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  2. Welcome to the Fish Bowl Champions. As our grand comeback we've thrown traditional multi-author comic making at the wall, stepped on it a few times, left it out in the rain, beat it with a legendary artifact rock salt door that menaces with spikes of cloth, and finally buried in soft peat for three months and recycled it as firelighters. We have three authors that have come back from the dead. Decei, Garda, and Utah. And joining us as our three PGSs we have, Henning, Joland, and Mizkio. So with that said. Enjoy. ​C&C appreciated just be polite about it. COMICS: Introduction GS COMICS: (None Yet.) GS SIGNUPS: Name:Link to Sprite:Which Author you would like to GS you:Other random stuff(Powers. etc.): GS RULES: 1. Don't complain if you don't like your Guest Star Comic. 2. We'll get to GSing you whenever we get to, don't complain about waiting. Be patient. 3. We don't care if you sign-up more than once, but if you do sign-up more than once, don't plan on you being on top of the list, unless there is no one else on the list. CREDITS: Rahi Zaku for RZMIK.Google for images. Justax-Kal for Garda's and Decei's Mask. Garda for Garda and Henning's Sprite. Decei for Decei's sprite. Utah for Utah's and Joland's sprite. Mizkio for Mizkio's sprite. Forgery made random sprites and sprited weapons. VALVe for Team Fortress 2 and Hats.
  3. Essentially.. What happened was Makron gave his assistant a letter,to give to the mail man.. The mail man then proceeds to deliver the mail to Cahli who then opens it, and is offered an opportunity that she's tried hard to get before. She then proceeded to go find Gavla outside of their home/broken ship, Gavla is dreaming about him looking all snazzy with a blue flower near his right shoulder, he's enjoying it. A lot. Cahli shows up.. Pulls her knife out of her pocket/sleeve. She's just about to stab him, but then she realizes that this man has let her stay, even though she had tried countless of times to stab him before. Cahli then proceeds to sink the knife into the back of his head, and in the 2nd to last panel, she almost looks like she regrets it. But in the last panel, her eyes seem to have come back to her killer self. This comic leaves a huge question in my mind, especially for me, since Gavla is the main character, and he has MG inside of him. Does this mean MG is released? How will this effect Cahli? How will this effect his other friends? Will his friends find out if Cahli killed him or not? Will they even realize that he's been murdered? Will Toasterbot save him? What will Makron do now? Where did he go? Is Gavla even dead? Or just knocked out? I have even more. Soooo many questions that bother me, because I really want to know.On a side note, I find completely and utterly rude, that you guys would be talking about different comic maker rather than the one that this comic thread belongs to. There's a reason we have PM boxes.I'm not a moderator or anything, but.. It'd be nice if it can be about the comic maker's thread. Rather than some other comic maker that may or may not come back.
  4. When I read the sixth panel of the latest comic, I thought of the Pokémon song. "We shall travel across the land, searching far and wide."Anyway, it's pretty cool, keep it up buddy.
  5. Garda


    Really..? How am I a "stalker?" I'm more like the insane freak of the NGC, just saying.
  6. I just use the Shotgun or Widowmaker.. I like the Widowmaker because as long as I hit my target I get more metal.. And I don't have to reload. And as for the Shotgun. I find it even better to have 6 shots.. I really dislike losing my clips. Kind of like the Rocket Launcher compared to the Black Box. I don't think that 45 health is worth losing one rocket.. I prefer to have all of my rockets, and then when I lose my clip I switch to Shotgun.Also for the new guys, if anyone is interested add me on Steam.. Right now my current name is "[TBBCs] Garda" With the same avatar as mine on BZP. I'll help you as well.. Especially on Scout, Soldier, Demo, Sniper, Medic, and maybe a bit of Spy.
  7. Garda


    Okay.. Bio.. This is absolutely amazing.. I wish I could draw like that.. But I have to stick with old fashioned sprites.. So old fashion.. Anyway I think Cal has some competition though.
  8. -DJ-

    Sup, dude. Long time. What's up?

  9. EverQuest II is a Massively Multi-player Online Role-Playing game. There are several different classes and races you can play and worlds you can go into.. And it's all free. :PWas wondering if anybody played?If so.. Any thoughts on the new merged servers and Beastlord?
  10. Stalwart Defender.. Stalwart.. Reminds me of Walmart.. So.. He must be a Walmart Defender.
  11. If you ever heard us on mic, you wouldn't wonder why Also yes, that will also come into play at some point. Right now, however, I'm finishing the introduction of a few more new (and old) characters.Ah. I unfortunately don't have a mic, even though I have Skype. Even so, a child like me would have an annoying voice, or depending if you find it annoying...Alrighty. All I need to know, because one got GS'd early, so, I wasn't sure.Wait, who got GS'd early, again?Garda.Who was murdered.I believe that you have this mixed up with another comic.. Which I was also murdered again.. Now that I think about it.. I get murdered a lot, but Kahi hasn't murdered.. Yet. But I believe you are thinking about the comic where I screamed at the top of my lungs cause I was in a relationship with Alena. v.v lolAnyway.. Yea..
  12. "WHERE IS SANTA, ELF?!" I love it. Very random, short, and sweet. Reminds me of my old comics. >.<
  13. Now that I've put more thought into it.. I'd have to say that any class can be really easy to play, it all depends on you, and who you are against, and of course the circumstances. But yes, Soldier can be easy to play. But now that I've put more thought into it, all of the classes are pretty much even.. Soo.. Speaking of which, Is there a way to take out a Soldier as a Scout, since Scout is my primary class, and when you told me to sneak up from behind, and get a couple of meat shots. Then book it. And get some farther away shots.(This was for the Pyro.) But the problem with this is.. The Soldier will turn around and shoot me once and I'm dead.. Nothing works. I play a Soldier as well, and it almost seems that the Soldier has no real weakness to the scout, it can just take it out in one shot. Of course the Scout could sneak up, but the Soldier could just turn around, and shoot once, and death. Especially if you are playing at a CTF map like Turbine. This also comes in with the Pyro too. The Pyro is able to just turn around and burn me, of course I can turn around and try to get away, but if I turn around, the backburner will destroy me.. And if I throw down the Mad Milk, it'll extinguish it for just a second, and then I'm gone anyway.
  14. Garda


    http://www.brickshelf.com/gallery/zek12/PortalPanic/you_just_got_kohud.pngThat's what I imagined when I saw the comic.
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