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  1. Its been a really long time since i saw a bionicle, and made some mistakes (esp the hand and sword arm) https://m.hugelol.com/lol/725342 <- video of the drawing (sped up 20x)
  2. well i kinda just wanna get rid of all of them cuz I don't have time for Bionicle anymore so trading would kinda not be useful for me. Thanks for the reply though, and sry
  3. Note: Lot is 17 pounds So basically today I spent a couple hours removing megablocks, k'nex, and other random stuff from my old Bionicle parts collection. I've realized that I no longer use these parts and they basically take up space in my closet, and I thought that maybe you guys might want some. I know for a fact that there are parts from the first generation of bionicles, all the way to whichever generation the 12 inch tall Takanuva and the Toa of Life sets were out. There are also some normal lego and some NXT parts mixed in . I have parts of almost every set that existed in that timeframe, but the issue is that a lot of parts have been lost over time, so I can't guarantee that you will be able to build like, a full Axonn set from the parts (though I think you can). The parts do have some wear on them, as well, definitely not mint condition. Anyway, here are the pics I have, and I can post more if you request. I can also look for specific parts in the lot, in case you want a specific mask or something. Btw even if nobody here wants to buy this, I'd still like to know the approximate value of this parts lot so I can list it on ebay. Don't want to scam or be scammed, y'know
  4. Are you allowed to put your own ebay auction here?
  5. the mask of the red one in the first line of the toas was my favorite for years. I think it's the hau, right? I remember buying the big underwater guy set (google tells me it's the maxilos/spinax set) because his mask kind of reminded me of the hau.
  6. i remember thinking that the rubber masks (and the smooth, featureless 'avocado heads' beneath them) were disappointing. I also think that the movement away from complex gear-based designs to very basic sets with a low amount of pieces in them was disappointing. Also, I found earlier pieces easier to use in order to create my own creations, while the newer pieces were bigger (because the newer models has less pieces, the new sets had bigger, clunkier pieces, if I remember correctly).
  7. i made this account when i was incredibly young (as evidenced by the cringeworthy name). how has the bionicle community held up after all of these years?
  8. Welcome to BZPower. If you need help with something, please take a look on the New Member Q&A , leave a comment on my profile or PM me. You are able to do this, if you have 10 posts. But please read the rules before posting. Have fun here.

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