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  1. IC: Lapu The Toa of Plants could feel no plants around him. His eyes could see them, but there was no life there. A chill ran down his spine that stood at odds with the overbearing heat of the region. This was less pleasant than he had anticipated.
  2. OoC: Hello there! IC: The Tahtorak Crew - Spineless Bay, Tahtorak Encampment A second glance at the camp's sign would show that the "outpost" that had formerly been there had been boarded over, replaced with a new driftwood plank that read "Encampment" instead. Tahtorak Encampment it was. And it was looking slightly less shabby than the last time the Razorfish crew had spotted it. Only slightly though. They hadn't been expecting the folks in the boat to return so quickly. "Nobody wake up Lookout," Gashril told the group around her, and she strolled forward, a few chuckles passing through the bystanders. "Welcome to our ramshackle!" she greeted Madam large-and-in-charge, arms wide. She, herself, stood at an imposing height, though not the most imposing of the crew. Her right arm was tightly enveloped in a simple but well-made shouter-to-hand gauntlet, and at her right side swashed a large falchion, sheathed non-threateningly. "Finding someone 'in charge' might be the wrong term, but we all figured I'm the right mix of smart, talkative, and bad*** to qualify. Our last boss bit it not long ago. Hence the uh..." she gestured about, "locale." She held her armored arm out, its metal plating clanking together to match the boldness of her body language. "Name's Gashril."
  3. IC: Aar - Up high The Vortixx had to be desperate to throw a disk at a- B O O M . IC: Onepu - Down low "I don't recognize that Toa," Onepu said, squinting up at Oceanna, locked in struggle. "But they're outnumbered and trying to apprehend them. Let's provide support." He nodded to the Toa of Gravity standing nearby, who nodded back and leaped into a zero-gravity flight toward the struggle. "Second volley!" he continued, holding his hand out. A row of crab-mounted Matoran prepped their disks. "First advance!" Those who had thrown their disks spurred their crabs forward, and the armored mounts and their riders charged for the building the fleeing unknowns stood on top of. "Ready," he commanded those who stood back again, "Hold!" One presumed civilian, and their own UssalToa were in the way. The couldn't afford to fire yet, but they could be ready.
  4. IC: Kimala - Akiri Hahli's Hut A dragon? Her first thought had been of a Proto Drake, but the way it was being referred to made it clear this was something more unusual. And also something she did not want to tangle with right now. No. No, no. Nope. She was refusing the call to adventure! She had already killed a Rahkshi today, she could stay in the hut and continue explaining things to the Akiri. She was a teacher, blast it, not a soldier!
  5. IC: Priicu - Wise Man's Archive Well, if it hadn't been clear before, now it was- they were definitely not in league with one another. "Oh his name, of course." He gave his mask a little shake in self-beration. That would have been important to mention before. "He had a complicated name. Hard to pronounce. I wrote it down." He turned and left the records section, hastening back to his desk, and checked his list of library card-holders. There it was, last entry. He quickly returned to Cyrix, hoping to not keep him waiting. "Syzygos was the name he gave me. Though I can't guarantee it wasn't a pseudonym." He racked his brain for another moment, "Ah, he told me he was a copyist, or something to that effect, and that his work took him all around the island." He tried to remember where the Toa had said he was heading, but also wasn't sure if he wanted to reveal that yet. "He indicated he wanted good relations with our Akiri. And he didn't seem like the secretive type, to be honest." He twirled a pencil between his fingers. "May I ask why you're suspicious of him, honorable Toa?"
  6. IC: Lumune Paying for her bits and bobs was quick and cheap- being able to build your own "tech" tended to save money, after all. A rare smile on her Kaukau, she stepped outside soon after the Toa did. "I'm Lumune, by the way. One of Po-Koro's Rahi trappers," she introduced herself as she approached. "Thanks for your help." She trusted the Toa of Air to keep Idas a secret if need be. From what she had seen, she was of the carefree, fun-loving sort. Not the kind to send poachers after a unique Rahi. Of course, Lumune's social skills weren't exactly well-polished, but that was the impression she god.
  7. IC: Lumune She rubbed the chin of her mask in thought. Le-Wahi. Just about the most different place on the island from Po-Wahi as one could get. Aside from Ko, maybe. "Begging your pardon, Toa, but if you were to take an extra minute to have a look at my lion- Idas- would you maybe remember enough to tell if it's the same kind of Rahi as what you saw?"
  8. IC: Priicu His taut Ko-Matoran features softened a touch at Cyrix's refusal of the free library card. "Vakua, noted," he said, scratching a reminder into his personal notebook. As the Toa Kalta rummaged through the section, the librarian kept an eye on his work, though he did wander about the library as needed through the process. All things told, Cyrix made a good first impression- suspicious bribe aside- but Priicu didn't want to be caught off-guard if anything happened between his potential business partner and the protectors of the Koro, and so he tried to glean any information he could by remaining in the vicinity. And of course, any chance to endear himself further to the authorities by being of service was a good thing. His chance came when, seemingly toward the end of his search, the Toa addressed him once more. He placed a finger to the chin of his Ruru and mulled it over. "I couldn't say where I got the impression he was from, but he did seem the well-traveled type," he admitted. "I figured he might be the hedge-Toa sort, traveling independently. As you asked before, he was a Toa of Crystal. Beyond that, I can't think of anything more I could offer that would be of use."
