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  1. So, after creating Falyx, I decided to create more Protector OC's! Without further ado, here they are! Each one has their own shoulder build, though not all are unique. Their main weapons mirror the Gen 2 Toa's weapons, though they aren't exactly the same in all cases. I also managed to use all of the 7 extra studs you get with the Protectors on each one. After that, however, the similarities pretty much end. All that being said, I apologize for the lackluster set up. Lighting might be pretty bad, pictures might be pretty bad, everything might be pretty bad actually. Group Shot (sorry for quality) {Falyx} A quiet, happy soul, Falyx often spends his time exploring the Region of Earth. He always finds a bright side, he always tells a bad joke or pun on purpose, and he protects his friends until the end. In battle, he prefers wielding his trusty Star WarHammer, but he has been known to wield his Spiked Ball-and-Chain. When needed, he will man one of the many Earth Turrets scattered in the central part of the region to fend off large groups of attackers. Make no mistake; though his joyful demeanor paints him as a happy-go-lucky individual, he can be completely ruthless in battle and will stop at nothing to protect those who need it. Not much is different from him from my last topic, except I updated his back to have a bit of armor (as well as to cover it up). He is probably my new Self-MoC for Gen2. I wish I could've made a different shoulder arrangement for him, but the Protector of Earth's shoulders just fit too well with him. Front Side Back Alternate Weapon Earth Turret Earth Turret Front Earth Turret Side Earth Turret Manned Crosshairs {Chath} Quiet, reserved, and generally alone, Chath finds company distracting. Though he can operate in a team, he prefers solitude, and often seems terrified of large gatherings. He tries to avoid other people, but when found in situations where it's unavoidable, he takes immense care of those with him and overreacts to any negative occurrence, as if trying to prevent something from the past from happening again. He generally fights with his Frost-Tipped Halberd, but he's also been known to use an Ice Buzz-Shield and a Blizzard WarBlade in its stead. He rides on a Rocket-Powered Sled to traverse the treacherous Region of Ice, and rumor has it he has a pet, though no one can confirm this. I kinda felt bad for making a completely new Self-MoC, so I felt that Chath deserved a Gen2 reboot. His character is barely altered, though I am making him much more quiet. As for his actual physical build, I'm not too happy with it. He just has a remade Protector of Fire build and extended limbs, and I'm not too happy with the silver 4-length shells on his torso, but otherwise he's fair enough. Front Side Back Weapon Detail Alternate Weapon Rocket-Powered Sled Rocket-Powered Sled Front Rocket-Powered Sled Side Rocket-Powered Sled Back Rocket-Powered Sled Manned P-RS M Front {Avaemer} Avaemer is skittish. Paranoid, even. Though he means well, he's always terrified that a fight is nearby, and therefore always wears lots of extra armour. He tinkers with weapons and machinery constantly, trying to make the best offensive creations he can. He is accustomed to never going anywhere alone, because "you never know when you might need backup". Though high-strung, he is an incredible fighter and can hold more than his own in a fight. He generally wields two basic Flare Blades or his Double Slicer, a weapon of his own invention. If ever alone, he rides out on his Jet Rod to add to his fire power. I wanted Avaemer's character to deviate from the "easy to enrage" and "always ready for a fight" fire characters, so I instead made him constantly over-prepared. He reminds me of a veteran back from battle, someone who knows the fight's over but he can't escape his instincts. MoC-wise, he's the first OC to have a custom shoulder set up. My only wish is that I could've used less gold, but I could only use what I had. I also used the... bone extender pieces to bulk up his forearms a bit, just looked nice to me. Front Side Back Alternate Weapon Jet Rod Jet Rod Front Jet Rod Side Jet Rod Manned JRM Front JRM Side {Staida} Staida is young and reckless. She doesn't mean to be, but she's known for getting herself into trouble. She's more than capable of getting herself out of it, but it's reached the point where the Protector of Water tries to keep her within the village when she can, though Staida always finds her way out. She makes mistakes, but takes the full blame for them, and always finds a way to right her wrongs, to whatever extent. In battle, she carries her Curved Water Spear, or more rarely her two Serrated ArmBlades. She can often be seen sailing on her Fishing Boat, though she's added a small canon to the bow of the ship. Not