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  1. Earlier this week I discovered that my childhood heroes were making a comeback. Kind of unbelievable that I'll get to see Tahu and the other toa back on the shelves again as brand new sets. With this in mind, I thought it wouldn't be a bad idea to reflect on the toy series I literally grew up with. This might seem like some longish life story rant, but bear with me. You know how everyone remembers those special firsts in their life? For me, that first Bionicle set was probably one of the earliest memories I had. It was simple enough getting it, I was about five years old and out shopping with my aunt, when she got me the Bohrok, Gahlok, more or less because I looked at it like it was pretty cool. I was too young to figure out how ball and socket joints worked at that age so a team of my uncle, my dad, and my cousin took about three hours to figure it out and build it for me. I adored that thing, and thus started my obsession with Bionicle. Over the next few years I would collect just about everything Bionicle I could find. I collected all the quarters and dollars I could find just so I could save up for the future sets that were previewed in the LEGO catalog. I collected at least one hundred sets, each movie, those small comics, heck I even had Bionicle shoes with replaceable Rahkshi heads on them. I was a loyal follower to the story the entire way through. It couldn't have been a better time to be a kid... Until the teenage years happened. I still collected all the sets I could and followed the story, but getting caught with Bionicle doesn't exactly make you the coolest person in the judgmental world of the 8th grade. All the sets that once graced every square inch of my shelves were hoarded under the bed as I started to grow up. Then in 2009, I logged in here and saw the news that the Bionicle line was cancelled. It might sound a bit over dramatic, but that's pretty much the exact moment I realized my childhood was over. And now here I am about 4ish years later. In that time span I've formed some really close friendships, almost finished high school, and applied to colleges. In that time, Bionicle never really crossed my mind too much. I would occasionally pick up one of my favorite sets, but never really gave attention to my whole collection. So now we've got new sets coming out in January. Moving away from the Bionicle obsessed kid, and moving on to the more neutral younger man, how do I feel? Well having some new sets is awesome first off. Bionicle is back and it'll be the easiest way I can feel like a little kid again. However, I do have a few complaints with the sets themselves. When Bionicle was canceled and Hero Factory was revealed I made a comment on here how, "These could pretty much be new Bionicle sets, but with a new logo slapped over them." Inversely, I feel that these new Bionicle sets look EXACTLY like a Hero Factory set did, but with the Bionicle logo slapped on it. Will marketing a brand that invokes the sense of nostalgia I described earlier work for me? Yeah, it will. I plan on getting one or two of the new sets. But in the long run, I really hope there's some kind of variations between each set year that made pre-inika Bionicle amazing. Only then I might even consider actually buying one or two as a broke college kid. Even if I have no plans on buying Bionicle, I'm a little worried in general that this reboot won't capture the same kind of magic that the original sets had, if that makes any sense. Also a smaller complaint, but please tell me the new sets are going in the little plastic containers. I bought a Hero Factory set as a birthday present for my little brother last year and having it packaged in a bag felt a bit strange. And now that my life story/rant is over, I want to ask a few questions to spawn some discussion. -What did Bionicle mean to you growing up? -Do you think that the Bionicle reboot has a long, successful future once again? -Will the return of Bionicle reignite some popularity in this website? I'm not exactly sure what the userbase is like now since I probably haven't logged on over two and a half years.
  2. Space sloths.... well worlds gotta end one way or the other.

    1. Calvirick


      Yolo guys. remember that.

  3. I haven't been on this website in months. The first thing I see when I return is zombie Pinkie Pie and LNU. I might be too scared to return for the next few months...Lets Go Mountaineers!
  4. There are two things in this world in which I will never understand until I die. Women and poetry.Lets Go Mountaineers!
  5. All I need to do is click one button on my iPod. It's pretty easy.TPBM would hug a pony.Lets Go Mountaineers!
  6. Space Jam is the highest grossing basketball movie of all time.Lets Go Mountaineers!
  7. WVUFan!

    Mall Patrol

    New ComicLets Go Mountaineers!
  8. Eeyup. But at least I get tacos soon.TPBM wishes they were eating tacos right now.Lets Go Mountaineers!
  9. Today sounds like an interesting day to attack a stalwart.Lets Go Mountaineers!
  10. Megablocks and Roseart are owned by the same evil company.Lets Go Mountaineers!
  11. WVUFan!

    R.a.t. Reloaded

    Cutting cake with chainsaws and TNT....That's how I celebrate my birthday, I don't see what Soran sees wrong.Lets Go Mountaineers!
  12. R.I.P Bill Stewart

  13. WVUFan!

    R.a.t. Reloaded

    1. I can't believe I missed another WVUFan vs. ClemsonFan story arc. Regardless, great job with those.2. I actually laughed at the end of the 911 comic.Lets Go Mountaineers!
  14. For those interested, here's College Football Live's preseason Top 25. (Sorry for the formatting issues)1. USC 2. LSU 3. Alabama 4. Oregon 5. Oklahoma 6. Georgia 7. Florida St. 8. South Carolina 9. Arkansas 10. Michigan 11. West Virginia 12. Michigan State 13. Kansas State 14. TCU 15. Stanford 16. Wisconsin 17. Nebraska 18. Clemson 19. Virginia Tech 20. Ohio State 21. Oklahoma State 22. Texas 23 . Boise State 24. Notre Dame 25. Florida Lets Go Mountaineers!
  15. WVUFan!

    R.a.t. Reloaded

    I still remember Dr. Doctor and the brocoli. Two of the greatest characters of all time.Also I belief you have created a paradox by showing true forgotten characters in the Land of Forgotten Characters. By putting them in there, clearly you remember them, but by putting them in a place called The Land of Forgotten Characters, they should be forgotten by you. Because robots explode when they hear paradoxes, and the characters are 80% robotic, everyone should be dead. Good job.Lets Go Mountaineers!
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