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  1. Yeah. And by delete, I mean, I'm leaving. Permanently.
  2. Just wondering: is it possible to delete my profile?
  3. Aren't Grunt names supposed to be repeating (ie Yipyip, Flipyap)? Sorry for being a stickler, Zacax, I'm kinda the Halo equivalent of a Trekkie.
  4. IC- Rex: He fired again and again, until the Watcher exploded. He ducked behind cover and thumbed shells into the M45D.
  5. Slightly above the abilities of a normal human. Slightly.
  6. The enhanced strength, speed, and agility were what was being aimed for when he was augmented, but his senses aren't superhuman, just enhanced.
  7. Name: Rex DrakeCodename: SpartaAge: 17Gender: MaleFaction: SHIELDPower(S): Enhanced strength/speed/agility/sensesAppearance: Rex has spiky black hair and piercing silver eyes. He has several scars on his face: one on his left cheek in the shape of a crescent moon with three slashes through it, and a T-shaped one on his right cheek that stretches from the base of his ear to under his eye. His suit consists of a black body glove, with gold-colored titanium-plated Kevlar armor plates on his shins, chest, upper and lower arms.Weapons: Telescopic spear, shield, short swordSkills: Hand-to-hand and close-quarters combatPersonality: Kind of quiet, but once you get to know him, he is friendly. He dislikes killing, and refrains from using deadly force on his opponents (unless facing a robot).Weakness: Habit of disobeying orders to help others, big groups (unless in combat), sometimes has a habit of using too much forceBio: Orphaned when he was young, Rex was "adopted" to become the ultimate assassin. He was trained and augmented by a cruel and unforgiving master. Over time, he began formulating a plan that culminated to one thing: the death of his master. However, his master got wind of this, and attempted to kill him. After a long and grueling battle, Rex had killed his master. Soon, he became an assassin and spy, and was eventually recruited by SHIELD.
  8. I'm basing this character on a Teen Titan one I created. And can SHIELD members have weapons?
  9. Then I'll go with the concept of the super-assassin-who-rebelled-against-his-trainer.
  10. IC- Rex: Free, the Spartan grabbed his shotgun and opened fire on the Watcher.
  11. Okay, I was thinking 2% bird, 2% reptile.
  12. Shame. Looks like I'll have to go with my super soldier.
  13. Debating joining... Are characters with wings in short supply?
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