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  1. Better villains. In G1, the Barraki and Makuta characters were pretty interesting in that they had unique designs and different personalities. In G2, the villain sets like the Skull team and the Beasts are just nameless grunts. Umarak was like the only developed villain but he's just one character that barely lasted.
  2. I'd say sets. Most years I don't follow the story but get the sets if they look cool. Then, if the sets are really cool, I might do some digging and find the story.
  3. Not a fan of high pitched villain voices. Reminds me of Starscream from Transformers, but then he was just a subordinate sidekick. The main villain should sound menacing, not silly.
  4. Is stocking in stores sporadic for anyone else? My Target and Walmart each only have like 2-3 of the new Toa placed haphazardly around the Lego section (sometimes on different shelves). Only Toys R Us has all of them available but even then, they're mixed in with the 2015 sets.
  5. I don't like extreme climates or environments. I'd probably be doomed anywhere
  6. You just reached 1,000 posts! Congrats :)

  7. I thought CCBS was intended for more humanoid characters, since it allows for a more smooth, uniform appearance. The Star Wars figures look pretty good so far, but it seems to clash with Bionicle's mechanized parts.
  8. So you saw this happen quite a few times when the Barraki were actually out on store shelves? Yeah, I remember going to Walmart when the Barraki first came out and they had a hundred of them in all colors, and I noticed that some of the blue ones had black lids. I just assumed it was a factory error. If I'd received one as a gift, I'd probably go exchange it for a correct one, and would most certainly not pay $200 for it . I also vaguely remember seeing Pridak with a black lid at some point. Perhaps black was just the universal replacement if there was a shortage or something.
  9. they made two lewas, pohatus, and antrozes in 2008, and two mata-nuis in 2009, it's similar to that, except this one's actually a story significant transformation. :b Those were typically choose one or another. Most people probably wouldn't buy a $10 set after buying a $40 one with nearly the same figure. But if it's like two versions of the same character, display dioramas are gonna look weird D:
  10. No, they're just Y-joints and Glatorian necks connected with a regular 2M axle. You can tell in this pic from Zusammengebaut. The Glatorian necks do appear to be a new recolor, though (Bright Orange). I really like the leg builds on these summer sets since they're not just simple bone pieces anymore. Also, did they really make two Umaraks in one year? o.O
  11. I've seen this in stores before back in 2007. They either mixed up the caps in the factory or ran out of blues and went with black. I might say the latter, since the ones I saw also used black instead of red or yellow or some other vibrant color--black fits better with blue. Not sure if it's worth $200 tho.
  12. Aww, that's sad :/ Like thrown in the trash? My mom's gotten me a Bionicle per birthday since 2001 cause she has no idea what else to get XD The G1-G2 gap was an interesting time.
  13. I stopped thinking about eye color consistency when they couldn't even get the eye colors right on the Barraki instruction manuals. Like, did someone just go and photoshop the eye colors differently for the booklet?
  14. I would try a very slightly damp q-tip and rub at it. Is it like a press stamp?
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