skar
  21. IC: 337 - Training Deck - Walking with 819: 819 had stopped to examine something, a body it looked like. 337 was too focused on the noises of battle that rang out through the air to pay that much attention. "Do you hear that? It sounds like the others found something.." he said, constantly looking back toward where the sounds were coming from. "They could be in trouble.. we should probably go back and help them," he said to the fellow Skakdi, readying his katana. -Skar
  22. ^This As much as the group needs a leader (and 72 seems to be alright so far), rankings and the like seem a bit useless now. (Unless the person is actually a capable leader, that is) -Skar
  23. IC: 337 - Personnel Deck, Elevator - Voting: It was fairly clear that they were going to Officers, as the majority of the people here wanted more information. He too wanted answers.. but supplies and weaponry sounded just as good. "I'm with 72 on this one. It'd be good to further arm ourselves as soon as possible.. then we have a better chance of surviving, and we can go to Officers with a bit more confidence," he said, hoping to sway some of the others to his logic. If they ended up going to Officers, that was no issue; they could always collect weapons and supplies afterwards, if the group truly wanted information first. -Skar
  24. EDIT: Never mind.. I'm a fast reader. Anyhow.. it looks like we're heading to Officers first. Unless most of the group decides to change their mind, for whatever reason. -Skar
  25. IC: 337 - Personnel Deck, Locker Room: He decided that this place was safe enough to leave most of his belongings here. He had nowhere to keep the rusted sword, and it wouldn't be much use to him anyhow. He did take the photo, and stored that in his suit. There wasn't much of his past here, but it was enough to keep him going; there was much more to learn.. at first he thought that he had spawned from the chamber, but this locker certainly disproved that idea. Everyone else seemed to be learning more about themselves than he, but it mattered very little to him; he had someone to find, whether or not he was on this ship was irrelevant. He saw 819 walk back from his locker. "Anything of use?" he asked the fellow Skakdi, realizing how unhelpful his own locker really was to their predicament. -Skar
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