  9. OoC: I can't ping people so I'll respond here, but sure, after that we can go to Ta. IC: Lapu After a few of Kanohi's gestures, Lapu figured out he was trying to teach him something. The click language that the Fe-Matoran used, apparently. It reminded Lapu a little bit of the language of birds in the jungle, albeit much more complicated and artificial. Sentients did tend to like overcomplicating things... He saw little use for the tap-language, but he supposed that for the purpose of their journey, to stop this threat, it would be better than having to keep looking at his tablet while he wrote on it, so he played along, marking his own wood, root, and bark bracers to keep some reminders.
  10. IC: Lumune - Tech Emporium The Le-Toa's response piqued Lumune's interest, but she waited her turn to speak, just as she waited her turn to pay, while the Toa conducted their... "business". The throw was impressive. Lumune wasn't a bad toss herself, but knocking that knife down wasn't something she could do with confidence. After the Toa asked for her piece of tech, Lumune seized the opportunity to ask her question. "Have you seen lions before?" Not many on the island knew what they were, so she figured maybe she knew something she didn't. "Mine is the only one I've ever seen- or even heard of. And he's lonely."
  11. IC: Priicu The Toa Kalta? That did change things. Priicu, having had his nose buried in paperwork since his still-quite-recent return from Onu-Koro, hadn't had the time to become intimately familiar with the Koro's Toa Team, but he did recognize the weight the name carried. "Toa Kalta Cyrix," he echoed, leaning back slightly. "I apologize for my lack of recognition. I only returned to Ko-Koro recently, so I am a little behind the times." He patted his desk and nodded slightly. Still, he didn't get the impression his prospective business partner and the inquisitive Toa were in league with one another. The story didn't quite ring true. He had led with an attempted bribe, after all. On the other hand, he didn't want to be found in contempt of the authorities either. One didn't simply throw around the title of Kalta like this, and there were consequences for impersonating an authority figure. As such, he figured he was telling the truth about his identity. "Right. This way, honorable Toa," he said, then led him to the public records section of the Archive. "He had a look at this shelf, though I didn't see what documents he looked at specifically." He also conveniently forgot to mention the boxes in the back. If they were in league, the affair would resolve itself once the Toa caught up. If they were not, then this Toa would likely not find what Vrill had been looking for, and Priicu himself would have deniability. "As a member of the Koro's official Toa team, I would like to offer you a free library card, for your future visits," he offered amiably. "It wouldn't be right to ask you to pay, when you already do so by your service."
  12. IC: Lumune The Po-Matoran looked up at the Toa in surprise. Though the surprise faded a little as she noticed the coloration of the Toa who had spoken. She heard the folks over in Le-Wahi were the extraverted type, the kind to ask a random stranger if they were up for a game. Maybe that was judging a book by its cover though. She glanced around. "Uh... I have to get back to my lion before he gets restless, so I can't really stick around. Not longer than I have to, anyway," she said apologetically. "I'm uh... also not really used to company, being a trapper."
  13. IC: Onepu The lightstone attack was far enough away that the ground troops were mostly able to flinch away and avoid the brunt of the blinding blast. "Aim!" the commander ordered, as soon as he had eyes on the two fleeing Toa again. "Throw!" With his order, the space between the two Toa suspended in the air and the ground below was filled by a volley of upward-sailing wood and metal disks. IC: Aar Onepu's command down below reminded him of one last bit of help he could offer. He glanced through his cockpit to check- yes, his disk launcher was free. He slipped it into place and aimed through the reticle. It was a hasty shot, not his best, but he hoped it would at least help, coming from the opposite direction of most of the threats the Toa were facing. With a muted whoosh, his shot sailed toward the fleeing suspects.
  14. IC: Lumune - Tech Emporium After a rather drawn-out quarter hour, Lumune came away from the bin of assorted goods with small box of pieces she anticipated she would be making use of, and approached what she assumed to be the counter, ready to pay.
  15. IC: Kehuri He glanced at her in surprise at the request. Yes, he had an elemental connection to the whole room around them, but sensing the displacement of earth beneath everyone's feet wasn't as simple as one might think. The earth here was already compacted, it would take concentration to feel each of them. But he supposed that was what he was supposed to do. With each word said his stomach sank lower. The Matoran had fled- did this Toa have Rahkshi powers? Matoran who had braved the Dark Walk wouldn't flee just from this. He clenched his jaw. The most dangerous Rahkshi were the ones a Hau couldn't block. He shook his head, shrugging the thought off. The leaders of the group would handle the details. He had something he needed to do. Raising his shield higher, he dropped his Hau's protection. He lowered his center of gravity, knees bending, so his form was well covered by his round shield. He needed all of his mental focus to do what he was about to do. One by one, he sent a slight ripple through the ground under each of the remaining members of the team. It was tough, but as he focused, he could feel where the ripple was dulled by the weight of their feet upon it. OoC: I'm still thoroughly confused about the Toa of Gravity. I didn't get an answer to my question earlier. Did "he" speak up during the role call? Is there a physical presence where "he" is? If someone knows, maybe @ me in the discussion topic or PM me and I can edit this post accordingly, if things haven't moved on too much by then.
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