much to say on Staida's character, really just reminds me of Takua and Macku. Build-wise, I gave her a slightly thinner custom shoulder set, and just added some blue shells of varying sizes. I'm really glad of how her colours turned out. I also really like her boat. Front Side Back Alternate Weapons Fishing Boat Fishing Boat Front Fishing Boat Side Fishing Boat Angle Fishing Boat Manned FBM Detail 1 FBM Detail 2 {Henso} Henso is not someone you want on your bad side. She deeply cares for all life, but once you endanger something she will attack you without mercy. She swings and glides throughout the Region of Jungle stopping villagers of all kinds from hurting the wildlife. Even in instances when villagers are attacked without provoking the attacker, she will often scold the villager to be more careful. She swings into battle with Wind-Bred Axe or with her Chain Whip, and soars through the air on her Jungle Glider, armed with an aerial gun. I've always felt that a Air or Plantlife Toa would not be the kind of person you'd want to get into a fight with, mainly because those two elements are so deeply tied with nature that they have a lot to protect. So, I made Henso the living embodiment of Wildlife Protection. She knows how to tame any beast and how to attack anyone. Her construction wasn't all that difficult, either. She has her own shoulder construction, and other than a bit of work getting some printing off of the dark green 5-length armor shell on her torso and finding some lime green shells, she was a relative breeze. Front Side Back Alternate Weapon Jungle Glider Jungle Glider Top Jungle Glider Bottom Jungle Glider Manned JGM Front JGM Bottom {Peska} Peska is seemingly always upset. She hates the desert, she hates the sand, and she hates the heat. Any chance she gets to travel, she takes, just so she doesn't have to deal with all the blasted sand. When out of her element, she's actually very happy to be around and playful. She and Falyx get along swimmingly, telling jokes to each other, but once she's back in the Region of Stone that all changes. She really hates the sand. The only good thing about her Region are all the large stones that protrude out of the desert, creating amazing plateaus and deep ravines, but even those tend to have their fair share of sand. She carries two Sharpened Boomerangs into battle, or her two Energized Shortswords once those are gone. To get around, she uses her Sand Drifter, kicking up a condensed sandstorm wherever she goes. I've always kinda wondered what would happen if a Toa or Matoran wasn't a huge fan of their element, and that bled into Peska's character. I wanted her to be a lot like the original Pohatu, but only under certain conditions. Her construction, however, was probably the hardest. She had the most alterations, at least. Her back and shoulders, while custom, aren't my favourite thing in the world, and I wish I didn't have to use any of the gold, but I was itching for pieces. Fully realized, however, I think she pulls it all off. Front Side Back Alternate Weapons Sand Drifter Sand Drifter Front Sand Drifter Side Sand Drifter Manned SDM Front SDM Side Deeply sorry for the length of this topic! Any thoughts and criticisms are more than welcome! (though odds I've already thought of the criticisms that you may have)
  2. I agree with Cwog, I love the MoC all up until the Great Rurus under the eye, and my only other gripe is that I thought the two blue pins were eyes head on, if there's a way to cover that up I'd say do it, if you have access to black pegs with axels, those'll do. Not sure otherwise. Overall though, I love the idea of an anti-Keetongu. Most people don't do corruptions of Keetongu, and it's a really interesting idea!
  3. It's really neat to see people revamping pre bionicle sets, as well as using old purple. The overall redesign looks really cool, and I love the use of some of the pieces!
  4. took some pics of my MoCs and they were all blurry yaaaay

  5. Thanks! I wish there were more colours of the new armor add on, but I feel that would make his chest stick out too much, like on most of the Protectors, and while regarding official measurements his chest piece makes him as large as the rest of them, the wings being angled inward give it a look of not being as deep. I actually thought about that! But, seeing as the hammer is spiked, I think it's a better fit for a warhammer than a crafting hammer, but I'm glad you like it! I mean I can't really take credit for the back build because it is just the Protector of Earth's back build, but I'm glad Falyx is appreciated for his attributes.
  6. I really like this, this is one of the only things I've ever seen actually have a justifiable use for those Mixel eyes (I think those are mixel eyes?). I can't even tell how you built it but it's lovely and I wish I could recreate it myself!
