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  1. Cbbionicledude

    Gn #8

    Just got it on the 23rd. Great artists!
  2. I'm going to get Voltixx maybe. Only for parts though. and the rest: we'll see
  3. hello to you,Thanks you.

  4. Where did you get your glatorian sprites?

    Can you give me a link?Please?

  5. Wadda you mean,copy vakiti?

  6. oh,and I invited some users over to the fan exo force wiki.Not saying you should make me an admin,just telling you.

  7. Hey,would you know where I could get a desert back ground for sprite comics?thanks.

  8. Hey,who is the user who created vaxx's comics?

  9. What kind of lego piece did you use for your certavus?

  10. were you nidman before? and wasn't your logo an infected hau painted?

  11. hi. i'm bored and ts 6:29 pm were i live.

  12. hi, this is bionicledude from custom bionicles.

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