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  1. As Aanchir said, wait till about 2021 for it to come back, and when it does, hopefully they'll take a different approach with it, but please dont make it a system theme
  2. With how obsessed Greg was with alternative timelines and dimensions, I was surprised that G2 didnt have some sort of stated connection to G1, that being said, Believable timescalesOrganic inner biology so theres no confusion of where baby rahi come fromLet it take place on Mata Nui, on the GSR's face, in the ocean of Spherus MagnaLimit the GSR races to the Matoran/Turaga/Toa trio, Skakdi, Vortixx, Sidorak's race, Krekka's race, Nocturn's race, Takadox's race and Ehlek's raceHave the non Mata Nui Matoran folks already be out and living on Spherus MagnaHave said races be naturally neutrally aligned Dont genderlock elements, but make things like female Ta-Matoran or male Ce-Matoran uncommonSome form of media that lets us explore Mata Nui(a game, or a show, something like that)Flesh out minor characters/re-use MNOG matoran and use the Turaga, except slightly renamedI was okay with the whole Lewa and Tamaru being girls thing, so that tooBring back a focus on Makuta controlling the local wildlife, so that we can have atmospheric Rahi setsBring back maskpacks to encourage the creation of MOCsSpine packs too, I'd love more of those for SkakdiI know, I have terrible taste, :U
  3. >being right >invalidating yourself by using anime gifs
  4. The gold tremendously overpowers the blue. aaah, i had a feeling that was the reason, i'll just have to sort of squeeze some more dark blue greebles onto her...
  5. Thank ya! mmm, a friend has shown me that it does look like a trident sword...it might be. :U oi, and how is the colouring unbalanced?
  6. :U im pretty sure if the toa all had diff voice actors, gali would be getting a chick to voice her over. we just got her voiced over by the narrator because the other 5 were voiced by him. :U
  7. woooh, a moc from me, she's a toa of Psionics that channels her psionic energy into her super impractical sword, making it appear more intimidating then it really is. https://33.media.tumblr.com/3e8c417d85b72af33188525b260232bf/tumblr_ngr8qrWsfp1rmhke0o1_1280.jpg https://33.media.tumblr.com/2095c13d86fe8798a314d623e3cdda5d/tumblr_ngr8qrWsfp1rmhke0o2_1280.jpg https://38.media.tumblr.com/74ec58fb4a82601c61d83f0bf88fabb3/tumblr_ngr8qrWsfp1rmhke0o3_1280.jpg https://38.media.tumblr.com/5b7cb9788f93466008d205a10b6d0658/tumblr_ngr8qrWsfp1rmhke0o4_1280.jpg https://33.media.tumblr.com/4d60b79bb40eb70611a94ea5139bfe10/tumblr_ngr8qrWsfp1rmhke0o5_1280.jpg wooooh for lighting. :U
  8. well, looks like there arent alot of outsiders actually answering this. BZPower is hated mainly because of its administration, who seem very elitist and disingenuous to alot of super casual easy going fans *think of the people on 4chan* aaand i'd think that secondly, its the strict rules and "liberal bias" are things a few people arent used too either so BZP just seems like a good place if you grew up with it, otherwise it doesnt look very appealing to newer fans, who want to have more relaxed discussions on stuff. oi, ban me for disagreeing with everyone. :U EDIT: and stuff Aurora said. :U
  9. you guys make me sick. no one here is talking about booty. absolutely unacceptable.
  10. http://24.media.tumblr.com/e47a5d24d78eba1f8679a8713c0dfd6f/tumblr_ml9wmyUOa11rmhke0o1_1280.jpg The Ehlyus They are the Native Race of Barraki Warlord Ehlek. they are usually short, only a bit larger then a matoran, and only a bit stronger, they are naturally amphibious, though they usually need inhalers when breathing on land for extended periods. their closest allied race is The Skakdi. the Skakdi use the Ehlyus as teachers, librarians and sometimes mechanics, while the Skakdi act as guards, workers, and law enforcers. the male on the left is Shkyx, a freelance mechanic/engineer living on Baryura. the female to the right is Asisea, a rather paranoid, glasses wearing secretary to Maxxus D. Krieger, a Minroe. (minroe = steltian brute) here, have some old pics of Asisea http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8218/8331783429_7a0cc32ed3_b.jpg http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8217/8331783715_088604ccb9_b.jpg http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8212/8332842190_a89a1d2ae0_b.jpg
  11. maaaan, its just two mantax claws on a hand connector
  12. true, true, but arent vortixx tall? i mean, look at roodaka. and breez is human sized in comparison, so yeah, she's gonna look short compared to Alex no, not saying that Vortixx aren't tall, it's just I know how tall Breeze is, the size that i'm used to, so I think "woaaah". lol, like toa sized?
  13. true, true, but arent vortixx tall? i mean, look at roodaka. and breez is human sized in comparison, so yeah, she's gonna look short compared to Alex
  14. lol, skinnyness was intentional, and vortixx being too tall? is that even a thing? oi, i'll make a topic for SwampTonic, like i did on eurobricks, so holdup. lol, SwampTonic has no legs, and Alex's skinnyness is intentional, i make all my male vortixx that thin.
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