  7. Tagakau WARNING, images may be LARGE. Sorry, I didn't realize the properties of my camera until trying to post this. Also, sorry for the bad lighting, not really good with photography. Mythical Drake Front View Dorsal View Head/Mouth Detail Land Waddler Walking Front View Walking Dorsal View The Tagakau, literally the Free-Flowing Water Spirit, is a generally benevolent creature, but has dangerous destructive tendencies. While in the ocean they are as graceful as can be, they occasionally harm those who get too close with their blades by just swimming near the unintentionally. Despite this, they are fairly docile herbivores, who use their bottom teeth to tear up dense vegetation to eat. These creatures are also able to survive on land, but are much more clumsy and dangerous. Their small arms unfold as their main fins fold back, and their hind fins are used to walk, but they are very unsure on land, and generally only come to land when building a nest. They use their bladed forearms to cut down branches to form the nest by sharpening the branches and sticking them around a pile of sand, outward, which would potentially impale any who try to eat their young. When they hatch, the infant Tagakaus cut their way out of the nest, flop their way to the nearest body of water, and start eating any and all vegetation in sight. The symbols on the Tagakau's fins and down their back glow, and no one really quite knows their purpose, as they don't glow with emotion or to attract mates. I got the idea for the Tagakau by looking at a mythical Salamander, the fire ones with 9 limbs? I wanted to make a walking, swimming lizard creature, and so I came up with the basic design of the Tagakau without the arms. Sadly, to fill in the underbelly with armor, I had to use the remaining pieces I had, which then became the arms and blades. I prefer the Tagakau when swimming, as I assume it prefers to swim too, because it has nice little pose function. By using the tips of their blades and the bottom of their thick tail, you can set them up so it looks like they're swimming, which I thought was neat. The head isn't my best, nor are all the Hero Cores, but I wanted to fill in those Hero Chest Pieces, and justified it with the "odd glowing glyphs" trope. Overall, this isn't my favourite, but it CERTAINLY isn't my least favourite (and may it never see the light of day...)
  8. Sākeramua WARNING, images may be LARGE. Sorry, I didn't realize the properties of my camera until trying to post this. Also, sorry for the bad lighting, not really good with photography. Terrifying Chimaera Front View Side View Rear Dorsal View Front Dorsal View Head/Mouth Detail The Sākeramua, literally the Ravenous Shelled Tiger, is a terrifying enigma in the land of Okoto. Living mostly in the Regions of Ice and Stone, nothing about them seems normal. They have the head and torso of a tiger, a shell of a turtle, the hind legs of a goat, and a tail and unhingable jaw of a snake. Villagers of all Regions have learned to fear the Sākeramua, as they are some of the most deadly creatures on the island. They eat anything, they very rarely stop eating, and they will attack blades of grass for blowing the wrong way. Their spurs on their paws shred the poor creature even more than the claws would themselves, and its hind legs can deal massive blunt damage. The shell is near impervious, too, with the only known weakness being a well placed spear in the side, and even that seems to only enrage the creature more. Despite their vicious rage, they often group together in packs of 6-10, and one pack has been known to destroy all wildlife, even landscapes if they're desperate enough. If you ever see a Sākeramua, make sure it does not see you, or else you will never be seen again. This is a very interesting... thing. the jaw is so large because I had to find a way to connect the orange Onua claw without it forcing the sabertooth helmet off, and i don't really remember the justification of the shell. It just sorta happened. I was probably just trying to cover up the back but it got way too bulky. I wish I could redo the hind legs with better feet, but I don't have very many orange pieces and I was pretty pressed for pieces anyway. Overall, this guy was just fun to make, and I wanted to make this the most dangerous thing on the island, sorta like the Manas were on Mata-Nui.
  9. Nui-Hunamua WARNING, images may be LARGE. Sorry, I didn't realize the properties of my camera until trying to post this. Also, sorry for the bad lighting, not really good with photography. The Hunter (^in case the image is too large^) Front View Rear/Dorsal View Head/Mouth Detail The Nui-Hunamua, literally meaning the Great Hidden Tiger, is a seldom seen beast. Silent, camouflaged, and deadly when hungry or threatened, the Nui-Hunamua has been known to stalk its prey for days in the dense Region of the Jungle, waiting for the opportune moment to strike. Other than the occasional spotting by a villager in the jungle, not much is known about these creatures, and no one really knows how many are out there. They are frighteningly intelligent, outwitting several traps set by the villagers in an effort to study them better. The Nui-Hunamua is pretty basic. I knew I wanted to make another quadrupedal creature (accidentally said bipedal whoops), thought it'd be kinda neat to create a bull and a tiger in the same get go with similar dimensions. I know the head I'm using is TECHNICALLY a bear helmet, but it looks like a panther head okay? To be quite honest, the only part that I really like is the head. I feel like I did a much better job making this head than the Haktakane, though I like the Haktakane's body better. The way I set the Nui-Hunamua's back up though actually allows a Protector of Jungle to ride it (if they can ever catch one).
