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    I watch a lot of anime, play a lot of video games, and read a lot of books. The only games I play with anything approaching regularity are Warframe and Skyrim. Otherwise the media I consume in all of these forms is far too varied to actually give any serious list here. If ever I start a blog I might create lists for all three of these.

    As anyone would probably imagine, given my continued use of this forum, I am a fan of Bionicle. it is the object of a 18 (at the time of writing this) year obsession that shows no sign of abating anytime soon. I'm hoping to start putting some of my MOCs up on here soon.

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  1. It would appear that non-premier members can now create blogs. Is this an intentional change, or something that broke? I apologize if this has been mentioned or asked about, I wasn't able to find anything about it, even after several searches.


    I posted this assuming I could delete it. Apparantly I can't
  3. The last game I played to completion was Persona 5, which I finished about two months ago. I'm not normally a fan of turn-based games,so I was rather surprised by how much I enjoyed it. I ended up pouring all my free time into it for about a month and a half, it was the first time in probably two or three years I spent so much time playing a video-game. The most recent game I played at all was Code Vein, which I was playing earlier today. As a fan of Dark Souls 3 I'm really enjoying playing a game with similar combat than I don't have to take as seriously.
  4. I have a pretty good idea of what my first set from each wave was, but I don't usually have a precise order of each wave past that. 2001: was Kopaka, Followed by Lewa, Gali and Tahu (I'm pretty sure in that order). I didn't get Pohatu until a couple of years later. I always consider Pohatu as my last 2001 set as in My opinion I technically never "got" Onua, but rather found the parts to build him in various random part hauls, but that's probably just me being difficult. 2002: is the only year I don't have any real idea of. I know I got all the Bohrok, Bohrok Va, and Toa Nuva as well as the Boxor and the Bahrag, but all I know for sure of the order is that the Bahrag were last (about 4 years ago when my grandparents happened across them). 2003: Kohrak Kal (and no other Kal), followed by Kurahk, followed by the other Rahkshi besides Vorahk. Aslo got Takanuva somewhere during that time, but I'm not sure when. 2004: In order; Keerakh, Vakama, Onewa, Whenua, Lhikan, Ahkmou, Matau. This is one of only two years I'm absolutely certain of the exact order I got them. Keerakh my mom grabbed for me on a whim, and the others through Ahkmou were birthday/Chrismas gifts. Matau I happened across at a flea-market a few year ago and grabbed. 2005: I didn't much care for the sets in 2005, so the only normal ones I ended up with were Vakama and Oohnorak. Somehow though I ended up with all 6 Rahaga. I happened across Roodaka (unopened!) a couple of years later at a thrift store and grabbed her as well. 2006: Nuparu, followed by Hewkii, Kongu, and Matoro all at once, then Axonn then Kazi, then Zaktan from a parts haul last year. This is the other year besides 2004 I know the exact order, mostly as a result of the unusual way I got the Toa sets. Basically, when I first sat the Inika, I though Nuparu was the coolest thing I'd ever seen, and I made sure everyone I knew was aware I though so. These people were the same people who would be buying me birthday gifts later that year and, as a result I ended up with 4 Nuparus. Three of these were promptly exchanged for the three other Inika mentioned. As for the others, I remebered Kazi was the last set I got that year which leaves Axonn as the second-to-last by process of elimination, and Zaktan I got recently enough to remember when it happened. 2007: I'm not as sure as with 04 and 06, but I'm pretty sure the order is something like Ehlek, Nuparu, Jaller, Knogu, Pridak, Hydraxon, Gadunka, Lesovikk, with Lesokivv being the only one I'm sure of as I got him just a few months ago. Form 2008 onward, I really have no idea. I couldn't even begin to guess what order I got the 4 Phantoka (2 normal-size sets and 2 matoran) and 6 Mistaka (1 normal set, and 5 large) I have in. For 2009, I'm pretty sure Skrall was my first Glatorian (out of 5, 3 normal, 1 small and 1 large) and Mata Nui was my firs Glatorian Legend (out of 5, all normal size), but I'm not anywhere close to 100% sure, and in 2010 Tahu was the only Stars set I ever got, so I suppose he counts as both first and last(?) for that line. I'm sure there are several sets I've gotten I'm forgetting, and I've bought a large amount of "assorted parts" online, so I probably also have the parts to build several sets I don't even know I "Have", but this is the order to the best of my memory.
  5. As several have already said about themselves, mostly creative stuff. In my case primarily writing. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately, I don't really know if my writing is any good) only one piece ever made it online, and the others were all lost when an old computer died, and I really don't have the motivation to re-write several years worth of probably not great fan-fiction from memory. More importantly though, if not from the inspiration from Bionicle I most likely never would've started writing, and by extension the (unrelated) stuff I'm currently working on, which I hope to eventually publish, would never have existed.
  6. A quote and a link. I'm guessing the former is from MNOG2, though I don't recognize it.
  7. Realistically, it's probably called that because marketers/writers though "Mask of Fate" sounded cooler. And the actual explanation of it's function could possibly have been decided after the name. If you want an in-universe explanation Pohaturon's seems like the most likely. Shounen.
  8. Can entries have more that eight legs, or must they have fewer?
  9. Man, I hate going to a web page I bookmarked only to find whatever bookmarked the page for gone.

  10. I'd love to see Exo-Force come back, or get something like it at the very least. Personally though, I'm not a big fan of the idea of CCBS mechs. I'd also like to see something similar to Alpha Team.
  11. That moment when you realize a meme you though originated from a certain community actually originated somewhere else and was only adopted by the community you though created it.

  12. I have to say, I agree with Planetperson about comic 15. I feel like that last page just has too much impact not to be included. That being said, I have yet to actually start reading this, so I may be missing something.
  13. I saw this topic at the perfect time. I can describe today in one word. A word that any Warframe player (and only Warframe players) will understand in connection to today: SOON!™
  14. No, he's just chewing gum on both sides (This is not a serious answer).
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