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  1. Thank ya! I'm glad you think he's interesting. I have a clover mite to thank for the orange splat on the top left corner. It couldn't resist the kopaker. BLOODSHED
  2. You know well that low-brow intense glares is my thing! As for the masks, I imagine them to be all partial face coverings as opposed to a full helmet kind of thing. Thank you! Aww, thank you!
  3. Hehe! I'm loving your humour It's great to see your art again!
  4. Gotta love Jaller's butt. But seriously, it's very romantic and the streaming glow is simply dreamy
  5. I didn't slip Original Colour Original Sketch A rather quick rendering of Kopaka humanized, drawn with Copic markers & gouache. Enjoy! So, I've finally done it! After years of refusing to draw Bionicles, I finally gave in... Koolpak's always been my favourite, so it was only natural that it'd be him. A big thanks to EandPi2333 for letting me fuse his version of Kopaker with this guy (I had to start somewhere )!
  6. comment virginity (insert thomas here)

  7. Haha, I'm glad to hear that Ah, I see! Well with only what time you have left in the course, it might be for the best to leave the dog tag be. Best of luck with your final project! Yes, that's exactly it. It's similar to a rotary tool, but the pedal that controls the rotational speed is crucial. You're very welcome!
  8. Really beautiful work! That consideration of the light reflection for the coins is so clever; the effect is simply stunning. Your saw piercing work is really well done! (How many saw blades did you break? hehe) Your dog tag looks wonderful as is; I have a thing for mixed metals You could always emery off the oxidization if you find that you don't like the effect; or even do experimental dipping in layers. I can also see this design done in a single sheet (no fussy soldering yay), where the brass design is cut away, leaving a hole. Then you can dip that in liver of sulfur and emery only the surface, leaving the metal thickness darkened to make it pop! (am I making any sense here? I got a little too excited ) It's good to hear that you'd like to get your own tools! I'm sure you don't have to invest in a drill press, as a flex shaft should do you just fine in terms of drilling the metal thickness you're working with. Plus, you can do so much more with a flex shaft (like polishing and engraving) than with a drill press
  9. come visit us at The Exo-Force Club on dA! http://theexo-forceclub.deviantart.com/

  10. ..Ok, I have to ask it, why did you chose such name? (BTW, cool drawings of the EF team!)

    1. .melancholiste


      I chose it because I love birds. :P


      And thank you!! :D

      If you wanted to see my art, just go here



      The thought of posting my work up on bzp isn't quite as appealing anymore. Probably because I don't have many finished works. D:

    2. Hidron Nuva

      Hidron Nuva

      I've checked it oul already! I see you've updated your gallery :D

      I never finish my works, either :\

      Also it's been quite a while since I last drew something lego-related (except for non-existing elven minifigures).


  11. Hellooooo! Have you been doing any doodlies lately? :D

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    2. Hidron Nuva

      Hidron Nuva



      I want to see it :(

      I really miss drawing (or not having to do it at 3:21am like now), and studying anatomy and all that stuff sounds cool :\

      Lonely? Why so? I thought there was more cooperation and group projects


      ...may I see some drawings? :D

    3. .melancholiste




      It's lonely because you only get to see the same people once a week. D:


    4. Hidron Nuva

      Hidron Nuva



      You meet other classmates only once a week? I thought there were different courses, and in each you could meet different people. Well, I think it would be better than my course anyway :\

      OH NOOEZ D:


  12. Lovely! I didn't think you could you plastic canvas in this manner. It's cool! The LEGO embroidery is a nice touch, too. but we can see the marker ahem You can use regular chalk to outline your patterns so that you can rub the lines off when you're done.
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