  10. Haktakane WARNING, images may be LARGE. Sorry, I didn't realize the properties of my camera until trying to post this. Also, sorry for the bad lighting, not really good with photography. The Beast (^in case the picture is too large^) Front View Side View Dorsal View Head/Mouth Detail 1 Head/Mouth Detail 2 Its name, Haktakane, should literally stand for "Armoured Flare Bull". These beasts, generally found around and in lava flows, are extremely territorial. They will blast concentrated flames from their horns on a near constant basis, as both a display of power and as a potential weapon. Their hides are thick with natural armour plating, and use both the armour and their heads to bash any threats, and will then slice with their firey horns. Though in the wild they are very territorial, they can get along with the villagers just fine, so long as the villagers respect the creature. In some instances, the Haktakane have even been tamed and used as mounts, for once a Haktakane forms a bond with someone or something, they will protect it with their lives. They do have terrible eyesight and have been known to charge at boulders, thinking it was another Haktakane infringing on their territory. They feed on lava and magma, causing their underbelly to glow and emit heat, and they have been known to belch fire in some instances, both to the surprise of the observer and the Haktakane. I got the idea for this heavy bovine by looking at the armor add ons that I used as hooves. They were lying around, and I wanted to do something with them, and saw they made excellent hooves. Once I knew I wanted to make a bull, the rest of the body just fell together. It's fairly simple, but I'm proud of it. The head isn't what I want it to be, the eyes are too small in comparison to the head for my liking (so I tied it in with the lore), and it doesn't really have a bull feel. I wish the horns weren't angled so far outward, but otherwise I like the horns. Sadly, I'm taking him apart so I can make a body for the new Transparent Orange Hau, but this bull was what got me back into MOCing.
  11. Falyx WARNING, images may be LARGE. Sorry, I didn't realize the properties of my camera until trying to post this. Also, sorry for the bad lighting, not really good with photography. Aaaand Pose! (^in case the picture is too large for BZP guidelines^) Front View Side View Back View Hammer Detail So, I knew right when I saw that purple was now in the mix again that I would fall in love with the Protector of Earth. Luckily, from buying all the new sets from lego, I racked up enough VIP points to get another Protector of Earth, and voila, Falyx was born. I was sorta disappointed with the limbs on the PoE, so I tried to extend Falyx's a bit more, and I felt like the Star Drill could be used better, and thus I created the Star Hammer. It spins, too, by turning the uh.. gear/knob/Glatorian health indicator on the back, but it has enough friction to stay in a fixed position if you wish. I also wanted to give Falyx some actual chest armor, so I took off the the new launcher (which is in another project of mine) and added on a length 5 black armor shell, and added that purple spy drone thing as some better armor. I used all 7 extra studs to cover up some open holes, mainly those on his feet and those inside his torso from his broadened shoulders. Other than a few extra shells and bones, though, he isn't too much different. I wanted to stick with the broader shoulders the PoE had, so I stuck with it. My only complaint is that the opaque purple and transparent purple are a bit different but hey, it's all purple to me. I plan on making an updated Chath once I get another Protector of Ice, if I can, so Falyx is not the last Protector OC you'll see from me. Protector OC you'll see from me... nice flow.
  12. Today's the day folks, gonna finally maybe post those mocs

  13. I really like the size of this rendition, and I really like how you utilized the trans lime green. I wish it was yellow, but that's a parts limitation, but still looks awesome! Though it's been said before, I wish a different mask had been used, but again as of now that could be a parts limitation, unless you know of a good way to connect metru heads to CCBS (I haven't tried it out yet). I also wish the axel on the back of his scythe/staff/kohlii stick was covered with a silver Bohrok eye or something, it just... Seems empty right there. And the blaster also, to me at least, feels like it just hangs there? I can tell part of the idea of its design comes from the Protector of Ice but it doesn't seem to be held well, considering on how we hold things, but this is an issue I understand because it's very hard for the Gera function of the blaster to work well with connection to the hands. Overall though, great MoC! Glad someone other than Kopaka can have gold and white!
  14. This rendition is incredible! I'd say the Gold Skinned Being is probably one of the biggest open ends in the story (at least on my mind), and I've always wanted some official form of physical representation so I could at least picture how it might act. At least with Marendar we know exactly what it wants/wanted to do. This guy, however, is... Well, mysterious. Overall, I love the consistencty in the body and colors, while it feels bulky it also feels naked, if that makes any sense. The face in general just looks really well done, when I first saw it, it reminded me of a demonic mask of creation from gen2 haha. But this is an incredible MoC, with my only complaint probably being the upper legs. While I like the design, they seem kinda... Well, they seem a bit too thin based on the feet and upper body, but I'm not sure if this is just a personal viewpoint or an actual criticism yet. I don't even know if anything could be done to keep the whole thing in proportion, anyway. I know this was long, sorry, but thank you for this awesome interpretation of an otherwise unknown character!
  15. This is actually one of the best Kaita MOCs of any of the Gen 2 sets I've seen! Some parts of the limbs seem a bit thin but I generally enjoy this look! I feel like it does a great job of capturing what a Kaita would look like, and it looks enough like its own entity to exist but also like a combination and I feel like that's what Kaita MOCs need, a perfect meld. Good job, this looks amazing!
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